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41 South Park Fan Girls

Supposed to be a comedy cartoon for adults. But, no! It's gotta be all about shipping charts according to the fangirls.

Well I'm a girl and I really like South Park. But I do agree with the fanbase.

42 Twilight Fan Girls

I hate Twilight because it's overrated and Bella is weak and stupid! Also, watching a girl sleep isn't romantic whatsoever!

The fangirls are insane and rage at you whenever you say something against it!

I hate that bella is in love with edward, but still makes out with jacob

Who even likes it?

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43 Shippers

Disgusting child x adult ships, sibling x sibling ships, abuser x victum ships, they are all nasty

Ruined shipping


44 Undertale Fangirls

They try to put it everywhere, force it down our throats. They say it's the best game even created, even though it's pretty mediocre. Now don't get me started on the fan art and fanfictions. It looks like they want Sans' giant glowing lightsaber penis inside them. Also the incest, edgy AUs and especially seeing Sans everywhere made me sick. They put Sans in a cat suit and are like "AWW! SANSIE IS SO CUTE AND KAWAII! 111! 1! " It makes me so angry, just talking about this makes my blood boil.

They're so cringey. - Tux

These people are everywhere... Sadly they would take even realize how stupid they are. "SAANESSS IS MEH boyfriend! 1! HE'S MINE" get a life

The fandom is cringey as f***. Especially Sans and Papyrus fangirls. Don't get me wrong, I love Undertale. But the fans... They draw DISGUSTING FANART (*cough cough* TORIEL AND SANS) and are always " METTATON'S LEGS SO HAWT". The only characters that matter in the fandom are Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, Mettaton, and some fanmade crap called W.D Gaster who is apparently Sans and Papyrus' dad.

There are SO many better characters, like Undyne, Alphys, Flowey, Asgore and much more.

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45 Kingdom Hearts Fan Girls

I like kingdom hearts a lot, but I guess every fandom has the ones that make gross Mary Sues and stuff...

46 Twenty One Pilots Fangirls

They're so annoying, everywhere I go, there is one or two. They think they listen to real music when they don't know what real music is. Don't get me started on the Suicide Squad soundtrack, I have waited since 1987 for a Suicide Squad movie and it's finally here. But they ruined the movie, "Oh, I'm only watching the movie 'cause twenty one pilots are in the soundtrack" Stop talking. Seriously. I love lost hope in humanity. If you like Twenty One Pilots, you don't know real music. - Tristan1975R5

Usually not a big problem, but sometimes I looked in the comments of a video about some guy opening up Pokemon Cards. There was a top profile in the comments and there were comments about top on a POKEMON VIDEO.

My friend got so many death threats just from saying he doesn't like Twenty One Pilots. - naFrovivuS

Generic white girl music

47 K-pop Fangirls

They only like those k-pop stars looks. - SamuiNeko

My class is all about all the K-pop idols and I am ostracized just because I don't listen to it. I mean, their music is nice (when I listen to it occasionally), but... why is it all they talk about is about K-pop... It is simply ridiculous...

I hate Kpop and the fans are just as crappy.

I hate k pop they stupid

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48 Naruhina Fans

Not saying that I hate. I totally support NaruHina one hundred percent. But I think that people make a big deal out of Naruto's and Hinata's small encounter in which Hinata faints. I mean, it's cute. But some don't revolve around the BIG part. It's in the Pain Invasion.

Sure Naruhina is cute and all but if I say I don't ship Naruhina or I like Sakura (More of a Hinata fan though)I Immediately get attack saying how "I'm just a dumb Narusaku fan (I don't really ship it it's okay) who can't see real love"

I didn't know real love was dating/marrying someone because you felt guilty. Or after they confess their love to you, you just ignore them even though they died for you and they would do it again.

Don't even get me started on sasusaku fans.

Everything involving Naruto sucks. The anime overall is way overrated. The fans only think about the anime and stuff. It's horrible.

Worst ship ever

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49 Little Mix Fan Girls
50 Shadow The Hedgehog Fangirls

But Shadow's cool… I'm not a Fangirl though

51 Leafyishere Fangirls

One of them wrote a fanfiction about them getting raped by leafy and enjoying it... They even made a body pillow for him... They need Jesus. Should be at the top. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

52 Vampire Diaries Fangirls
53 Pegasisters (My Little Pony)

At Least Their More Underrated Than Bronies

I like MLP (secretly). I'm a female, and I don't like shipping. I just like the cartoon. I call myself a Female Brony, but all the other Female Bronies/Pegasisters are obsessed with shipping everything with everything. What's next? "Oh ohoho hehewhhwehwh, let's ship Discord and Luna's baby with a banana. Yay."



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54 Columbiners

Fans of those two psychopaths from the columbine shooting. I bet your wondering why someone would be that.

Eric and dylan are the greatest men who ever lived

They doing that for anti human

55 Steven Universe Fangirls

Steven Universe is definitely NOT a kids show.. First off, its rated PG, Second, that's because it sometimes deals with very heavy subjects like death. Trust me if you see some of these scenes from episodes you will know it's not meant for young children.

Oh hell no! This is one of the best fandoms!

The. Best. Not. Worst.

preach it.

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56 School Shooter Fangirls

Fangirls going to hell because they be killing students and teacher

What? This has a fanbase? I would have lost my faith in humanity if I hadn't lost it long ago

This fanbase makes me lose so much faith in humanity. WHO THE HELL WOULD LIKE SOMEONE WHO SHOOTS STUDENTS? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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57 Luigi Fangirls

Luigi is my favorite character, but he is definitely the Super Mario character who has the worst fangirls.

They're game theory fans that think Mario is mental - ParkerFang

So you are saying that you are a luigi fan girl!?

They hate Daisy - yunafreya648

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58 Doctor Who Fangirls

But doctor who is my favorite show! Even if fangirls infected it(I'm a boy so you can't call me a fan girl).

These people still act like Doctor Who is the greatest thing since sliced bread, even though it went downhill after Rose left, years ago.

I love doctor who (- Peter Capaldi), but my friends some people completely hate Martha through ten/rose, when she's a great character. It really irritates me

A great show, but the fandom thinks that they are superior just because they're "devoted"

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59 Once Upon a Time fans

My friends a fangirl of this show, it gets annoying and I couldn't watch it if I want to now as the whole show has been spoiled for me

These people love OUAT so much they are obsessed. They constently repeat qoutes, compare any/ every situation to OUAT, write so much Fanfics & cyberstalk The actors. They worship the characters...yes I am one of them

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