Worst Types of Android Games

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1 Shooting Games V 1 Comment
2 Puzzle Games

Puzzle games just play on the board.don't need to play in android.Puzzle games to make some beautiful pics.ITS IS NOT BEAUTIFUL PICS! Better to see a hand drawer or album by drawing.Puzzle games is making the ugliest pics in android.

3 RPG Games

Clash of clans,little empire,Call of Duty heroes,heroes charge and all what ever games like that is too boring and lame games.it wasting the line credits of online.I really don't like this games all of it.I want to say at the game maker it is too boring and too stupid games.

Everybody said that games is too amazing.but is really not amazing and lame.next time don't make games like that if you are the maker

4 Sniper Games

I see you're the games of pics is too awesome.but I play it not awesome.it is absolutely not amazing and not awesome.nobody like to play sniper just like Call of Duty sniper.people want to play Call of Duty the real one.

All the sniper games even zombie sniper is WORST! Congratulations maker done that games and nobody like it.I really have to say no need make that games.All of the sniper games,sniper 3D games or whatever games like that.

5 Soldier 3D Games V 1 Comment
6 Gangster Simulator Games

This one is too funny games and stupid and uncool.who is the game maker.I want to say that please don't make that games again.better play Grand Theft Auto on android that really awesome if Grand Theft Auto.but this simulator games is worst that I said and boorriiinng! (You know what,the fail Grand Theft Auto games)They want make just like Grand Theft Auto but fail.please don't make that games again.

7 Tapping Games

Cookie Clickers is a perfect example of this. There really isn't a point in a game where all you do is tap a cookie. People say it's addicting, but I don't see how. - Minecraftcrazy530

I hate these games. NEVER play these games on a computer, or the mousepad will get very loose. Then you will have to take your computer into a shop, or buy a totally new one if there's enough damage. For these reasons I will never buy or play these games. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Bo! just like flappy bird and geometry dash.and tap the enemy to shoot.GOD! Please make the game maker a little bit genius. to not make the games like that. it's too annoying. Annoying, annoying, annoying and annoying

8 Strategy Games
9 Stick Man Games

All the stick man games too annoying and stupid.I see the stick man fight or shoot its too annoying and please and enough don't make the stick man games anymore.Everybody don't want to play again if you are game makers.

10 Old Game Boy Games

Why! Why! Why! Having this games in the Android.just like metal slug 1,metal slug 2.oh man! Why don't just put it on PSP or arcade games it's not too hard.but this put it on android.how shame is it.just waste it to download.even the kid also said that already play in the arcade using token or coin.

The Contenders

11 Supercell Games
12 Running Games
13 Racing Games
14 Simulator Games
15 Open World Games
16 Talking Games V 1 Comment
17 Baby Hazel Games
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