Controversy Corner: Grammar Nazis

SuperHyperman In school, English is very important in alot of classes, you have homework for it and all of that stuff but on the internet, it doesn't really matter too much but there is that one group that will correct your spelling and tell you off, insult you maybe and just goes away like that. Grammar nazis are absolutely annoying, they think that because they have good grammar that makes them smart and always shove a dictionary up your face when you get a word wrong, "Oh someone just used your instead of you're, now's the time to make me seem smart." It's as if there trying to make people scared or something but really there just acting like a smartass in front of everyone, you know what if the person was from a different country? Not only that but by doing that, you're basically making fun of people who are illiterate and dyslexic, and even if there aren't any of things I'm talking about it doesn't really matter on the internet