Top Ten Worst Tyga Songs

Tyga is a great rapper but some of his songs are just really bad.

The Top Ten

1 Stimulated

What the heck did I just listen to?!

@AlphaQ - I completely agree, may Tyga die in a slow painful death and I encourage anyone who hates him to bully him for his life he has.

Worst Tyga song ever made!

Every single song, he sounds like if he was on crack or a rapping teen.

2 Rack City Rack City

Another really bad one!

3 I Might Go Lesbian I Might Go Lesbian

This is really bad.

4 Diamond Life

This song is just really bad, so bad that it is in Need For Speed Undercover. It's just nowhere near as good as the modern Tyga. - SelfDestruct

5 Bubble Butt
6 Loyal
7 Do My Dance
8 The Motto
9 One Call Away
10 Coconut Juice

Tyga and his cousin, Travie McCoy made a really bad song here. - SelfDestruct

The Newcomers


Rip-off of Taste.

The Contenders

11 2 AM
12 First Timers
13 Don't Regret It Now
14 Cartoon
15 Pillow Talkin'
16 Supersize Me
17 Press 7

Press 7 for what? - SelfDestruct

18 Bend Ova

This is his worst. Thanks to Lil’ Jon.

This counts because he’s in it.

19 AIM
20 Make It Nasty
21 Faded
22 Ayo
23 Deuces
24 Senile
25 Orgasm
26 Bitches N Marijuana
27 Taste
28 Dip

Nicki Minaj didn’t need to ruin this song on account it was already ruined

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1. Stimulated
2. I Might Go Lesbian
3. Rack City



Swellow Rants - Rack City

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