Worst Types of People on the Internet EP-6 Facebookers


Yup, after browsing in Facebook as a visitor (I don't have one) I noticed many horrible people on there. I will only talk about 3 of them. Only 1 of them barely exists anymore but is worth a mention...

Type 1: The Troll Pages - There are many troll pages on Facebook. One of them is Christains against Slipknot. They are the funniest page I have ever seen. They claim that "Slipknot and other metal is Satan". Slipknot is nowhere near Satanist. But anyways I read a post of their and it says that she bought her song GTA V and where happily driving down the city murdering peasants (because that's what Christains do) and her son changed it to Radio X and she got so mad that she took the disk out and broke because " Satan Imagery". How stupid can she be?! She is obviously a troll.

Type 2: The Bullies - You know that more people commit suicide over bullies on Facebook than anything else? Yeah, it's horrifying. You know how bad bullying is. On Facebook certain people target certain users and just start to bully them nonstop. Teens are mostly the victims AND the bullies. Trolls are also fit in the bullying too. Okay, this is turning into a sad post, I'll just get to type 3.

Type 3: The Pages Who Will Not Stop Posting Pictures of Their Babies - I hate these people with a passion. Okay taking pictures of babies is fine, but if that's all you take pictures of, talk about, and other things, then it's time to go to a doctor. That's obsession. Anyways these are those people who when they have a baby, they change their profile picture to a picture of their baby, they won't stop talking about their baby, and they always post pictures of their baby 24/7. I HATE THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH!!!!!! I just wanna rip off their heads (now that's edgy as f**k!) and post pictures of that!! (EVEN MORE EDGY!!!!) okay just kidding, but that's what I feel sometimes. I just hope their account gets hacked. Here's what I have to say about those people... "No one cares about your stupid ball of flesh that can't even do anything so go back to posting pictures of yourself or nature all the time." (2edgy4me)


I was just listening to Slipknot - bobbythebrony

Yep, those are the worse on facebook - Martinglez

The worst face bookers are the ones who post ever little detail of their personal life. - Therandom

Yes such as "I'm about to eat food! *take picture of slop* "I'm about to sleep! " *takes picture of bed* those guys are annoying as well, forgot to mention them - SirSkeletorThe3rd

And the idiocy of taking a picture of your food... - visitor

Hipsters on Facebook mane - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This post was more boring than your other ones. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Okay, I guess thank you? I try not to make them boring - SirSkeletorThe3rd

And your newest list is worse than the toilet one. - Therandom

Hardcore facebooker on Facebook -
Eating food
Done eating
Going to the bathroom
Done, here's a photo of it
Going to bed
Now asleep
Now awake
Now getting dressed.
Going to the store.
Am away from home, here is my address.
Typing on my device nos.
Done typing - Skullkid755

Lol. 😂😂😂 - RockFashionista

Poor kid, he just wanted to play some good old, controversial, hated by CommonSenseMedia.com,Grand Theft Auto. - Skullkid755

How is metal Satanic? - TwilightKitsune