Worst Types of Drivers

These people should not have their driving license.

The Top Ten

1 The driver that drives slow on a highway

That just make you want to go off into a lane only because they are reading their stinking texts and need a break so they can be a good driver. Screw driving behind them, they should not have a drivers lisence. - BlackMetalDagger666

This is what causes traffic.

I wanna see left laners on this. - MinecraftHater

2 The driver that goes 60 mph on a 30 mph road
3 The driver that horns at you for no reason
4 The drunk driver

These idiots should be charged with no less than murder if they kill anyone through their selfishness and thoughtlessness. I mean, they're completely compos mentis when they get into their vehicle at the start of their journey, knowing they're heading straight for a bar or pub to consume copious amounts of alcohol. - Britgirl

5 The driver that yells at you to go faster than the speed limit so they can go where they need to go

This describes my mom - Jordansalesguy2392

6 The road rage driver
7 The driver that thinks they have the right of way all of the time
8 The driver that cuts you off
9 The driver that runs red lights
10 The driver that never looks both ways in an intersection

The Contenders

11 The kerb crawler

Insects couldn't do a better job. - Britgirl

12 The driver that texts while driving
13 The driver that never gives a signal
14 The driver who is always on his or her phone
15 The driver who flips you off when you didn't do anything wrong
16 The Old People Driver
17 Italian drivers

The worst anyway!

18 The driver that blasts their music so everyone can hear

This is disrespectful, and unnecessary. No one wants to hear your music. That's why earphones were invented. And also, how are you supposed to hear a police siren coming?

19 The Rider

Riding is extremely dangerous! It could cause a crash! (by the way Riding is driving really close to the person in front of you.)

20 The Mirror
21 The Drifter
22 The Safe Distance Snatcher
23 The Gawker
24 The driver who eats his boogers at a stoplight
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