Top Ten Worst Type of People On the Internet

Internets are like American High School, they have certain groups of people and all have different traits, some we love but some we hate which burns more than a thousand suns but which one is the worst?

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1 Fantards

Cancer has finally found a way to go viral

It's alright to be a fan girl, I myself am one. Though it's not alright to attack people just because they have an opinion on someone you like. Fan girls and guys are crazy nowadays and defend whoever they fan girl over like their lives depend on it. So what if someone doesn't like or says something negative about them gtf over it, it's their opinion. Fans are what get me to unsubscribe from people on YouTube.

So annoying, get over the fact that not everyone likes who you worship. - PopularStarfish

Worst type of people is people who use the word "cancer" as slang on here?
Harry Potter is my favourite book but thanks to Cursed Child the whole fandom have became ungrateful spoilt brats sorry that they made something about the next gen.
Headcanons should be banned because of the ungrateful fans.

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2 Trolls

Trolls, they just think they are the best. Probably just some bored idiot who wants to see the world burn for their amusement.

Nothing sucks the life of a decent conversation/debate than a troll. The best remedy against them is to ignore them. And yet, because so many people ignore them trolls have prospered and grown in numbers. It's all a plague of self-entitled, self-absorbed narcissistic creeps, almost as bad as road-ragers.

They bully you if you make spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes. Well I don't care I will type however I want to on the internet.

I hate when people on youtube defender people only beacause there trolls that doesn't make them good people

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3 Grammar Nazis

I love it when people try to correct others grammar and have incorrect grammar while doing so. - PopularStarfish

Grammar Nazis become tiresome really quickly, and often interrupt good conversations to point out tiny mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes, but everyone does not need some grammar know-it-all to rub it in their face about it. - NuMetalManiak

*puts hands up* - RandomWeirdo

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4 Over Used Memes Guy

I hate those people because they make memes stale

I can sum these guys up in 1 word: his - Sanicball

Kids now think MEMES are the cool hot like harambe and other memes but most of them are and stupid

Ifunny in a nutshell

5 Pedophiles

This should be number one. Trolls may be bad, but at least they don't want to rape you. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

How in the world is this not #1? - RickyReeves

Those poor little children... - Turkeyasylum

They are digusting creeps. - Startrill

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6 Homosexuals

Who put this up here? That homophobic dick wad should have put himself on this list.

FALSE, animals do actually do it, like deer, penguins, etc.

Disgusting pigs

*homophobes - Lunala

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7 People That Say "Fake" All the Time

Oh, so like Donald Trump. - Elijah_Cook

Especially when the YouTuber who made the video says it's fake.

FAKE AND GAY - RandomWeirdo

8 Bronies

These guys shouldn't be so riled up just because some one doesn't like my little pony. How hypocritical is it when the show tells them to love and tolerate and then when someone online says they don't like my little pony they'd be like "we're gonna run you out of YouTube! We're gonna make your life on YouTube a living hell! "

I bet your comment got disliked by those bronies who say that kind of stuff

They do not deserve to die. They are people too and they can like whatever they want.

They don't deserve to die, but they do deserve to only be able to post pony stuff where it makes sense and to not get angle pry if you dislike them or the show. And the porn. Don't get me started.

All Bronies are are asses who shove this stupid pony show down your throat. If it wasn't for Lauren Faust, Bronies would never exist, and the Internet would be way better. This should be at #1 by the way. - cwoodkiter

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9 Music Nazis

I think I'm this to a certain extent. I know that people who only listen to mainstream radio songs don't have any music taste and are still trying to discover their music tastes, but unlike other Music Nazis, I'm fine with this. I don't command people to stop playing mainstream music, but I let people develop their music tastes. - LemonComputer

As a grammar Nazi, I'd say these people are a crap ton worse than us. - MoldySock

"This is REAL music, not this stupid crap! " ~Said in a whiny voice by a Music Nazi.
First of all, shut up. I can listen to whatever I want, so stop being a narcissistic moron. Everyone has different opinion on what music they think is good, now back off. Also, I've been noticing metal fans are now doing it more than pop fans, which is strange, considering metal has a smaller fanbase. Anyway, it doesn't really matter who does it more, it's just that it needs to stop. Please don't be a part of these whiny little kids, you're going to lost friends fast.

Actually, you're very wrong, pop fanboy. Metal fans are constantly getting bullied by people of every other fanbase, except rock fans, because metal is "emo music", and pop fans are actually the worst at this. - LemonComputer

These ones are douchebags

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10 Haters

Haters ALWAYS have the right to hate. This is our freedom of expression. We would always have haters no matter what. For everything you do, someone will always criticize you. But when you criticize, you need some backup for your opinions. And I believe that the only thing you should not criticize is religion, race and sex. That's it. Any other hate could be expressed freely.

If you don't like something, don't watch it- simple. Please stop spamming our fandom with your lazy, nasty comments.

You can criticize, but people can hate thing TOO much. An eleven ear old nearly killed himself for being bullied for liking mlp, and on a website, people LAUGHED about it! You can have your opinion, but don't judge someone for there interests.

Voting just to say: Why? I get 'Hating' is horrible, but nowadays if you even critique someone for the tiniest most microscopic "flaw", they'll call you a "hater" despite your opinion.

But yeah, if you go too far to the point you actually 'hate' (Like threaten someone to an extreme level)... you know what I'm trying to say.

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11 Homophobes

"Aaahh! Gay people run! "

Seriously, are people that immature to act like homosexuality is a disease?

These people can't move along with time, and use their pathetic story book (aka 'Bible') to justify their bigotry. I'm not gay myself, but I have a mum who is, and I'm understanding of others. I kind of wish I have voted this instead of Bronies, but at least, when enough people vote Bronies, the homophobic suggestion on the list will be lower down. - LemonComputer

Why are homosexuals higher than homophones? this is an outrage. Than again, it really shows how many of them are on the internet...

12 Little Kids

They try to act, and claim to be, grown up. However, if you trigger a little kid, no matter what age they claim to be or act as, it gets obvious that they're actually a little kid. What adult throws a tantrum when they lose at a game, or when someone calls them out for cheating on one? Triggered little kids often don't use any facts in an argument, but instead use insults and threats. - LemonComputer

Some kids are good and mature, me, but some I hate it's like my bus every second everyone in screaming and I can't read or talk to my friends - 2storm

They can't even spell anything. They also call you a sock face and think they won

I like Minecraft but I'm 15 and these little kids make it annoying. So I agree. - Elijah_Cook

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13 Disliker Jokers
14 Fishing Likers

These are annoying I hate them

As well as those most likely mentally disabled young women posting pictures of themselves and fishing for ratings based off of their looks.
insecurity is basically attention seeking, according to this generation.

15 Fake Accounts
16 Bullies
17 Feminist

They are sexist, and try to alienate men (modern feminism and radical feminism), while feminism in the past is fine.

Online feminists make all women look bad, and now you get males being sexist online for self defense. - LemonComputer

I can sum them up in one word. Cancer.

I genuinely hope you meant extreme feminists or feminazis (either one)
feminists want men and women to be treated equally, regardless their gender.
extreme feminists want men to die and eventually want to womanize humanity.

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18 Social Justice Warrior (SJW)

Should be number one for sure. There's no such thing as a "special snowflake", just stupid, uninformed crybabies. They're worse than bullies in my opinion. - Elijah_Cook

Constantly complaining about how everyone in the comment section is a horrible person for not agreeing with them.

Another one of those people that ruin the Internet.

19 Born in the Wrong Generation

These people are really annoying. The future is always getting increasingly better. Most people who say that they were born in the wrong generation believe that they should've been born in the 90's. I don't think that the 90's were bad (I'm not a 90's kid, so I don't know for sure) and I understand that people may say that they should've been born in the 90's because of the music and trends. However, you can still listen to 90's music, as long as you don't force others to do so. I don't get people who say that they should've been born in a different generation. - LemonComputer

The thing is, there's good music from now and back then. And I'll bet a million bucks that if these kids were transported to the 70s they'd freak out! - Elijah_Cook

" oh I was born in the wrong generation.."
Some people can't grow up... - Ananya

20 Macho Man
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