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21 Athiests

Hate me all you want, but at least I know how to spell "atheist" - ryanrimmel

I have nothing against atheism, but opinions about religion should be kept to yourself.

Definitely. I can't stand those who call themselves utterly rational, and think somehow its rational to insult peoples beliefs.

But god doesn't exist

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22 Molesters

They're everywhere, telling pre-teen girls to send nudes. - ethanmeinster

23 Social Justice Warrior (SJW)

Constantly complaining about how everyone in the comment section is a horrible person for not agreeing with them.

24 Attention Whores

I hate them because on youtube that's everybody in the comments "Like this comment or your mom will get CANCER" Like why you do this

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25 Spammers
26 Bashers

Freedom of expression, mate. You can't just hate on bashers for no valid reason.

27 Elitists

I haven't been here for long but still, I can clearly see this site is full of elitist. Majority of whom are Metal Elitists who tend to glorify metal above everything else. They pretend they are the only one who have understood the essence of music and rest are just mindless hoard. To be honest It's really funny at best, appalling at worst. Same goes for some people who think Pop is the only music. - LordofL

They are very narrow-minded.

28 Fan Artists

Some are good but some are disgusting shippers - HATOOTEH

TheHyenasSBE is the worst fan artist on the whole Internet.

Some adventure time fanworks are much worse than radioactive scum!

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30 Weaboos

The internet is such a dangerous place that all parents should keep they're little kids way from... Weaboos are the reason why. Arrogant fools who think they are Japanese bu watching anime and using rosetta stone. And let me tell you this, weaboos in reality are usually isolated from the world and no one knows of their existence. The internet has never had such a terrible group of people to ever use it like weaboos

Why do people hate us? A lot of us don't shove our opinions into your damn throats. I don't know why it bothers people that we act Japanese because we genuinely hate our race/ourselves. I find it mean to out of nowhere, hate us, (We're already insecure) if most of us are just minding our business, plotting suicide because we find it unfair that we don't get to be Japanese and have people rub it in as if it concerned them. Let weebs be weebs, we already feel bad enough.

31 Hackers

The real problem isn't hackers. Its people pretending to be hackers.

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32 Racists
33 Emos

They say nobody understand them and they cut themselves.

Emo is a style cutting isn't a style lol

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34 FNAF fantards
35 Anime Fans

They complain and hate you if you don't like anime. If you say something bad about anime they say that your hating on them for liking it.

The person who catergorized this should have put "weeaboos" for this. Anime fans and Weeaboos are two completely different groups. One group is less-to-none for being annoying and more "socially acceptable" the other one is plain disgusting and they thrash hate on people who talk negatively.

I'm an anime fan, meaning I follow anime.
i don't neccessarily have to bash other people who don't like it to be categorized as an anime fan.

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36 YouTube Commentators

They seem to just ruin every video. You can't find a popular video anymore without some form of offensive hate.

There are some pseudo adventure time fans on YouTube and they post horrific comments!

On the contrary, there are those that post good things.

I agree. There is always some hater out there to ruin a perfectly good video... - animallover1

37 90s kids

For 1. I never seen a kid have sex at school in life2. Where brats and dicrepectful do where you3. Kid these days are not idiots for wathcing todays cartoons

38 Teenagers
39 Rude People
40 People Who Draw Pornographic Pictures of Cartoon Characters

I agree especially mairusu that idiot

Koff koff Sonic Fangirls koff koff

*cough* pokeshipping *cough*
don't be silly, misty never had a booty!

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