The 5 Worst Types Of Anime Fans

Hello crybabies! Knowing how much you LOVE spending hours and hours reading nothing of use to you 24/7/365, I have made a post for you to read.

Anime itself has a huge global fanbase. It spread like wildfire the minute it was released. Everyone loves it and many obsess over it. Even mentioning the word ‘anime’ gets a group of people super excited.
Like everything else in the world, anime has a fanbase. A huge fanbase that is probably approximately 173,892,734,897,365,375,437 people or something. And like every fanbase, *sigh* it has some idiots.
Don’t get me wrong, I love anime. I’ve been a fan of it ever since I learned to walk. But other people have also been a fan of it since they learned to walk. And some of those people are retards.


Toptenners and visitors, I present to you: WORST TYPES OF ANIME FANS!

#1: Lolicons

Lolicons are people who are attracted to child porn. They see a little girl in anime, they immediately think: OmG porN TiMe Me gOnNA makE pOrn oF ThiS LittLe GiRl!1!1!1111
Yes. They’re pedophiles.

They do stuff like buy 1,000 body pillows of any random anime little girl and, well….. I don’t need to explain it. Before my least favourite types of anime fans were weebs until these guys came up. Most lolicons are 56 years old who live in their mother’s basements munching quinoa. They don’t have jobs and their wives have divorced them and taken their children along with them (Example: Michael Bay).

I was on once, and I saw they had made their own club. It was for Lolicon lovers and the message of it was ‘It’s not bad, it’s undersized love’. Okay, that’s stupid. Imagine if court worked that way:

Judge: You have been proven guilty of fondling this child, what do you have to say for yourself:
Pedophile: It’s not bad, it’s undersized love
Judge: No pal it’s not like that *pushes button*
Pedophile: *falls in tank full of sharks*

Popular characters that are often the victims of Lolicons are Sillica (Sword Art Online), Hinami (Tokyo Ghoul), Madoka (Puella Magi) and Stingy (Lazytown).

#2: Weaboos

Oh, weaboos. The vermin that roam the earth. They’re cringy, annoying and EXTREMELY stupid. They should be deported off to hell. Watching six anime series does not make you Japanese, believing in Spirit Animals does not make you Japanese and yelling random words that are Japanese does not make you Japanese. WHY IS THAT TOO HARD FOR YOU TARDS TO UNDERSTAND? It’s okay to like Japan and appreciate its culture, but you cannot turn into a Japanese person. Not only that, you must NEVER insult a weaboo’s favourite anime, ever! Because you know what they’ll do?

Weaboo: SUPER NINJA JUTSU *runs and gets hit by a bus*!
Me: Yay

Police Officer: Well Miss Twilight, according to the weaboo’s friends, you are guilty of murdering the weaboo because your words sparked the lust of his rage and blood, and made him reach his true potential, which led to him getting run over by a bus!

Me: All I did was say that Naruto’s hair looked bad.


According to weaboos, even saying the SLIGHTEST thing bad about their favourite anime is considered ‘hating’. That’s what I love/hate the most about them. I hate it because it’s annoying. I love it because you can use it to annoy them. Sorry* not sorry.

If you ARE a weaboo, I insist you do the following: “ ”

If that didn’t work, I don’t know what will

NOTE: Weaboos are often confused with Lolicons. Let me make it easier for you. A weaboo is a non-Japanese person who wants to be Japanese. A lolicon is a pedo.

#3: Western Animation Haters

Western Animaton Haters are sort of weaboos, but not completely weebish. They treat Japanese animation like it’s holy but they don’t want to be Japanese. I’ll give them kudos for that.

But that’s not enough to stop me from considering them the third worst anime fanbase ever. Mention any cartoon in front of them, and they’ll immediately go on a 50 hour rant on why it sucks and why it deserves to burn in hell, even if they’ve never seen it before. Even as an anime fan, I love a lot of Western Animations myself such as Sym Bionic Titan, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Teen Titans, The Last Airbender, The Legend Of Korra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a hell lot more. Heck I even like some kids shows like Blue’s Clues, Lazytown and *confession* I still like Kamen Rider. But these guys, no, apparently liking a Western animation to them is a sin. Guess it makes sense why they’re abbreviated as WAHs because that’s the sound they make whenever anyone says they like a cartoon.

#4: Bandwagoners

These are the type of people who watch anime, just for or, and maybe only, complaining for the sake of complaining! They think EVERY ANIME has flaws. I mean, yeah, I admit there are flaws in each anime, but these guys take it to a level of STUPID. They go and honk like they’re CinemaSins. They think they’re “cool” for complaining about it, when they’re the EXACT opposite. In some cases, they actually haven’t watched the anime, but still think it’s horrible. They’re different from anime haters because they actually LIKE anime. Common reasons anime should be hated (according to them):

“[x]’s nose looks like Dwayne Johnson’s”

“[y] looks like my ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/transgender/accountant/dog/cat/goldfish/7 th grade science teacher”

“This anime’s protagonist reminded me of some childhood memory that actually had nothing to do with the anime actually and made me cry”


#5: Yuri/yoai fans

God. These f**king retards. They are my fifth most hated types of anime fans ever.

I’m not homophobic. I actually support a few gay ships in cartoons and anime. But these guys, no, insult any ship they like and they will lose their minds. They call people who hate their ships ‘homophobes’, even though they’re homophobes in real life as well! They even support pedophilia in some ships. They’re like lolicons but focus on gay ships and shove their goddamn opinions down other people’s throats. If you like a gay ship, fine, but don’t go Nazi on anyone who has a different opinion from you. Please.

Okay guys, that’s my top 5. And I’m sorry if I offended anyone, I’m sorry. I only intend to express my views. Thank you for your time.


People who won't admit Cory in the House is the best anime are the worst in my opinion. - LarrytheFairy

I agree - TwilightKitsune

Yeah. Cory in the House was awesome - MLPFan

No your mom is the best anime ever. - Skullkid755

yes - BoyGenius234

Yes. The #1 best type of anime fan is a Cory in the House fan - visitor

Nah, Angry German Kid is the best anime - BorisRule

I agree. - RoseWeasley

I know the weakness of all 5 types

Lolicon's are weak against the police and Chris Hansen.

Weeaboo's are weak to any Doom weapon since weebs are either related to or are demons.

Western Animation Haters (WAH) are heavily weakened by the U.S flag and/or the america f*** yeah song

Bandwagoner's explode like fireworks when the hear the word "opinion"

Yuri/Yoai fans melt like that scene from raiders of the lost ark when they see their ships getting shot down by canons.

Those are helpful ways to destroy all 5 - visitor

I'll try them - TwilightKitsune

I agree with all of these and I can't stand these types of insane fans. :( - RoseRedFlower

IKR?! - TwilightKitsune

Weebs, lolicons and Yaoi fangirls(and yuri fanboys) are the worst in my opinion.

Weebs: HEY GUIZE! LUK ME IS JAPANEEZ! J-J-J-JUTSU! I ALSO GOT THIZ KOOL BODDY PILL OW OF MI WAIFOO! (In reality this guy Is not Japanese. Not even Asian)

Lolicons: It's not crime. It's just undersized love. Reading hentai about little girls Is purely fine! (Shotacons are also bad, but Lolicons are worse to me)

Yuri fanboys: (sees a scene between 2 girls) Oh my, just kiss already! PLEASE! OH CREATORS, MAKE THIS CANON I BEG YOU! (Sees one of the girls kissing with a boy) WHAT THE EF?!?! SCREW THIS HET CRAP! BOY MUST DIE!

Yaoi fangirls: OH MY GOSH! THEY'RE SO HAWT! THEY BETTER DO IT SOON! (Writes a bunch of doujinshis while nosebleeding) - MLPFan

Me: *lets the fan decided the shipping ending of my anime*
Rabid fans: *taking their shipping to the extreme*
Me: *creates a series final of anime, where every single character getting brutally killed and murdered*
Rabid fans: what?!
Me: get rekt (eats doritos) - BorisRule

LOL. - CrimsonShark

jeez - EliHbk

Jeez what? - yunafreya648

You forgot people who think Family Guy us anime. - DankGodX

You forgot eletists and casuals - Greninjafan127


Youi Lovers are horrendous because of gay shippings!
Eren and Levi, seriously?
Bro ship is okay, but ship romantically? God no! - visitor

Levi is twice Eren's age - TwilightKitsune

But still! - visitor

Also TK, on your prpfile, why did you remove the messaging icon? Just asking - visitor

I blocked you because you were spamming me and it was annoying - TwilightKitsune

Sorry about that. I can get very talkative when it comes to messaging others. Didn't mean to annoy you - visitor