Top 10 Worst Types of Friends You Can Make

Like a bully as your friend (for God's sake not your best friend).

The Top Ten

1 Bullies
2 Slave Drivers
3 Talkers
4 Hypocrites

The worse ones... they aren't your friends

5 Peverts

Especially if you're a girl. - ethanmeinster

You are so right. - moonwolf

6 Back Stabbers

These are the worst kinds of friends, along with criminals. They hurt your heart and make you feel horrible about yourself, even when you gave respect for them and did nothing. Dude, I hate this drama, I want a friend who I can relate to and be close to, not someone who pretends to like me and then talks badly about me. The worst part is that I experienced this.

That's half of my class - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

No thanks, don't want this one as a friend. - HezarioSeth

They suck,

7 Narcissists
8 Geeks

What's wrong with a geek? They're useful if you need a hand installing something or help with science. Besides, two of my uncles are geeks! I've been called a nerd on occasion myself. (Though the exact phrasing was "You're a nerd because you know, like, everything", so I don't know whether he meant it or was just kidding me.) - PetSounds

As long as he or she is loyal, geeks are ok

9 Idiots

It doesn't matter how smart they are, it's just how friendly they are to you, know that's a good friend. Mostly all of these down here needs to be deleted. - funnyuser

10 Criminals

The Contenders

11 Racists
12 Comedians
13 Math Experts

Seriously? If you are good at algebra, you're a bad friend? That's dumb. - PositronWildhawk

Exactly, PositronWildhawk. Plus, they can help you with your homework. Homework ain't easy. - ethanmeinster

15 Pushy Friends
16 Selfish Friends

They may say, go away! Or might yell, stop following us! One time I was with a friend then the next year this friend literally tried his best to steal a friend, and guess what, he was framing me! My teacher Believed him! That was the worst year, and I’m glad this kid is now farther away in the school I go to now.

17 Arrogant Friends
18 Pretenders
19 "Popular" Friends
20 Debaters
21 Cliques

You mean cliques. Mainly seen in middle schools. - RiverClanRocks

22 Liars
23 Cheap Friends
24 Weirdos

Hey, I'm a weirdo (and yes, I'm admitting it) and I'm sure that they're lots of other weirdos too. - funnyuser

25 Insulters
26 Moochers
27 Addicts
28 Politicians
29 Bores
30 Gamers
31 Pedophiles
32 Strange Friends

My friend does this and I hate it. ~The___Violist

33 Fake Friends

Hmm.. X-ray such humans and save yourself, haha! - Ananya

The second you can’t do something for them, they leave you stranded. The first time something bad happens in their or your life, you don’t hear anything from them. Ten years go by and you see them out somewhere, it’s very awkward.

34 Long Distance
35 Depressed Friends
36 Scarers
37 Rude Friends

Well I'd say it's an invalid item.
If someone's behavior isn't normal for some reason, a true friend would try understand the emotions and actions that the other one must be going thru and would assist them - Instead of labeling them " Rude".
...Be away from a person who just expects " politeness"...they aren't your friends if they can't understand you.
Only strangers are bound to be "polite" - Ananya

Well dude my friend would sometimes ignore me, would sometimes anwer, but completely just act like they are not interested. Also when ever I say, “later” or “bye” they never usually say that too. Which leaves you stranded

38 Embarrassing Friends
39 Takers
40 Incompatible Friends
41 Unhappy Friends
42 Huggers
43 Opinion Disrespecters
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