Top Ten Worst Types of Deviantart Artwork


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1 Porny fanart

This ain't Rule 34 or e621 - ElSherlock

Post this on Rule34, PLEASE FOR THE SANITY OF EVERYONE! - BorisRule

Deviantart is not a porn website. Enough said. - SailorSedna

Sorry but not everyone wants to see Chica and Foxy doing those "stuff" together. - SamuiNeko

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2 Cuphead Fanart

Every time I see them I feel like I want to kill them - sonicsonic039

All Cuphead fanart are gross! - sonicsonic039

Some Cuphead fan art is good but there's also fetish art of it - ElSherlock

Most of Fanart Cuphead and BATIM are Disgusting! - warclanw

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3 Artwork that ships the artist with a character

Sans fangirls - ElSherlock

Someone named kirbyfan1234 on Deviantart just ruined the whole Kirby series by shipping herself with King Dedede.

Or when they ship themselves with a real person isn't better..

Like, it's fine if you do it alone without posting it for the world to see. - SansTheComic

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4 Smutty fan-fictions
5 Inflation fanart

There's too much inflation art of female characters - ElSherlock

Should be #2 or #1.

All of it is the reason why DeviantArt is the most hated website of all time, this has no reason to exist! - VioletParr89

I know! Please if your into that stuff, post it on a website where the people their are into the same things, not Devientart..

Please, keep your sick fetishes to yourself.

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6 Pictures that have everything in their keywords
7 Pictures that should have mature filters while they don't

Some fetish artworks don't have mature filter - ElSherlock

People who have study and done art can tell you that there are a lot of photos on deviant art that don't count as nude art, and are actually pornography. They can look at it and see what the picture is trying to send to it's viewers.

Pornography and nude art aren't the same thing. Since the intention of the pornographer and artist are very different. A sexual picture wants you to feel aroused, and a nude art is to appreciate it's form and beauty.

Nude or not it should still be put under mature filters, and some people need to stop using nude art as an excuse for their pornography, since deviant art is about ACTUAL ART.

So true. They deserve mature filters. - Powerfulgirl10

I looked for fluffy gamtav not some smutty tavris! >:(

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8 Fetish artwork

I have a fetish about princess peach

9 Hate art/fiction

This type of art is going too far - ElSherlock

The character that killed the hated character is flanderized.

If you hates a character/real-life person, that's fine.
But drawing a hate art of them... it's just immature, just saying.
(Also not all everyone haves a perfect english, you know.)

10 Vore

There's vore fan art of everything - ElSherlock

Nothing is more disgusting than this - RedPanda5

Pretty unrealistic. That's why I don't really like it - BorisRule

I dislike vore strongly. It's unrealistic, it makes no sense, it's fetish, it's disgusting, and it's just somebody swallowing another character whole. Should be much higher. - Powerfulgirl10

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? Bendy and the Ink Machine

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11 Whiny fictions
12 Child porn fanart

It's disgusting, no child should know about this stuff.

I'm seriously surprised they haven't moved this type of artwork to the Dark Web.

Wait, this actually exists?

Now you see why aliens won't visit us.

That is not acceptable. I seriously wish people wouldn't do that.

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13 Terrible Mary Sue-ish OCs

In my opinion I think all the Cuphead OCs are Mary Sues because I really hate the Cuphead franchise and fandom.

Like Southparkartist135's Princess Rainbow DJ. IT'S SO BRIGHT! - Powerfulgirl10

Like stargleam. She wasnt on a deviantart fan thing, but still STARGLEAM THE MARY SUE - LeafpoolLover

14 Diaper Fetish

Easily one of the worst fetishes of all time!

Fetishes must be purged from our Internet! We need the world leaders to put a stop to this once and for all! - VioletParr89

Nobody wants to see their favorite characters in a dirty diaper! It's disgusting! - Powerfulgirl10

Oh jesus christ, it's disgusting. - FrancescoBertini

I keep seeing almost every character I google in diaper..
Especially Cynthia from Pokemon, T.K from Digimon and a lot more

15 Terrible anime drawings
16 Religious artwork

I'd rather look at this than fetish/child porn fanart.

There is nothing wrong with it. - SamuiNeko

Episaclly if it is putting down the devil! I HATE IT!

17 MS Paint

I can draw on MS paint and it's more beautiful than their artwork

MS paint art can be really beautiful, Andrew Hussie used this to create homestuck. And the way he draws the sky with it is amazing. - SamuiNeko

18 Dragons

Some dragon fan art is good except the pornographic and fetish ones - ElSherlock

Which type
Please do not say Wings of Fire

There's too much vore art with dragons - Flowerrose

Dragon OCs can be made perfectly, but yeah, tracing or recoloring is a big issue. - Swellow

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19 Horrible fan art that has tons of comments

5 minute crap

Adventure time... - SamuiNeko

20 Recolors

Some Sonic recolors are pretty bland. - BorisRule

The sonic ones - ElSherlock

I agree. I dislike recolors because of the lack of originality.

Not all recolors are terrible. The rainbow ones are the worst, though. - Swellow

21 Out of Character

It bugs me when fanfic writers and artists make characters go out of character for the sake of their fantasies or crossover fetishes. Why can't you accept your favorite fictional characters the way they are and not what you want them to be? Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Hedgehog) is smart and not stupid, Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog) is helpful and not useless, Karel (Fire Emblem) is a good guy and not a villain, and the list keeps going and going...

22 Muscle Growth

Muscles can be aesthetically amazing if you put them on the right character, but the worst thing is people who overdose on muscle growth. It killed off the anthro side of me.

Basically it's a human, OC or video game character becoming extremely buff (to the point it defies anatomy) until the only thing they wear is skin tight briefs. It's the opposite of weight gain or inflation, if not, worse. It's mainly male, but there's sadly female as well.

Easily the worst though is the OC side. Seriously, put clothes on, let alone a shirt. It's mainly anthro male bodybuilders having an attraction to the other one. I don't mind males liking males, but these people will ship every character who has something over a six pack.

I don't mind extremely buff characters, but please, lower down on the fetish-y crap and learn diversity. - Swellow

Try telling that to Black-Rat who fetishizes underage characters via tfs. - SuperMario64ever

23 Barney Fanart


I like barney

And don't say anything about about it like "duh I hate barney he's stupid" because if you do, I will pound you FLAT!

24 Fox Fanart
25 Crossover Art

While some crossovers are based on a game, movie or whatnot of the crossover genre (i.e. Super Smash Bros., Mario and Sonic), or that can be good if made properly, it still bothers me when people cross one series or character over with another if it's based on looks, or "they have something in common" as their excuse for "it makes sense". It's worse if they support crossover pairings; which never make sense because it's like kissing some random stranger and that isn't good behavior, whatsoever. It is the absolute worst if one of the series represented in the crossover is Kingdom Hearts, or anything that has to do with it.

26 Stolen Art

Stealing art from other artists and claiming them as your own is never acceptable.

27 Incest fanart

The Loud House has this - ElSherlock

28 Gorey Fanart

CHILDREN'S media doesn't deserve these "art pieces". Speaking of which, I came across bloody "fanart" of Shadow the hedgehog after Googling "bloody shadow the hedgehog" notwithstanding him just being an anti-hero. - SuperMario64ever

29 Feet fanart

Man this gets stupider and stupider and stupider.

30 The Loud House Memes
31 Yiff Art

What's a yiff art? - BorisRule

32 Emoji Movie Fanart

This exists?

33 Tracing, and Traced Bases

Whatever happened to originality? References are fine, but tracing over someone else's artwork is never okay.

34 Giantess Art

No SBE, I do not want to see you draw "The Attack of the 50 foot Shenzi", thank you.

35 Politics

Politics is not the most G-rated thing to talk about, yet it has become a heated topic on deviantArt and everyone is going against each other for it...

36 Grotesque
37 Emo Art
38 Self righteous fan art

Please stop thinking yourself as the best person because you're the only person who hates school or because you defy mainstream. It only makes you look arrogant and annoying. - Swellow

39 Bara
40 Dora Fanart

There is Nothing wrong with dora you crybabies

41 Naked Art

Ew gross

42 Offensive Art
43 Sonic Fanart

Oh shut up

Sonic's Crap Nowadays Anyways

44 Boob Art
45 Force Feed
46 Poorly Drawn Art
47 Terrible Gary Stu OCs
48 Wolf Fanart

Wolfaboos are also DeviantArt - ElSherlock

49 Art of Characters Killing Other Characters The Artist Hates

It's pretty much hate art. - Jasmine21064

50 Hentai

Oh no! - ElSherlock

Nuh-uh! - BorisRule

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