Top Ten Worst Type of Robloxians in Roblox

As we all know, Roblox is filled with types of Robloxians you like and the ones you don't like. Here is the list of the worst. If you don't agree and like something to be first. Then you must vote!

The Top Ten Worst Type of Robloxians in Roblox

1 Exploiters

Sometimes on obbies they could help, but they are annoying!

Some are funny like Citizen, they died down but once when I was playing a hospital game they bypassed the filter and somehow KICKED ME FROM THE GAME! Why? Because I stood up for myself and told him to shut up and that he thought he was so cool even though he wasn't. And they weren't actual admins and this makes me so pi**ed off that they didn't get in trouble by the creator.

2 Cyber-Bullies

At least sometimes Exploiters are nice or likable, but Cyber-Bullies just suck.

These are worse than exploiters. Exploiters just ruin the game, but they don’t have any influence in real life.

They just unintentionally insult you for small mistakes because they forget that you have feelings.

In my opinion, the Cyber-Bullies are the worst because they just want to ruin your day...

3 Scammers

So annoying. These guys should be banned! But now they are just bots. Why? Because they want to kill you or find about you so they can find you! So annoying! Do not fall for them

This is a huge problem.
I remember back in 2012-13 there was a lot of scammers in the comment section of games, decals, and clothing.

But now, that's nothing because there's like x900 the amount of scammers of the ones in 2012-13, but this time, these are bots and are literally everywhere that has a comment section. I'm sorry, but I don't want to participate in your virus.

Glad they got banned. They still exist. I’m hoping she’d let sky would create a team to drive scams out of the place.

4 Online Daters

ODers? More like odors because they stink. I thought of this off the top of my head.

Why I don't play this stupid game anymore, because I'm tired of girls on their profile that try to act all ghetto and they wear 1.0 legs and act nasty and twerk ingame (yeah they had that in a game)

The Package 2.0 invented this new thing called "online dating", it could just be role-play, but people use animations to do inappropriate actions, online daters also could of invented "judging", for example, if one person has a type of default hair, they get called "noobs" by Online daters, these people ruined Roblox.

If you hate Oders and you peep about it in a game, you will likely to get hated too.

5 Bullies
6 Cheaters
7 Chain Mailers / Spammers
8 Hackers
9 People Who Keep Accusing Others with a Different Opinion to Them of Cyber Bullying.

DenisDaily fans do this a lot.

10 People Who Complain About Guests

I never hated guests. I always thought of them as people who just want to experience Roblox before buying it. Shame on everyone for being bullies.

What’s so bad about them? I know that they can’t talk, making them a perfect bully target. That’s the only bad thing about it.

The Contenders

11 Noobs

Don’t worry they don’t last long

12 Spoiled Rich Kids

My god yes. This needs to be higher up

13 Braggers
14 Forum Trolls
15 Children

Well 90 percent of kids are on roblox

It's so weird how children are on a childrens game...

16 Guests
17 Group Cafe Trolls
18 People Who Kick You Off for No Reason

Happened to me a lot for no reason


19 Admin Abusers

Ever played admin hangout guys? Well that place is every admin abuser's dream place. Trust me you literally get banned from the game just by playing music the admin doesn't like. I am dead serious

Yes yes... the constant kill is the most annoying.

Master Neo gave one of alex’s fans admin. And boy it was a NIGHTMARE

20 Gloaters
21 People Who Hated the Opportunity to Wear Two Hairs


22 Stalkers
23 Fail Roleplayers

Roleplayer: LISTEN UP
New player: hi I just joined roblox what can I do here lol

24 Targeters
25 Annoying People
26 Many "High Posties" on Roblox Forums
27 The Player Who Taunts You When They Kill You


28 Weird People
29 Spawn Killers
30 Fanboys
31 The Showoff
32 DanTDM Fans
33 People who attack other people for no reason on roleplay games

Trolls and FNaF Haters like Refunction.

Ugh, Refunction, I hate him with an absolute burning passion.

Not as bad as Plainrock124.

34 DenisDaily Fans

They're so annoying and they never accept opinions.


Toxic fans

They think they are "so cool" because they watch Denis or they use him to advertise
"Ok, so I watn to advitize a gamee call 'ze bes ubby' buty I ned a addd fur it, I no!, I well us Denis cause his is de bes person an I am so cul! " - Random noob
It is the truth, seriously.

35 Spam Bots

The spam free robux scams

36 YouTubers

Flamingo has the most toxic fanbase.

37 The Player Who Calls Someone a Noob Because of the Look of Their Avatar

Or calls them ugly. I hate when they do those dumb stuff

Noob means new to roblox. GeT IT RIGHT!

38 Spammers
39 Bacon Hairs

This must be a joke

40 People Who Complain About People Dating on Roblox Roleplaying Games.

ODing isn't as bad as people like greenlegocats123, ChloeGames and PinkAnt make it out to be, almost nobody that online dates is a pedophile, meeting a pedophile on Roblox is SO extremely slim, and meeting with these child predators in real life is even more slim, hell, the chances of you dying in a plane crash, which is only a tiny 9% is STILL higher than the chances of meeting up with child predators on Roblox or real life, youtubers are just fear-mongering others to make them believe ODing is dangerous when it really isn't, Epikrika made some very good videos about this on both of his channels, I recommend you watch them if you've still been living under a rock for a while.

That's good, as people dating in Roblox IS bad.

41 Hashtaggers
42 The V.I.P. Pass Abuser
43 Trolls

Ima troll

44 Random Friend Requesters
45 Kids who use their parents credit card
46 Users who blast music in Murder Mystery
47 The ones who crowd YouTubers while they're recording

It's like drowning in a pool of carp.

48 EthanGamerTV Fans
49 Users who spam in the chat
50 People with Too much Robux

So sad

It’s a problem.

Tmrp: LOOK AT ALL MY ROBUX (buys everything)
R: do you have anything left?
Tmrp: Yes
R: can u donate?
Tmrp: NO! (Later) what should I do with all the leftovers?

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