Top 10 Worst Twists in Survivor

Survivor, the reality show full of social politics. Or so they say.

Surviving this competition is not easy. Facing the elements, crazy challenges, and each other is no walk in the park. Big choices do play their part here, but sadly producers have had their fair share of poor interference with the power of twists. Some of them play out well and change the game in different ways, but others are poorly thought out and result in heavily disappointing results. Which one are the worst of the worst? Time to find out.

The Top Ten

1 Final Four Fire Making Challenge

While Day 38 is supposed to be when the biggest decision is made that will have the biggest impact on someone's game, this twist completely takes that aspect away. Now you practically need pure luck in order to make it into the finale. Instead of a vote, there's a fire making challenge between two of the people? This twist is such a bad idea, and I don't get why they brought it back. - CloudInvasion

Goes against the entire premise of "outwit, outplay, outlast" and is almost like "we know how much fans hated it when Paschal English (finished 4th place in Season 4 - Survivor: Marquesas (2002)) was voted out by virtue of drawing a purple rock, so lets bring in something they'll hate, but not as much." Just pure ridiculous...

What a pathetic twist. Devon did not deserve to go. Screw Ben.

2 Legacy Advantage

Oh boy. This pathetic excuse of an advantage. It's simply an immunity idol you have one chance to play. Nothing more. This doesn't add anything to the game and just makes it a much less strategic game and more of "I need this advantage." Which brings me to my next point to why it sucks. If you get voted off with it in your hand you have to will it to someone else. Are you serious? The most unoriginal twist ever seen in Survivor. - CloudInvasion

3 Haves vs. Have-Nots

The one should've never even been considered. One tribe gets a luxurious camp while the other gets bare necessities. It obviously makes for a heavily unbalanced game and can result in some of the worst Pagonging in Survivor. Even the producers hate this twist. That says a lot. - CloudInvasion

4 Juror Removal

You have the power to vote off a member of the jury. For what reason? I don't know. This twist doesn't really have a great impact on the game. To put it simply: useless. - CloudInvasion

5 Palau's Schoolyard Pick

Schoolyard picks aren't bad, but Palau's was god awful. To put it simply, the two contestants that aren't picked are immediately eliminated. An absolutely ridiculous twist, and it resulted in two survivors we'll never be able to see play. Regardless, Palau turned out to be a great season. - CloudInvasion

6 Outcasts

The infamous outcasts twist. A huge mistake in producers' part. The 6 contestants that were voted off have a chance to get back in the game. If they win the challenge then two will be voted back in. In the realm of Survivor, if you get voted off, you should stay voted off. It's a good thing this twist never returned. - CloudInvasion

7 Reward Steal

You get to steal a reward form someone. That's it. At first glance this ruins the game of whoever uses it. However, it really had no effect on someone's game. Rewards don't really change up the game that much anymore. Therefore, this so called advantage is useless. - CloudInvasion

8 Medallion of Power

Okay, the Reward Steal was useless, but this truly had no impact on the game. Basically, the tribe that has it can use it to gain an advantage in the challenge, but then it goes to the other tribe. You may think it sounds cool, but due to the less physical challenges in Survivor ever since the debut of the Medallion, this twist really served no purpose. - CloudInvasion

9 Blood vs. Water's First Impressions

The First Impressions twist. Basically, you choose one person from your tribe that you think is the weakest, and threat person is sent away shortly and comes back with an advantage. Pretty cool. However, in Blood vs. Water, the people chosen from each tribe are sent to Redmeption Island without any chance of playing the game. Really? This was obviously a dumb idea and made the game somewhat unfair. Oh, speaking of Redemption Island... - CloudInvasion

10 Redemption Island

While some fans will say this twist isn't that bad, a number of fans, including me, think this twist was really bad. Whoever's voted off will get sent to this island and will have a shot at getting back in the game by winning the challenges on the island. The problem is, there was a major unbalance of challenges. One day you have to solve a puzzle and the next you have to keep your balance. Overall, it wasn't thought out very well, and I hope they never bring this twist back. - CloudInvasion

The Contenders

11 Extinction Island

A combination of all the worst parts of the Outcast twist and Redemption Island as well as the fact that it basically encouraged quitting and destroyed a lot of the structure and stability of the game. There is nothing good about this twist.

I don’t even understand what this twist is supposed to do, and I’ve read over the description of it several times. The Outcast twist was much better. - CloudInvasion

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