Swellow Rants - Rack City

Rap is a genre I'm neutral on, mainly because I'd rate it 5.5/10, which is a more positive than negative view on it for me. While there are great rappers out there, don't forget they have made mistakes in the past. Take Eminem for example, the man who brought us hits like Lose Yourself and Stan; he is an excellent rapper, but he's also had stuff like FACK, which seems to not even be his normal self, but rather him if he had went senile without any explanation in an attempt to scare off his fans, which failed. But we also have the bad side of rap, which has been consistent for the past decade or so; Gangster rap changing from catchy songs like It Was a Good Day to plain, vile material, such as U.O.E.N.O., a song you should not get me started on. But however, in 2012, it changed completely, which I will explain later. What was one of the songs that caused this sudden change?

Rack City.

Tyga, a rapper I am not extremely fond of in the slightest, had his debut album "No Introduction" in 2008. None of the songs there were major hits that got anyone talking, apart from AIM and Coconut Juice, which were just boring. After that, he took the transition into more explicit rap, but he still wasn't noticed until the Kardashians became even more popular than they were at the time, in which he dated Kylie Jenner, a topic I'm not getting into, either (listen to his other terrible song Stimulated for more details). That's when his next album "Careless Rapper: Rise of the Last King" came out, and that's when most people started hating on him. Let's start with Rack City, which was featured on this album.

First off, I'm going to start with the beat, produced by the talentless DJ Mustard, who also became extremely popular thanks to this song. It's not a beat that is existent, or a beat that is enjoyable; it's some low-volume three note synth that sounds like the engine of a Ferrari Testarossa pitched down to the lowest volume, before being pitched up. There's not even any energy or flow that help build it up, instead there's an excruciating trap beat that seems to have been a last minute addition while someone recorded chants that were shouted during a fight between the Crips and the Bloods, both of which were combined with the three note synth that sounds like a car engine.

Then we move onto the lyrics, especially the worst part of the song. Never have I seen repetitive lyrics been mashed up with both laziness with a side plate of vile. The chorus and hook is essentially "rack city b rack rack city b" repeated a ton of tones without any meaning or uniqueness, but don't get me started outside of the chorus and hook, the lyrics are even worse. Here's two to name.
"Got your grandma on my *censored* (haha)" Hahahaha, no, you disgusting excuse of a rapper, you can't even make me laugh in the slightest.
"Mike, Mike Jackson yeah I'm bad" Comparing yourself to one of the best pop artists is horrifying and I'm not surprised if he's rolling in his grave right now, due to this or the Bubbles reference included in a song just as bad as this; Stupid H, that came out the next year.

Tyga's voice is horrible, even worse than the songs where he sounds like a chihuahua biting on a squeak toy. Instead, he seems to be half-bored and for the first time in a song, actually monotonous, as if he came into the studio sleepwalking, or if the song was a phone call between him and his mother. However, the biggest problem in the song is the fact it gave birth to something terrible:

The "DJ Mustard formula".

The DJ Mustard formula refers to what most likely makes you hate every mainstream mainstream R&B and rap song after 2013; The beat. Yes, instead of actually creative beats for songs, the DJ Mustard formula messed it up, so now most mainsteam R&B/rap songs have an instantly made and boring synth line, the same trap percussion remixed, and low-volume gang chants of "hey!" in the background. It's a horrible formula that will fade away in the next decade, but this is the prime example of a song using it; boring, obnoxious, monotonous and not-in-a-good-way explicit.

I'm too disgusted to even listen to, yet alone, explain the rest of the song from this point on. I give this piece of garbage a -7/10 and I'll leave it at that.


If anything you were too nice to this piece of trash. - visitor

I admit I did go too soft, but I wanted to do a professional diss on the tryhard rapper. - Swellow

ENC was right, you were kinda WAY too nice to this. You just gave me an idea for my next rant. - WonkeyDude98

Good rant - bobbythebrony

Way too soft bruh and why would you ask people to listen to Stimulated when it's basically the worst song by the worst artist of all time and is torture? Good review though. - AlphaQ