Top 10 Worst Types of Books to Destroy


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1 Religious texts

Don't destroy religious text. Even if you're not religious or belong to an opposing belief group it's incredibly disrespectful.

This is also horrible to destroy. Just thinking about it will make me feel guilty, and doing it will make me feel cursed. - MaxAurelius

That's not just insulting, it's also blasphemous to do so - Neonco31

Well, obviously, destroying a religous book is one of the most horrible things you can do! And this is from someone who isn't religous - darthvadern

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2 Your own writing

I am not destroying Ash. It's a work in progress, and it's my best piece anyway. - Cyri

The sacred texts! - Cyri

My own writing is like treasure to me. No touchie! - MaxAurelius

3 A bully's favorite

I guess he'll come after you - Neonco31

Three guesses why. - Cyri

4 A cursed one

I have a fun idea for a short story now! - Cyri

Wonder what'll happen...
Oh my goodness, I came out as a wiggling, shapeless slug! - Cyri

5 A friend's favorite
6 An ancient one

History is important, don't you fools know?

Hey, here's that book from 1543. Well, the ashes. - Cyri

7 An instruction manual

Especially if it's for something incredibly complicated or something you're just starting to learn about.

If you destroy it, well, you might not know how the Nintendo Gamecube works (for example) - darthvadern

8 Your favorite
9 A dictionary

Destroy (n): To break something.

(My definition) - Cyri

10 An encyclopedia

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11 A history book

That's not how you rewrite history.

12 A Science Book
13 Your diary
14 A family cook book

Mine has recipes from 3 or 4 generations! - Cyri

15 A Tolkien book
16 A Hemingway book
17 A Shakespeare book
18 A diary
19 A Sci-Fi Book
20 A fantasy book
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