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21 Bendy and Boris Fangirls

Hell no... this retards are everywhere! Just dare saying something negative about bendy and the ink machine they will just kill You!

Do they want to get an ink poisoning?

Game released somewhere in February and now in April 2017 you tube is full of cringy 9 year olds saying that they are ink thing's wives and girlfriends. They ship yaoi(which is for sure disgusting thing). Worst thing is that they think that BatIM is the real cartoon and game is just based on it. Boris ones are not too bad compared to Bendy's! This needs to be higher. At least somewhere on 6th or 5th place...

22 Hunger Games Fangirls

These people compare everything to the Hunger Games

The Maze Runner?
Dore the Explorer?

Don't get me wrong I like the book, but this has gone too far.

Yo I hate these fangirls. "Josh Hutcherson is the best! " Like you literally were just gushing over 1D you pathetic beta, you don't need to scream and gush over Hunger Games now too. Hunger Games: what anorexic teenage fan girls play during slumber parties.

"dore the explorer"

23 Narusakutards

It is obvious they are not going to be together, if they read the manga well. I'm not recommend to watch the anime, though, because every crappy fiction came from this one. I'm not saying they are dumb but this is just forced.

. NaruHina is the best. Get it over dumb NaruSakutards. I see them together but they are more like siblings.

These guys are so fuhking dumb. They started a petition to ban the Naruto manga in the US just because Naruto went to Hinata instead of Sakura! They seriously need to deal with it! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Maybe in an alternate universe Naruto and Sakura can be together.

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24 Miley Cyrus Fangirls

SOMEBODY GET THIS HIGHER ON THE LIST! Seriously though, get this higher on the list.

This person along with Justin wiener and Nicki manjay do NOT need any fans whatsoever! These three pop stars are HORRIBLE CRIMINALS WHO SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.



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25 Nicki Minaj Fangirls
26 Ben Drowned Fangirls

Same thing like Creepypasta fangirls - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

27 Rihanna Fans
28 Jennifer Lawrence Fangirls
29 Dora Fangirls

What, this show actually has FANGIRLS?

This show has fans? Shocker.

There... Are fangirls?

She has no fans - StayAlive

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30 Hetalia Fan Girls

I'm a Hetalia fan but I hate most of the fandom. EVERYTHING IS YAOI! I hate yaoi and yuri with a burning passion. Hetalia isn't a yaoi anime, but it seems like whenever one male character even looks at another, the fantards must turn the characters into a ship. It gets to the point where every single female character in the show is hated because they get in the way of the yaoi ships. Some of these people BREATHE yaoi! I can't look up one Hetalia picture without getting hardcore yaoi smut thrown in my face! This should be so much higher on the list!

I hate my own fandom. Stop shoving your ships down my throat, please.

My best friend is one and I told her I didn't like Hetalia and she freaked the hell out

Hetalia is a pretty decent anime but the fangirls ruined it with their stupid shippings and fanfiction

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31 BVB Fan Girls

"They saved my life", that's bull. If they wanted to kill themselves, they wouldn't be here. The band can't do anything for them. They feel the need to compare any single rock band to their emo crap band. They think every song is special but for me, the songs I've listened to sound the same. And no, The GazettE, nor VAMPS, nor Deathgaze, nor. Dir en grey, not even Mötley Crue sound like BVB (All of these bands being older than BVB, except for VAMPS but Hyde is twice the age Andy is, and Hyde started singing in his other band before Andy was even born...). They think everything else sucks. Oh! And if you happen to be one of those who hates the band, you're suddenly called a directioner. How mature.

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32 Harmonizers

Like 5th harmony but those harmonizers are nuts!

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33 Call of Duty Fangirls

Think they are so cool because they play Call of Duty. LOL! Go play Nintendo!

34 Ryan Reynolds Fangirls
35 Homestuck Fan Girls

I disagree, as a part of the homestuck fandom I believe that of all the fandoms I've been in, this is my favorite. However, some fangirls can... Stretch it a little bit.

I'm a Homestuck fan and I sorta have the Homestuck fever, but I wouldn't call myself a fangirl.

I'm a homestuck fan girl,but I do not act like the ones in tumblr. - SamuiNeko


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36 Osomatsu-san Fan Girls

I love the anime, but the fandom is horrible. Literally 75% of all fan made things is incest. It's disgusting.

I love Osomatsu-san! But the fandom is messed, I mean everything is incest and the fangirls are such devil, they scare me... lol

God! I'm so glad I only like the original one, which mean Osomatsu-kun. The reboot is so awful and the fangirls are much worse!

I love the show, though some fans can be toxic - TheEvilAlpaca

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37 Pop Music Fangirls

Pop is just a cheap tactic to make dumb girly girls dumber.

Two Words: Taylor SwiftHahaaaha - kontrahinsunu

I like heavy metal and DJ

Ugh again I love pop music whats wrong with me :'( ~ favetoptens

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38 Warrior Cat Fan Girls

I have NOTHING against the books, and I think they're fantastic but the fangirls? UGH. Crazy obsessed brats who could go into the clans and worship the holy Firestar himself! All they ever do is Roleplay, argue, drool over the evil Murderer Scourge and eat other fandoms! Seriously! Anything against their fandom and they will murder you. They need to swallow the fact their not the most popular fandom and chill out!

I am part of the fandom, but I try not to make Mary sue characters. I like all of the series, but I can't stand the toxic part of the fandom. - IcetailofWishClan

I'm a fan of Warriors. But some fans are crazy and make Mary Sue cats and crappy fanfictions. *shudders* - RiverClanRocks

Eh, mostly not that bad. I am a bit of a fangirl myself, but just a little bit. I think being an obsessive fangirl is weird (but back off! Foxleap is MINE! ). It's the creepy or stupid shippings I can't stand. Scourge X Firestar? That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Tallstar X Jake? Ok, that one's real, though. It's the same every time: Villan X Victim/Hero, random X random, enemy X enemy, overrated villan X reader, it's stupid!

-Floppy Kitten

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39 Jennifer Aniston Fangirls
40 Johnny Depp Fangirls
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