Top 10 Worst Types of Anime Fans

Any anime fanbase can be bad. Some are creepy, some are annoying, some are disgusting. This list isn't for hating on others though.

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21 Berserk Fans

They are such bullies towards towards SAO fans.

These people are just like SEGA, they eliminate every other stuff that competes with their search result like if you search The Black Swordsman you will see Kirito and Guts competing for space on Google Images - YourWaifuSucks

These idiots are self centered Doucebags who claim that references to their show are ripoff so according to these idiots Dark Souls is a rip off of Berserk, SAO is a rip off of berserk what's next? Fate? - Hoxton

''Guts this and that! Suffer! '' Don't get me wrong, I like Guts. But people are really rubbing 'the suffer' in everyone's faces...

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22 Fans Who Only Watch the Anime Adaptations and Don't Read the Manga

I disagree, If you can only afford to watch the anime and not the books then how do you actually be a bad person. - YourWaifuSucks

23 Extremists
24 The Ones Who Only Care About Fan Service
25 Beybladers
26 Nightcore Fans

Ugh these people..

27 Dragon Ball Z Fans

They will send you death threats if you claim that their beloved Goku isn't as powerful as another character from an anime

They think this stupid fictional character is just as powerful as jesus like what

They complain about everything especially on super! - Xicor12

Chi chi gets too much hate while Bulma gets the fappy fanboys - yunafreya648

28 Serena Fangirls
29 Anime Hypocrites

These guys piss me off I just grouped them all in one place because the prime example of it at least is those SAO haters ugh these hypocrites just need to go - Hoxton

30 Yugi Fans

Oh my gosh, WERE DO I BEGIN WITH THESE GUYS! It's like, I told my Big Brother that Yuma is my favorite duelist, and he just responded with "yugi" is it just me, or are genwunenrs suddenly invading Yugioh.

31 Vegeta Fans
32 Misty fans and Pokeshippers

Will these guys shut up! I have a right to like Ash x Serena.

33 Obsessed Fangirls
34 Mikaru Amagi Haters
35 One Piece Fanboys

You say one wrong thing about one piece anime and they just go off its hilarious

say on youtube video about one piece anime: its that farmer guy, it's the funniest thing - ALL_HAIL_LELOUCH

36 Voltron Fanatics
37 "Underrated Anime" Haters
38 Princess Mononoke Fans
39 Light Novel Fandom
40 Trying to Merge Fantasy and Reality

It just doesn't work guys, it doesn't. I know it because I'm a former anime fan. It's like combining 2D and 3D. The physics don't work there. Not in anime. Ever.

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The 5 Worst Types Of Anime Fans
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