Top Ten Worst Type of People On the Internet


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41 Hateful People
42 Vine Stars

Aside from thomas sanders and possibly a few others, I agree.

Vines have ruined the internet. - ClicheUsername69

43 Brogres

This fandom Is horrible. Shrek used to be one of my childhood favorites until the video shrek is love shrek is life. So ****ing nasty XP

44 Cyber Bullies
45 People Who Complain About Having Depression When They Do Not

That's the age old fashion on internet. Users inventing disorders in themselves and telling the whole world. From neurodisease to personality disorder, some people always find new ways to gain empathy. Some will even resort to faking cancer. Very Shameful and disgusting. - LordofL

Here is a public service announcement to idiots on the internet If you complain about having depression when you don't, stop. Stop giving a bad name to people who actually suffer from depression and need help. Shut up about your problems that don't exist and get off of the internet. It would be a massive favor for a lot of people. - SteelCity99

LOL. Some people think it's cool to have mental disorders and to show off to the whole world. Pitiful idiots. - LordofL

46 Homestuck Fans
47 Copyright Trolls
48 Weirdos V 1 Comment
49 Metalheads


50 Satanists

Who's the moronic Christian who put this on the list.

Hahah lol

51 Fandoms

If one more pseudo adventure time fan dares hurt my love marceline in the least I'll ask finn to take a boom boom on a leaf again so that the pseudofan will slip and fall on it! Ah ah ah that's the right punishment when people poison the net with the scum I mentioned in "most annoying fan bases"(you can't miss it, it begins with "it's my favourite animated series")!

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52 Creepers

Those damn Minecraft Creepers.

Don't you hate when creepers from minecraft harass you online

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53 Fascists

This is a group?

54 Gamers

I don't know who posted this, but I have two issues with this being on this list:
1. Gamers are actually just trying to fit in and have fun. Thus, PSN and Xbox Live.
2. They don't harrass you... Most of the time. It's mostly the fanboys. Therefore, GAMERS as a whole should not be on this list.

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55 Horny People

Everyone ever in existence ever anywhere on earth ‚ąöbanned from internet

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56 Elitist Christians
57 Lurkers

Why not just join in?

58 Stoners
59 Sass Masters
60 Anti Bronies

Why can't you people just let people love something that they like - drageromb

Shouldn't be here, I hate them with a passion.

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