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61 Bibinators
62 Posers
63 Markiplier Fan Girls

Markiplier is a great youtuber, even better than Pewdiepie, but he has the worst fangirls! Most of them are yaoi fantard who are Septiplier fans who bash him for getting a girlfriend or who bash his girlfriend. Some others are not better, they want to be with Markiplier and are ready to bash his girlfriends. -Facepalm-

64 Megan Fox Fans
65 Percy Jackson Fans

I'm a fan of PJO, but I just can't stand the fanfictions - kids of Artemis, Percy and Annabeth getting married at 16, etc.

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66 Antagonist fangirls

Yeah especially Kadaj from FF7

Arg! Can't stand this! It's always "ooh, Scourge is so hot! " "oh, Tigerstar is awesome! " You realize how many cats these guys killed?! I know, Scourge had a sad past, but he'd murder you without hesitation! It's like Creepypasta fangirls. You want to date something that would slaughter you without a second thought!

-Floppy Kitten

There's every so often that evil character that you'll actually like, but some people go and just pretend to be obsessed with them to seem cool or whatever. ", I so wanna date Brokenstar, he's so hawt! " " Hitler is bae! " <-- ^_^ I've heard it. "Oml Bill Cipher marry me baby." - Miauzer

67 Ninjago Fangirls
68 Daisy Fangirls
69 Kadaj Fangirls

So edgy wowow now fangrills yay.

please don't waste your time reading this

70 Smosh Fangirls

Demands Ian and Anthony to do very weird things like kiss each other

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71 Conformists

My best friend is one of these. Sucks for me.

72 Metalcore Fangirls
73 The Tomorrow People Fangirls
74 "Free Jahar" Fangirls

Who is this person the fan girls love?

Why would anyone think a terrorist is innocent?!? Dzhokhar Tsarnaev planted a bomb, people! he's NOT INNOCENT!

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75 Bees
76 iCarly Fangirls
77 NaLu Fangirls

It's terrifying to tell them you ship Natsu with someone other than Lucy. THEY WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND SHOVE NALU DOWN YOUR THROAT.

My friend described again

78 Disney Channel Fangirls

Nickelodeon fangirls are on par, and I give them a -2/10.

79 Mario Fangirls
80 Rabid Dork Diaries Fangirls

ARGH I hate these fangirls! - mayamanga

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