Top Ten Worst Types of Criminals

This list is of criminals types that even their fellow inmates hate.

The Top Ten

1 Child Molesters and Pedophiles

Yes, crimes against children either it sexual molestation, murder for money( ex. Parent kills child for money or other sick reason ) most evil

Scum to this society. - Kiteretsunu

They prey on innocent children. Enough said.

Pedophobes are disgusting

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2 Rapists

A dehumanizing form of atrocity only worthy of the death penalty (preferably firing squad in the dick). - BuckShot

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3 Child Murderers

Is this even a question? This is the worst by far. - Songsta41

These people aren't liked even by prisoners - bobbythebrony

Most inhuman thing anyoje can possibly do

4 Informants

Better not let the big boys find out - bobbythebrony

5 Child Abductors

I'd hate to be these dudes in the clink - bobbythebrony

6 Racist Murderers

Why should skin color make a difference? We're all human beings and we were all created in the Lord's image.

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7 Drug Dealers

The ones that rip people off - bobbythebrony

8 Serial Killers

To the stupid visitor you have no idea what your talking about. Do some research then come back and challenge me on something that I actually know about - bobbythebrony

This is last cause they aren't often killed in prison unless they killed kids and most are given respect. Plus most have severe mental illnesses though that isn't a good excuse - bobbythebrony

They kill innocent people that they don't even know and feel good about it. They have no humanity.

The Worst of the Worst

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9 Poachers

Poachers to receive eye for an eye punishments.

I congratulate whoever put them on this list. They deserve for harming and killing innocent animals. I remember when some jerks picked on my in school by siding with those d*mn hunters. Because of that, I'd like to feed them to more than carnivorous animal.

10 Politicians

All funds rubbed No budget left to solve other crimes...

The Contenders

11 Human Traffickers
12 Con Artists
13 Assassins
14 Avengers

They always fight as one till the battle is won with evil on the run, those monsters.

15 Murderers Murderers
16 Terrorists Terrorists
17 Genocidal Maniacs
18 Thieves


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