Top Ten Worst Type of Nazis On the Internet

It's pretty much like the list I've made on worst type of people on the internet but it's more on the Nazis on the internet.

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1 Grammar Nazi

They always have to correct you every time you make a spelling or grammar error, it's ok to help people but not to the extent where you shove it on someone's face or think that good grammar or spelling means that you're automatically smart. You're not guardians of language what so ever. - SuperHyperman

I normally attack when the error is big otherwise I will let things slide

I hate it when people say that I have bad grammer - Spingebill

AStumpedHuman, I think YOU should stop. - Hermione_Granger220

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2 Music Nazi

I've talked about these stuff on my Controversy Corner so if you would be interested to go look it up and read it. - SuperHyperman

I hate these people - 2storm

3 Feminazi

Am I glad they're on this list? They're so obsessed with feminism that they take that ideal too far and on those who don't share they're biased opinion. Hell, they give true feminists a bad name. I mean, who the hell are these on men and boys?! They have no right to do that.

Since I believe that feminazis should be Number One on this list, they make me pleased to have no girlfriend.

Thanks to them, people think feminists are sexist.

Some are so freaked crazy honestly

Now, I’m fine with women sticking up for their rights. I actually really appreciate it, because I think we should have as much freedom as men. But saying girls are better than boys? That’s nonsense. It’s sexist. - Hermione_Granger220

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4 Gaming Nazi

To put it into perspective, Call of Duty vs Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto vs Saint Row, Sega vs Nintendo and the war infested PS4 vs Xbox One - SuperHyperman

5 Bandwagon Nazi

Ranting about Onision to make fun of Justin Bieber, these people will do what everyone's doing - SuperHyperman

6 Like Nazi

These people will try many ways to get likes, retweets, revines, etc - SuperHyperman

7 Real Nazis

If they exist, they should all join Hitler in Hell.

Why ain't racist asss at the top of this?

8 Subscribe Nazi

They will do the Sub for Sub crap to get more subscribers - SuperHyperman

9 Movie Nazi

If you hate a movie with an Oscar, well you can go to hell - SuperHyperman

10 Neo Nazis

If these jerkasses are real, then may they burn in Hell with Adolf Hitler.

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11 Bieber-loving Nazis
12 Nerd Nazis
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1. Grammar Nazi
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1. Grammar Nazi
2. Bandwagon Nazi
3. Feminazi
1. Grammar Nazi
2. Music Nazi
3. Gaming Nazi


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