Top Ten Worst Types of Homework Assignments

The Top Ten

1 Art Projects

Art is a talent. It is something that you can master. So why are we getting this not only assigned for homework, but getting graded on neatness and artwork? - DCfnaf

Very, very time consuming. I like art and all, but for homework... No. Just no! - TheYoshiOverlord

2 Reading Logs

Your parents even have to sign them

Again, very time consuming. I have to write a whole page of boring stuff about a boring book my teacher makes me read. - TheYoshiOverlord

3 Kahoots

How is that homework - LootLlama

Kahoots are fun!

What I love kahoot. When it's easy. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

My teacher makes us do Kahoot quizzes sometimes. I absolutely hate these. - TheYoshiOverlord

4 Common Core

Do I even need to explain why? Common Core is the dumbest thing ever invented. - TheYoshiOverlord

There really doesn't need to be an explanation, does there? - DCfnaf

5 Essays

Why isn't this number 1? I hate these! They take forever to type and thinking about how to write it is hard. One of my teachers told us we had to type at least 10 pages. I CAN'T EVEN TYPE5! Typing 3 pages is already stressful enough for me.

I'd much rather have 30 pages of bog-standard homework than one of these time and sanity consuming monsters. - Entranced98

Why isn’t this number 1? I HATE these! They take forever to write and thinking about how to write it is hard. Oh and once one of my teacher made us type at least 10 pages. I CAN’T EVEN TYPE 5! Three is already stressful enough for me.

6 Reports

I can handle small ones, but not big ones. - TheYoshiOverlord

7 Presentations

Long ones are simply awful. Writing them isn't too bad, but reading them out in front of the whole class and a rude teacher is another story. - Entranced98

8 Mathematics

This totally sucks dude! I don't even get anything right so that's why I always drop to zero every math homework! UGH!

9 Summer Packets
10 Papers

I hate writing essays that have to be at least 5 page long.

They take so long to finish and edit. Usually I end up staying up all night to finish them. - MinionHater

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11 Baby Simulator

@Ilovestephanie-In my high school it was called child development class.

In high school there is a class called child development where you learn about kids and how to take care of them. You have to take home a baby doll that cries nonstop almost all the time and treat it like a real baby. It is very annoying.

That's not true. I took child development once and we never did that. I think your talking about the parenting class in high schools. - Ilovestephanie

12 Science Projects
13 Oral Tests
14 Waste Audits
15 Summer Reading
16 Book Reports
17 Study for Test/Quiz
18 Watch Video Then Answer Questions
19 Make-Up Work
20 Ask Parents How You Were Born (Health Class)

In health class once the teacher gave us a homework that involves asking our parents how we were born (eg, by vaginal or c-section). This is just getting too personal...

21 Write Journal on What You Did While Out of School

In elementary school if kids went to a wedding or vacation during the school day they would have to write a journal telling what they did while they were gone.

22 What You Did Over the Break/Vacation

This summer I stayed home all summer and did nothing because my family was just too busy to go anywhere. The end

23 Punishment Sentences

Once in middle school one of my math teachers made the entire class write punishment sentences for homework

24 Read x Number of Pages in a Book
25 Interviewing Someone
26 Computer Programming
27 Make Dioramas
28 Study Island
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