Top Ten Worst Type of Robloxians in Roblox

As we all know, Roblox is filled with types of Robloxians you like and the ones you don't like. Here is the list of the worst. If you don't agree and like something to be first. Then you must vote!

The Top Ten

1 Exploiters
2 Cyber-Bullies

In my opinion, the Cyber-Bullies are the worst because they just want to ruin your day... - Ahoom

3 Scammers

This is a huge problem.
I remember back in 2012-13 there was a lot of scammers in the comment section of games, decals, and clothing.

But now, that's nothing because there's like x900 the amount of scammers of the ones in 2012-13, but this time, these are bots and are literally everywhere that has a comment section. I'm sorry, but I don't want to participate in your virus. - wrests

4 Online Daters

The Package 2.0 invented this new thing called "online dating", it could just be role-play, but people use animations to do inappropriate actions, online daters also could of invented "judging", for example, if one person has a type of default hair, they get called "noobs" by Online daters, these people ruined Roblox.

They Suck!

5 Cheaters
6 People Who Keep Accusing Others with a Different Opinion to Them of Cyber Bullying.
7 People Who Complain About Guests
8 Spoiled Rich Kids
9 Braggers
10 Chain Mailers / Spammers

The Contenders

11 Forum Trolls
12 Group Cafe Trolls
13 Noobs
14 Hackers
15 Bullies Bullies
16 People Who Hated the Opportunity to Wear Two Hairs
17 People Who Kick You Off for No Reason


18 Admin Abusers
19 Children

Well 90 percent of kids are on roblox

20 Many "High Posties" on Roblox Forums
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1. Bullies
2. Trolls
1. Exploiters
2. Cheaters
3. People Who Keep Accusing Others with a Different Opinion to Them of Cyber Bullying.
1. Cyber-Bullies
2. Exploiters
3. Scammers

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