Worst Types of Characters

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21 Gamer kid

Gamer kids aren't that bad, actually. You often don't see fictional characters playing video games as opposed to watching T.V. or reading a book. I still would love to see more gamers in fiction, but that maybe just me.

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22 The lovesick ones

I know, they can get annoying at times. Juvia is, but most of the time she's really funny and kind, and I love her! Sakura Haruno is total disaster though. - Goku02

23 The dumb blonde

Why blonde? Blonde girls aren't aclways dumb! Android #18 is actually one of the best anime girls, whilst Luna Lovegood is one of the smartest, kindest and loveliest characters in Harry Potter! The only dumb blonde I can think of for now is probably Misa Amane. - Goku02

24 The idiot

Yeah, idiots tend to suck.

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