Top 10 Worst Types of Anime Fans

Any anime fanbase can be bad. Some are creepy, some are annoying, some are disgusting. This list isn't for hating on others though.

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41 Otakus

The title speaks for's horribly offensive in japan

42 Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero Fanboys

While some I know are good people, a lot of them are jerks who can't accept opinions and are extremely rude to YuYuYu haters. One time, I was watching a video and I typed that YuYuYu is a Madoka rip off. And then this fanboy just has to go like "Why are u calling YuYuYu a rip off? Because It's another dark and edgy magical girl show? " And then I pointed out some actually logical and valid reasons. But out of the blue, the fanboy said "I don't wanna argue with a fanboy like u but Madoka Magica isn't even that good or original". And I said that everyone has their own opinion and he should just shut up. But then he said "No, that wasn't an opinion. It's a fact". And then I get attacked by a lot of these fanboys who get overly sensitive when someone hates their favourite anime. And look, YuYuYu Isn't that underrated. I'm not a hater of underrated anime, but YuYuYu isn't even a hidden gem or whatever It's fankids say It Is. It deserved It's low rating in MAL. And I actually have other ...more - MLPFan

43 Fanboys

They're such terrible hypocrites when it comes to certain anime. They'll complain that an anime has a little but yet tasteful fan service for females, but they love the over the top ones for guys.

44 Anti-Weaboos

Yes, you heard me, I hate people who dislikes weaboos. Now for one, weaboos(at least those who I've met irl) are good people. They aren't cringy and stuff like what people say on the internet. As for the Anti-Weebs, lemme tell you a story.

Now I have a mate in my class who was an anti weeb. Now, I told my friends about the games I play, Dark Souls, Persona 5 and other games. For Persona, me and my lads are discussing who is best waifu, is it Ann, Makoto or Kawakami? Who knows but either way we talked peacefully on it. Take note that this is typical of a Persona fan. This anti-weeb came up to me and tagged me as a weeb for some damn reason. I never do outlandish deeds that would brand me as such. When ever I talk about Persona again, this dimwit when asked about it because I talked about it, this dick litterally said "You know those Chinese cartoons, it is basically that however it is an rpg".

I will also ask you guys a question about weaboos. Based on the definition I ...more - YourWaifuSucks

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The 5 Worst Types Of Anime Fans
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