Top Ten Worst Types of Deviantart Artwork


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21 Incest fanart
22 Barney Fanart


23 Crossover Art

While some crossovers are based on a game, movie or whatnot of the crossover genre (i.e. Super Smash Bros., Mario and Sonic), or that can be good if made properly, it still bothers me when people cross one series or character over with another if it's based on looks, or "they have something in common" as their excuse for "it makes sense". It's worse if they support crossover pairings; which never make sense because it's like kissing some random stranger and that isn't good behavior, whatsoever. It is the absolute worst if one of the series represented in the crossover is Kingdom Hearts, or anything that has to do with it.

24 Stolen Art

Stealing art from other artists and claiming them as your own is never acceptable.

25 Tracing, and Traced Bases

Whatever happened to originality? References are fine, but tracing over someone else's artwork is never okay.

26 Giantess Art

No SBE, I do not want to see you draw "The Attack of the 50 foot Shenzi", thank you.

27 Politics

Politics is not the most G-rated thing to talk about, yet it has become a heated topic on deviantArt and everyone is going against each other for it...

28 Muscle Growth V 1 Comment
29 Grotesque
30 Emo Art
31 Self righteous fan art

Please stop thinking yourself as the best person because you're the only person who hates school or because you defy mainstream. It only makes you look arrogant and annoying. - Swellow

32 Bara
33 Gorey Fanart
34 Dora Fanart
35 Naked Art
36 Offensive Art
37 Feet fanart

Man this gets stupider and stupider and stupider.

38 Sonic Fanart V 1 Comment
39 Boob Art
40 Force Feed
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