Top 10 Worst Types of Christians

I've said before that I have nothing against Christians, but some of these ones listed are enough to make you wanna convert to atheism.

The Top Ten

1 The ones who use their own religion to do bad things

That is exactly right! I'm Christian, I'm not perfect, I listen to 90s metal, however when it comes to religion, I always do what's right

North Korea? They have been brainwashed to believe Kim Jong Un is a God and can control the weather.

The government in North Korea banned religion because they think they are the Gods.

No wonder Christians get a bad rap. It's because of these types of Christians who could just simply ask God for forgiveness if they did anything bad.

2 The ones who think everything is Satanic

Oh I've got a ticket to Hell because I love Magic, Fantasy, Wicca, Horoscopes.

Vigilant Christian is just a dude looking for money and attention, there are many YouTube videos proving that

The Vigilant Christian. Enough said.

This people clearly don't realize that the Bible contains adultery, rape, genocide, and even human sacrifices.

3 The homophobic ones

Yes, these people are so bad. I mean, we should just let gay people be. One of my friends was holding hands with another friend and this person just came and said Jesus doesn't allow that - wren6

I don't think I need to explain this one here.

4 The racist ones

The Ku Klux Klan. Enough said.

5 The ignorant ones

These people are so stupid. Just because you think your religion is the true one doesn't actually make it any more true than other religions. There are people who do believe in much different things than you. Deal with it.

6 The perverted ones

@Aragorn: Catholicism isn't "related to Christianity," Catholicism is the OLDEST BRANCH of Christianity. That would be just like saying "California is related to the United States of America." - clusium

Child molesting priests. Enough said (they count cause Catholicism is related to Christianity).

7 The immature ones

I always wonder why Satan hogs up all the good followers and God gets all the idiots.

8 The abusive ones

They just make people hate Christianity even more!

9 The evangelist Christians

This one should be number. it's a perfect example of how Christianity is just for money and control

10 The unscientific ones

The ones who still believe that a talking snake tricked the first two people on Earth into eating an evil fruit. These people really should learn to get with the times already.

Christians aren't usually scientifically minded. Most scientists are atheists. Religion asks "Why? " while Science asks "How? " - Britgirl

That's not true, actually. There are a lot of scientists that are Christian or some other religion. - clusium

The Contenders

11 The uneducated ones

Yea I remember now the contestants on some ITV Show Superstar had really good looking blokes who were auditioning to play Jesus in a new Jesus Christ Superstar.

According to the bible, Jesus wasn't actually all that good looking. Yet people still think he is good looking. It's almost like they ignore the bible in favor of what the want to believe.

12 The ones who forgot it was supposed to be peace and love.

Instead made wars.

13 The ones who cherry-pick
14 Rapture Ready
15 The ones who say "Put Christ back into Christmas" a holiday which was non existent in the Bible and was a Roman Pagan (Saturnalia) and Pagan (Yule) holiday but couldn't be banned by the Catholic Church for being too popular
16 The ones who believed May 21st 2011, sold all everything they owned, got rid of all their money and their pets.

We have many idiots in the world. But I believe The Rapture Pet Shop did a good business.

17 Westboro Baptists
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