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41 The Ones Who Only Care About Fan Service

I have a friend who is just like that. His favorite types of anime are the ones where the main character is a pervert! Let's be honest, there aren't many good anime like that. The thing that really annoyed me was when he said Date a Live was the best anime ever! (I personally hate Date a Live, but if you like it, then that's okay.) The fact that he would choose a show with limited animation, terrible writing, a boring protagonist, and a handful of useless characters over a show with a good plot and fantastic animation shows how low some people's standards can be. - izackak

42 Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero Fanboys

While some I know are good people, a lot of them are jerks who can't accept opinions and are extremely rude to YuYuYu haters. One time, I was watching a video and I typed that YuYuYu is a Madoka rip off. And then this fanboy just has to go like "Why are u calling YuYuYu a rip off? Because It's another dark and edgy magical girl show? " And then I pointed out some actually logical and valid reasons. But out of the blue, the fanboy said "I don't wanna argue with a fanboy like u but Madoka Magica isn't even that good or original". And I said that everyone has their own opinion and he should just shut up. But then he said "No, that wasn't an opinion. It's a fact". And then I get attacked by a lot of these fanboys who get overly sensitive when someone hates their favourite anime. And look, YuYuYu Isn't that underrated. I'm not a hater of underrated anime, but YuYuYu isn't even a hidden gem or whatever It's fankids say It Is. It deserved It's low rating in MAL. And I actually have other ...more - MLPFan

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