Top Ten Worst Type of People On the Internet

Internets are like American High School, they have certain groups of people and all have different traits, some we love but some we hate which burns more than a thousand suns but which one is the worst?

The Top Ten

1 Pedophiles

This should be number one. Trolls may be bad, but at least they don't want to rape you.

Those poor little children...

How in the world is this not #1?

You're referring to Deviantart and Amino Apps right?

2 Fantards

Cancer has finally found a way to go viral

It's alright to be a fan girl, I myself am one. Though it's not alright to attack people just because they have an opinion on someone you like. Fan girls and guys are crazy nowadays and defend whoever they fan girl over like their lives depend on it. So what if someone doesn't like or says something negative about them gtf over it, it's their opinion. Fans are what get me to unsubscribe from people on YouTube.

So annoying, get over the fact that not everyone likes who you worship.

Some adventure time "fans" treat that show an obscene way!

3 Trolls

These are the worst they are only there to make you mad. They don't stop and spam forms so that everything good is hard to find and some people and places refuse to clean it up. YouTube has been pretty bad about that. Other people who make me mad is the people who want to argue every damn thing. Just to see themselves type

Trolls, they just think they are the best. Probably just some bored idiot who wants to see the world burn for their amusement.

Nothing sucks the life of a decent conversation/debate than a troll. The best remedy against them is to ignore them. And yet, because so many people ignore them trolls have prospered and grown in numbers. It's all a plague of self-entitled, self-absorbed narcissistic creeps, almost as bad as road-ragers.

They bully you if you make spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes. Well I don't care I will type however I want to on the internet.

4 Grammar Nazis

This is so true. I know someone who LITERALLY said, in their comment, "I'm going to continue being a grammar Nazi." Good Lord, if only she knew what hate she was about to receive... nevermind.

I love it when people try to correct others grammar and have incorrect grammar while doing so.

Grammar Nazis become tiresome really quickly, and often interrupt good conversations to point out tiny mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes, but everyone does not need some grammar know-it-all to rub it in their face about it.

5 Over Used Memes Guy

Every YouTube comment section is infested with people telling the same jokes over and over again. Sure there are more important issues like starvation and human trafficking, but it still bothers me.

I hate those people because they make memes stale

I can sum these guys up in 1 word: his

Kids now think MEMES are the cool hot like harambe and other memes but most of them are and stupid

6 Homophobes

"Aaahh! Gay people run! "

Seriously, are people that immature to act like homosexuality is a disease?

These people can't move along with time, and use their pathetic story book (aka 'Bible') to justify their bigotry. I'm not gay myself, but I have a mum who is, and I'm understanding of others. I kind of wish I have voted this instead of Bronies, but at least, when enough people vote Bronies, the homophobic suggestion on the list will be lower down.

Lets put this higher.
The internet is full of outdated brainless goons.
They even think abortion is murder without understanding how a foetus grows.

Why are homosexuals higher than homophones? this is an outrage. Than again, it really shows how many of them are on the internet...

7 Haters

Nah. More like people that say "shut up you're jealous you're a hater" because they can't take criticism. Not everyone will like your favourite music artist or favourite video game or favourite T.V. show, it's just a simple fact of life.

At least they make me laught all the time they can with their death treats

Haters ALWAYS have the right to hate. This is our freedom of expression. We would always have haters no matter what. For everything you do, someone will always criticize you. But when you criticize, you need some backup for your opinions. And I believe that the only thing you should not criticize is religion, race and sex. That's it. Any other hate could be expressed freely.

If you don't like something, don't watch it- simple. Please stop spamming our fandom with your lazy, nasty comments.

8 People That Say "Fake" All the Time

Some people say that other people are fake when they are fake it's so annoying like get over yourselves.

Especially when the YouTuber who made the video says it's fake.


9 Perverts

How the flip did these douches come to exist

They are everywhere on the internet

10 Music Nazis

People think my music is satanic it is not at all the devils music

Music is subjective so imagine thinking "bad taste in music" exists. And imagine thinking an artist isn't "real *insert genre here* because you don't like them. Music nazis/elitists are a big reason why fans of Metal, Punk and old school Rap get a bad name.

I think I'm this to a certain extent. I know that people who only listen to mainstream radio songs don't have any music taste and are still trying to discover their music tastes, but unlike other Music Nazis, I'm fine with this. I don't command people to stop playing mainstream music, but I let people develop their music tastes.

As a grammar Nazi, I'd say these people are a crap ton worse than us.

You guys are EQUALLY as bad, if not worse (meaning Grammar Nazis).

The Newcomers

? K-Pop Stans

These people need to be higher on this list. All these people do is go crazy over their idol's birthmarks and when a celebrity dies, they post disrespectful tweets such as "Maybe is he/she stanned <insert any talentless idol here>, he/she would've survived." like how insensitive can you get? These people will cancel anyone who dares to not listen to any of their idol's songs and go ballistic over an opinion. Yeah and when you're trying to address their toxicity, they take it as an attack to their idols and K-Pop and will start labelling you "racist" using 10,000 racial slurs. These people need to be stopped as soon as possible.

The Contenders

11 Little Kids

Some kids are good and mature, me, but some I hate it's like my bus every second everyone is screaming and I can't read or talk to my friends

They try to act, and claim to be, grown up. However, if you trigger a little kid, no matter what age they claim to be or act as, it gets obvious that they're actually a little kid. What adult throws a tantrum when they lose at a game, or when someone calls them out for cheating on one? Triggered little kids often don't use any facts in an argument, but instead use insults and threats.

They can't even spell anything. They also call you a sock face and think they won

There are some mature kids

12 Bullies

That image tho

13 Feminists

Men have always and will always believe they own this planet. Women used to be treated like a piece of poop. In history girls couldn't go to school, women couldn't vote, some countries its been illegal for women to drive a car. Maybe it started with the Bible, have stronger muscles, their brain is larger. Now women want gender equality people believe "I hate men" see what I mean men think they own the planet, think they are superior.

Possibly because men are more immature Reasons 1. Enjoy sitcoms with swearing, fart jokes but call them intelligent, say you have no sense of humour. 2. Possibly a Brony "My Little Pony". 3. Anyone of any age can play a video game, but obsessed with them playing them all the time like a child. 4. Still think farting and burping is funny. 5. Peter Pan syndrome

They are sexist, and try to alienate men (modern feminism and radical feminism), while feminism in the past is fine.

Modern feminists don't hate men. You live in delusions that it's a past thing.

14 Molesters

They're everywhere, telling pre-teen girls to send nudes.

15 People who think fans of anime or Japanese games are automatically weeaboos
16 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

These guys shouldn't be so riled up just because some one doesn't like my little pony. How hypocritical is it when the show tells them to love and tolerate and then when someone online says they don't like my little pony they'd be like "we're gonna run you out of YouTube! We're gonna make your life on YouTube a living hell! "

I bet your comment got disliked by those bronies who say that kind of stuff

Okay so Bronies shouldn't die because no one should die unless you're a pedophile. Anyways I hate a lot of things about bronies. It's annoying how whatever you search you see at least 4 ponies. But what's worse is how butthurt they get over someone who doesn't share their beliefs. I hope this fandom dies out soon along with the Frozen fandom

All Bronies are are asses who shove this stupid pony show down your throat. If it wasn't for Lauren Faust, Bronies would never exist, and the Internet would be way better. This should be at #1 by the way.

They don't deserve to die, but they do deserve to only be able to post pony stuff where it makes sense and to not get angle pry if you dislike them or the show. And the porn. Don't get me started.

17 Racists

The people that go on news videos and stereotype a certain race based on what they see in the media.

18 Porn Lovers

Self explanatory

They should keep it to themselves

It says it all...


19 Religious Elitists
20 Fake Accounts

YouTube has this

21 Fascists

This is a group?

22 Disliker Jokers

This category is just getting overpopulated and more and more dislikes are going on to videos that are completely fine.

23 Conservatives

Please go back to hell

24 Born in the Wrong Generation

I see them a lot of times on YouTube. For instance, they claim that they were born in the wrong generation just because they weren't born when The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd, etc., were in their prime!
At least you can enjoy the work they have left behind thanks to the Internet!

They should have been born in the '40s, so most of them wouldn't be alive these days.

These people are really annoying. The future is always getting increasingly better. Most people who say that they were born in the wrong generation believe that they should've been born in the 90's. I don't think that the 90's were bad (I'm not a 90's kid, so I don't know for sure) and I understand that people may say that they should've been born in the 90's because of the music and trends. However, you can still listen to 90's music, as long as you don't force others to do so. I don't get people who say that they should've been born in a different generation.

You people don't understand that the new generation is just so annoying. You want these born in the wrong generation people to go away? How about make life better. you don't ever realize that th is generation is not for everyone to enjoy

25 Fishing Likers

These are annoying I hate them

Especialy on YouTube

As well as those most likely mentally disabled young women posting pictures of themselves and fishing for ratings based off of their looks.
insecurity is basically attention seeking, according to this generation.

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