Top 10 Worst Types of Fanfictions

After reading crap on I lost all faith in humanity.

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1 Sonic FanFictions

Why is this not #1? They are absolutely DISGUSTING.

Sonic x Eggman:Enemies become lovers - DapperPickle

Some other animated FanFictions that I saw on Y8 really wanna vomit so hard. It's even worse along with the Pokemon FanFic which is way more worse.

It's equivalent to cancer. One time I read one... and oh... I will forever have nightmare of that $#^%$&^$ (language that is forbidden here) - TwilightKitsune

2 Lemon Fanfictions

I remember when I was about ten years old, I was looking for a Pokemon story and I somehow stumbled across an Amourshipping lemon. I lost my innocence and all faith in humanity that day - Absolite

Ya, it's disturbing. - Puppytart

No... I hate Lemon fanfics... - TwilightKitsune

yup - Aquastar_of_DewClan

3 Crossover FanFictions

Especially if it involves Kingdom Hearts and *gasp* The Lion King/Guard.

In case your wondering I recently cringed to Fate/stay night and dark souls crossover for some reason and it is the worst fanfiction I have ever read - PrinceOfFire

I read a horrible LoL and PAYDAY fanfiction, It sucked and was garbage - YourWaifuSucks

I think I found the worst crossover fanfiction of all time...

...Ultimate Furry Crossover - An Adult Choose Your Own Adventure by Gideon Kalve Jarvis. (It's on SoFurry, which also includes 'The Big List' of which characters appear in it)

Seriously, I hate this fanfiction so much. It is so dumb, horrid, disgusting, poorly written and a very bad idea. It is a crossover of anything you can think of (as seen on it's big list) in a 'choose your own adventure'-style scenario, even the lesser known series, and everything in it really burned my brain a bit. The crossover shippings are especially disturbing, and are not acceptable. What the heck was he thinking when he wrote that?!

I really hope that big sucker Gideon Kalve Jarvis stops making crossover works and delete this whole fanfiction altogether. The relationships in that fanfic are not possible and making hentai of it just makes it even more cringy and not tolerable.

The sad thing is that he's a professional ...more

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4 Self-Insert FanFictions

You know the ones. The ones where the author puts themselves (or rather, an unrealistically perfect version of themselves) in the story to interact with the characters. Usually it's cringeworthy and the stories, mostly, are trash. - Jackamalio

These are cringy and make you feel as if your soul is dying as you read them. 90% of them are about OC Sonic characters blowing up trash and stuff anyway. - TwilightKitsune

Fanfics like these are almost always childish and cringeworthy. They're merely clutter to pretty much everyone other than the author! - Entranced98

When you make a fan-character for whatever medias, stay true to the universe, don't put a obssession with romance if the universe doesn't have this theme, or if your virtual crush doesn't have the passion than yours, then, let it go and simply accept it.

it doesn't matter if the FC is drawn or written, a obssessive person may be not the best way to enjoy the universe.

this is why I recommand to anyone to put efforts in the future FC, and work on the biography of the character to avoid many clich├ęs, annoyances.

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5 Sword Art Online FanFictions

At first, I thought this was a totally biased item considering the creator of this list himself is an SAO hater, but after hearing TwilightKitsune declare that she hates SAO fanfictions as well, even for someone who is a big fan of SAO, I can see why this is high on the list. Although, I believe nothing can top Sonic fanfictions as the worst type of fanfictions that there is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I agree. This is probably the worst anime of all time! - Puga

They're so cringy they make me feel suicidal. I'd rather vomit blood than read one. - TwilightKitsune

6 Out of Character FanFictions
7 Harry Potter FanFictions

I've never read many Harry Potter fanfics, but there's this ATROCIOUS Harry Potter fanfic called My Immortal. Read it if you dare (WARNING: Extremely cancerous) - FireWasp2004

8 Amourshipping Fanfiction
9 FNaF FanFictions
10 Shrek Fanfictions

Most Of Them Are Gross - JPK

The Newcomers

? Fanfictions with Frozen References

So, I was reading a random fanfic yesterday, and all of a sudden I see a quote from a frozen song.Why?!

The Contenders

11 Mario X Sonic Fanfic
12 Reader Fanfictions

You know what I'm talking about. Kirito x reader, Yurio x reader, the list goes on. They are all cringeworthy crap - Absolite

13 MLP FanFictions

Watch out for CLOP! - Neonco31

I Read The Good Fanfictions - JPK

But Not All Of Them Are Bad, But The Sexual Ones Are Pretty Bad
And Yes I'm Telling The Truth

14 OP/Godlike Protagonist Fanfictions
15 Fairy Tail FanFictions
16 Fanfictions that involve crawling inside characters' heads and having sex with their brains

*clicks back button* - Entranced98

Most notably Asriel with Toriel's, and also Parappa with Lammy's - xandermartin98

17 Dark Souls FanFictions
18 Frozen FanFictions
19 Pokemon FanFictions

Clearly you've never read The Hacker. That story is just amazing. - Absolite

20 Real People x Fictional Character Shipping Fanfics

Why is this at the bottom of the list? It sounds disturbing!

That is just wrong.

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