Top 10 Worst Types of Anime Fans

Any anime fanbase can be bad. Some are creepy, some are annoying, some are disgusting. This list isn't for hating on others though.

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1 Weeaboos

I'll admit, there's a lot of anime fans I don't love. Weeaboos are possibly some of the most annoying. But you don't understand an anime fan until you become one. Which I was for many years, and this already-Asian chick really wanted to move to Japan and be Japanese to become a manga artist. Some of the most embarrassing years of my life. - keycha1n

They're ruining the anime fandom! They seriously are! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Couldn't agree more! They are Cancer! This list deserves to be more popular! - Aguythatpeopleignores

Traps aren't gay

Maybe if anime haters didn't act like such A holes then anime fans wouldn't have a reason to complain about. - egnomac

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2 Lolicons

Child predators.Enough said. - DarkBoi-X

The worst thing about them is that they try and make their fetish look acceptable.

Wow, this gives flashbacks to the time Silica from Sword Art Online got grabbed by that tentacle plant monster and the monster proceeded to attempt to molest her...TWICE! Also I have a friend at school who loves lolicon harem animes, pretty disturbing.

I admit I am Shotacon, and Shotacon are Horrible but Lolicon are even more worser

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3 Yaoi Fangirls

I don't hate yaoi that much, it's just getting a bit out of hand. I get irritated when I hear about yaoi ships. I'm totally not hating on people that like yaoi, I'm just not a huge fan of it.

It's funny how if you say you don't like Yaoi the fan girls will call you "Homophobic" and yet by that logic they are homophobic for hating Yuri.

Eren x Levi
Enough said - TheDarkOne_221b

One word: tododeku - drteddybear

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4 Dub Haters

Yes, most definitely! Like if you don't like dubs and prefer the Japanese dub, that's fine. Lots of people (myself included) watch both. I prefer dubs, but don't mind watching subs if a particular anime has no dub. HOWEVER what ISN'T okay is commenting on videos that clearly say "English Dub" just to bash it and bash people who like the dubs simply because they like the dub. That isn't okay and is pretty dumb.

I don't think there's anyone who doesn't speak Japanese that would watch the sub for DBZ or Dragon Ball Super...

Dub haters seriously need to shut up. They always start saying stuff like 'this dub sucks' on dubbed anime videos it gets irritating! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

There's nothing wrong with dubs. I enjoy some english dubs more than the original. Examples: Death Note, Wolf's Rain, Code Geass etc. However, they're some original Japanese anime that I like better. Examples Maid-Sama, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul etc. However, I dislike it when people always assume that the Japanese version better. And their only argument is that the Japanese is always the best version and don't even try to listen to the other version. - RoseRedFlower

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5 Western Animation Haters

Yes while American animation is not that good French and Canadian cartoons are GOLD. - XxembermasterxX

I like both equally. - DarkBoi-X

I like Japanese and Western animation. Nothing wrong with liking both. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I am a fan of animation as a whole.One summer my friend was this kind of anime fan.It's as fun as it sounds

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6 Shotacons

Same scale of Lolicons, but with boys instead, still disgusting - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Just like lolicons - Mranonymously

7 Nostalgia idiots

I always hear people say that old anime is better and moe crap is what we have now, not all moe are bad, and plus there are still good anime. They even say old animation was better, in modern anime, it can still be good no matter what style.

I may not be a fan of Sailor Moon Crystal's first two seasons, but it's not because of nostalgia, but because those two seasons (season 3 was fairly decent) were poorly made in comparison to the original one. And I'm still checking out newer anime/manga I recently discovered Harukana Receive, and chose to watch it because I found the concept interesting and I used to play volleyball myself, and I'm glad I saw it as I feel it is the best T.V. anime of 2018 (and don't forget Mary and the Witch's Flower which was awesome), I'm interested in the upcoming Saintia Sho and Magical Girl Spec Ops: Asuka shows, and one other thing I'll say is, watch Anime Abandon by Bennett the Sage, even in the beginning of his review on Battle Skipper (a so-so OVA from 1995), he even said the vast, vast, VAST majority of anime back then were crappy, there actually are a lot of crappy anime he reviewed also (some he reviewed actually were excellent even if he didn't like them).

And while I'm interested ...more

Nostalgia is retarded anyways. - DarkBoi-X

I'm tired of people saying anime was better in the old days! Come on, there's still good anime out there in this century, not to mention some or even most of them are better than the anime from the 80's/90's. I respect Cowboy Bebop, but I hate it when everyone tries to say every other anime sucks and is inferior to Cowboy Bebop! Cowboy Bebop is great, but these kinds of fans overrate it too much. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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8 Hentai Fanatics

Yes please I feel like every time people act like its cool and fun and its great and its good to nut but I wanna punch myself 10 times - Toptenanimallovers

Man, what is it with these people. Now honestly, I know you need a release every once and awhile, and hentai is perfect for that. It's just that when people start watching it on a regular basis is when I get angry. Like come on man, seriously, watch some real anime. Also, whenever someone asks what that person's favorite anime is, they end up giving out an extremely perverted and absurd answer like Boku no Pico...

There are better anime genres than this - yunafreya648

9 The Big 3 Fandom

Was going to go further down the list but this deserved it instantly. I left anime/manga for a decade because of these... Just returned after giving Fairy Tail a try and having DBS. - Hiten

Uggghh the big three fandom. One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach are all great anime, but THE FANSSS! They are always at each others necks about how childish One Piece is when Bleach and Naruto are pretty childish too. Or how Bleach has way too many characters when One Piece and Naruto have a lot of characters as well. I personally think that these anime fans need to chill...

There's more than just 3 popular animes now but of all of them DBZ have the most aggressive and snobby behavior

The only thing good about these is that we get to laugh at how bad their arguments are - YourWaifuSucks

10 Sword Art Online Fans

SAO is overrated

These extremists pester people who have a negative opinion on SAO, I got accused for bashing SAO on this website yet if you go to the comments, I rarely talk about SAO. In the posts I just made a review - YourWaifuSucks

These are one of the people that transformed the debate whether SAO is good or bad. Not to mention the countless art on deviantart - PrinceOfFire

I cannot stand these people. They instantly call you a basher despite you're opinion on SAO is somewhere between 5/10 - 6.9/10. How is that classified as Offensively bad or Hillarously bad, that ranks as mediocre - YourWaifuSucks

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? Shippers
? Levi Crazy Fangirls

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11 Perverted Fans

This just in sex jokes, Lenny faces, body pillows, shipping, waifus, etc. Only thing worse are the people with horrible grammar or people who can't figure out how to do a search for an anime.

12 Perverted Fangirls

Fanboys are worse - yunafreya648

13 Extreme Otakus

Otakus are CANCER!

Yeah Otakus are Cool...

14 Fangirls
15 Waifus

I hate these people these guys wanna have sex with Anime girls - Hoxton

16 Ranters
17 Extreme NaruSaku fans

Started a petition to ban a anime/manga series in U.S only because their favorite couple did not become canon. Stupid. - Tia-Harribel

18 Fanservice Fangirls

They only like anime series that have a fanservice

Free fans, Diabolik Lovers Fans, etc. Etc. Need I say more? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Seeing both fan service for guys and gals are different. The ones for the females, even though the male characters are sexualized, they still have character, hobbies, dreams and goals. So they're more than just eye candy. When the females are sexualized, they don't have much character, their only dream and goal is to please their indecisive love interest, and they're pretty much just eye candy.

So in short, fanservice for guys are worst since it's over the top, and the female characters need improvement on their character of who they are and what they do, other than their unrealistic bust size that defies gravity.

19 Harem Anime Fans

Animes like Highschool DxD is cancerous

20 Roleplayers

I went on a nightcore stream as a joke with some friends, and it was crawling with role players

I hate these guys, it’s just more like another try not to cringe.

Their only bad on platforms where you're not supposed to roleplay

I've seen these people all over steam. while I was playing payday my crew consists of litteraly UnkindledOne(That's me by the way), Asuna, L Lawliet and litteraly Zeref Dragneel. - Hoxton

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21 Berserk Fans

Berserk is good but the western fans behave like dicks esp to one another.

They are such bullies towards towards SAO fans.

These people are just like SEGA, they eliminate every other stuff that competes with their search result like if you search The Black Swordsman you will see Kirito and Guts competing for space on Google Images - YourWaifuSucks

These idiots are self centered Doucebags who claim that references to their show are ripoff so according to these idiots Dark Souls is a rip off of Berserk, SAO is a rip off of berserk what's next? Fate? - Hoxton

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22 Fans Who Only Watch the Anime Adaptations and Don't Read the Manga

I disagree, If you can only afford to watch the anime and not the books then how do you actually be a bad person. - YourWaifuSucks

23 The Ones Who Only Care About Fan Service

Two word: Perverts and virgins

24 Beybladers

Some of the bladers at my school are so stupid whenever you get a new beyblade they say you copied me and stuff like that they are fantards.

25 Extremists
26 Vegeta Fans

They act like vegeta is the best character

27 Dragon Ball Z Fans

DBZ fans are the worst fans of all time


They will send you death threats if you claim that their beloved Goku isn't as powerful as another character from an anime

They think this stupid fictional character is just as powerful as jesus like what

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28 Nightcore Fans

Ugh these people..

29 Serena Fangirls
30 Anime Elitists
31 Anime Hypocrites

These guys piss me off I just grouped them all in one place because the prime example of it at least is those SAO haters ugh these hypocrites just need to go - Hoxton

32 The Ones Who Try to Act Like Anime Characters

I agree

33 One Piece Fanboys

You say one wrong thing about one piece anime and they just go off its hilarious

say on youtube video about one piece anime: its that farmer guy, it's the funniest thing - ALL_HAIL_LELOUCH


34 Voltron Fanatics
35 Anti-Weaboos

Yes, you heard me, I hate people who dislikes weaboos. Now for one, weaboos(at least those who I've met irl) are good people. They aren't cringy and stuff like what people say on the internet. As for the Anti-Weebs, lemme tell you a story.

Now I have a mate in my class who was an anti weeb. Now, I told my friends about the games I play, Dark Souls, Persona 5 and other games. For Persona, me and my lads are discussing who is best waifu, is it Ann, Makoto or Kawakami? Who knows but either way we talked peacefully on it. Take note that this is typical of a Persona fan. This anti-weeb came up to me and tagged me as a weeb for some damn reason. I never do outlandish deeds that would brand me as such. When ever I talk about Persona again, this dimwit when asked about it because I talked about it, this dick litterally said "You know those Chinese cartoons, it is basically that however it is an rpg".

I will also ask you guys a question about weaboos. Based on the definition I ...more - YourWaifuSucks

36 Itachi Fans


I really, really love Itachi, but his fans are very annoying. They keep treating him like some sort of god, and act like he’s the best character in the Naruto series.

37 Yugi Fans

Oh my gosh, WERE DO I BEGIN WITH THESE GUYS! It's like, I told my Big Brother that Yuma is my favorite duelist, and he just responded with "yugi" is it just me, or are genwunenrs suddenly invading Yugioh.

38 Obsessed Fangirls
39 Mikaru Amagi Haters

The list is for FANS, not HATERS - BorisRule

40 Misty fans and Pokeshippers

Will these guys shut up! I have a right to like Ash x Serena.

41 Sakura Haters

This is "Fans", not "Haters"

42 Hinata Haters
43 Naruto Fans

I think they are more worse than Vegeta fans and Itachi fans becuase Naruto is most overrated anime character by most of people who watched naruto.

44 Furry Show Offs

Showing off how deadly they are but it’s sooo bad it cringes me

45 "Underrated Anime" Haters
46 Princess Mononoke Fans
47 Light Novel Fandom
48 Trying to Merge Fantasy and Reality

It just doesn't work guys, it doesn't. I know it because I'm a former anime fan. It's like combining 2D and 3D. The physics don't work there. Not in anime. Ever.

49 Otakus

The title speaks for's horribly offensive in japan

50 Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero Fanboys

While some I know are good people, a lot of them are jerks who can't accept opinions and are extremely rude to YuYuYu haters. One time, I was watching a video and I typed that YuYuYu is a Madoka rip off. And then this fanboy just has to go like "Why are u calling YuYuYu a rip off? Because It's another dark and edgy magical girl show? " And then I pointed out some actually logical and valid reasons. But out of the blue, the fanboy said "I don't wanna argue with a fanboy like u but Madoka Magica isn't even that good or original". And I said that everyone has their own opinion and he should just shut up. But then he said "No, that wasn't an opinion. It's a fact". And then I get attacked by a lot of these fanboys who get overly sensitive when someone hates their favourite anime. And look, YuYuYu Isn't that underrated. I'm not a hater of underrated anime, but YuYuYu isn't even a hidden gem or whatever It's fankids say It Is. It deserved It's low rating in MAL. And I actually have other ...more - MLPFan

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