Top 10 Worst Types of Commercials

You know those little ads in between the shows you watch? I know, they are annoying, but there are just some types that are just... Ergh.

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1 Pet Shelter Commercials

Commercials w music and sad voice befitting the death or funeral of a loved one (human), are annoying. Overkill! - Only12345

I mean I get what they are trying to say but dude. I have to change the channel every time because its to sad.

Those always make me wanna cry! I can't handle those.

Make me cry - blackflower

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2 The Ones That Are Boring, Long, and Just Don't Make Any Sense

I guess it isn't long, but those new Twizzlers commercials make my ears bleed and don't make any sense

Yes. I hate these. There was this one really long commercial, I don't remember what it was for, and it didn't make any sense. It didn't help that I was sick, and I just wanted to watch my show. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

There's one that keeps popping up about energy expenses in paper mills or something... Put that on a loop and it may cure my insomnia! - keycha1n

There's the one with a guy in a king costume and I'm like DUDE I don't GET AT ALL

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3 Anti-Smoking Commercials

Truth is so annoying!

Anti smoking commercials causes others to smoke more.

I mean, I don't support smoking at all and I don't smoke, (I use Popeye candy to pretend, haha.) but come on. These commercials are just too much to watch! Especially the ones where they tell you the person dies in the end. My heart just sinks! - MontyPython

The ones with the creepy voice come on my local news station a lot and it annoys me. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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4 The Tantrum Toddler in Cambell's Soup Commercial
5 The Ones That Involve Memes

The literal definition of Erghhh. the last thing the world needs are memes when I'm watching the superbowl.

Has the V.I.Poo got a meme yet?

6 The Ones That Say Sexual Words

I agree with this one.

7 The Annoying Commercials About Poor Children

Solution - Help the children and animals, and the commercials will stop. How much would it harm you to donate five dollars to an animal or child in need? - CinderpeltandCinderheart

Those Unicef commercials make you feel sorry, but we can't all afford to help...

If this annoys you so much why not Help the poor children?!What a shame that these poor children dare annoy you - Billyv

This is just rude. I know these commercials aren't fun to watch, but you can't say these commercials are annoying. - MontyPython

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8 Texting and Driving Commercials

A good way to scare us to stop at once. It's all normal at first, then suddenly, BAM! You're scarred for life. It's tough to think about too. These commercials are just disturbing! The one that scared me badly is the one that says, - MontyPython

They're scary! An animated one I watched a few yrs ago gave me a nightmare.

9 Terrifying Ones

Another one that can be about any subject really, but it just scares ya! I can't stand them! - MontyPython

Especially the Rings one. I mean, come on, at least don't air it on a kids network! Kids are going to get terrified! - CinderpeltandCinderheart

Scary commercials like Kaffee or Baby Ice Cream is another example of this. By the way it's awesome feels like I was watching an actual horror movie rather than an ad.

They always put it in where kids watch there shows and it makes theree life full of bad stuff like me I'm just terrified of everything now

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10 Buzzkill Commercials

These are the commercials that represent any subject and at first you're all happy and excited, then suddenly they just throw a bucket of tears at ya. - MontyPython

It's a rape whistle

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11 Cheesy Local Commercials

Now some guy is bashing autistic people, seriously!

Japanese commercials are a great example of them, the autism is strong with them.

Those commercials that are only played in your hometown and only you know, but are so annoying and cheesy! They are poorly done and always have this annoying jingle that never leaves your head! - MontyPython

They don't even censor the stores in the background. One time I seen a commercial for Bayrid (a local car company) and there was a Krispy Kreme in the background and they did not censor it. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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12 Japanese Commercials Japanese Commercials

They gave me nightmares as a kid

13 Back to School Commercials

Needs to be in the top ten - mayamanga

14 Dating Sites

Dating Site Commercial Person: Wanting to find true love, go on to (*insert dating site here*). It will help you choose the PERFECT partner for you. Go to (*insert dating site here*) to find your match... Yep that’s what those commercials say... - Swampert02

ANY OF THESE COMMERCIALS MAKE ME MAD. May it be EHarmony, Match, or... Dare I say it... FARMERSONLY.COM. These support getting together with random strangers who only like you for your interests and might actually be an axe murderer. I just think dating sites are for people who are too lazy and impatient to meet someone in reality. - MontyPython

You don't have to be lonely

15 The Ones With the Annoying Jingle

Car choice car choice. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

The really annoying ones that get stuck in your head even when you don't want them to - kaisietoo

For the best night sleep in the whole wide world visit my pillow. Dot com

1877 cars for kids...

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16 The Commercials That Feature Someone You Despise

It might be someone you know personally, someone who's famous, you name it! - MontyPython

17 Drug Commercials
18 Political Commercials

Thanks to those political attack ads, I get less interested in cable T.V. in October.

Especially in 2016

19 Pharmaceutical Commercials

And all the possible side effects that often seem worse than the affliction. Push drugs, regardless if they are really necessary, have been proven very helpful, do other harm, unknown effects, or if a doctor actually thinks the patient needs them. Push the idea that pills are the useful solution to anything and everything. So sad that so many of the youth (like the older) are given or take drugs for their problems - such as lack of sleep, lack of energy and both.
Pharmaceutical companies in the US are such a rich and powerful influence on the economy, with the focus on on-going treatments of symptoms much preferable to finding cures. - Billyv

Want to start sleeping again? Take this medicine! Side affects are only hyperactivity, chance of fever, chance of TB, rashes, hives, swelling, and blurred vision. Take the pill every day, three times a day. Call your doctor if you start to develop suicidal thoughts, shows signs of cancer, or show any other major diseases. Call your doctor if you fall into a coma or have medical diseases. - Turkeyasylum

Take this pill to make your arm stop hurting but you might go into a comma or DIE or something. - Cheese567

They like to talk gibbrish (I don't know how to say it that correctly)

20 Insurance

Do NOT get me started on commercials. I really hate these Budget Direct ads.

Especially Liberty Mutral I despise that one


21 Fast Food Commercials That Make Their Food Look Healthy

The McDonalds one especially. It's like their trying to ' force you into visiting, even though they already make a ton of money. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

These make me cringe

22 The Perfume Ones

They don't make any sense at all

*insert sexual word here* Perfume! It's so *insert sexual word here* and *insert sexual word here*!
*screen cuts to a half-naked woman* - RiverClanRocks

Haha who added that comment? Should have said - Britgirl

23 Car Commercials

I HATE the new Acura commercial w the hip hop? (Some song by 'wills'). I change the channel every time it comes on. Actually worse than previous 'like a rainbow'. - Only12345

I am irritated by commercials about vehicles!

24 Cologne Commercials

It always just shows a handsome guy saying or doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with the cologne he's advertising. They're not bad, just incredibly irrelevant. - Songsta41

These commercials are quite annoying. I guess you could say they don't make scents.Get it? - Garythesnail

25 Money-Related Commercial

Are there any other kinds? - Billyv

26 Proactiv Commercials

"It works."


I hate these commercials I wish they never exist

27 Law Firm Commercials
28 The Ones With Creepy Looking Characters

Like the "we love the subs" guys from Quizno's

29 Obnoxious Annoying Commercials

Especially the ones with adults and kids screaming

30 Pathways to the Future
31 Sexual Commercials

I saw a cat litter one once like this.

I hate the ky commercials. So cringey

32 Illumination Entertainment commercials

Especially when you watch NBC. They always hype you for the movie

33 Toy Commercials
34 The ones about people transforming into something else
35 Overly advertised commercials
36 Animated Commercials
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