Worst Types of Humour

Some humour gets a few chuckles now and then. Some humour makes you laugh so much you die from it.
These types are not those kinds of humour.

The Top Ten

1 Shallow toilet humour

Umm... Well, it's not pretty when you imagine these. - Kiteretsunu

I am thourally embarrassed when any of this cringeworthy humor comes up.
It just, sucks.

2 Rape jokes

How are they bad exactly? If you think it's bad then you probably don't wanna hear about the dreams I have at night - bobbythebrony

Well, you are definitely right that I'm not interested in hearing the dreams you have at night. - Billyv

One of the best jokes ever. Other dark humor too.

People who don't like dark humor are boring

I was going to make one, but it would be a bit "forced". ;D

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3 Offensive jokes about any tragedies or deaths

Why is this on the list?! I laugh at them even if they are aimed at me!

Dark humor is like food.

Not everyone gets it. - Seddeu

4 Obnoxious "in your face" humour
5 Boring dry humour

Eh. I'm pretty deadpan and cynical myself, and some people find it annoying, but it's fun to comment on an ironic situation.

6 Stereotypical humor
7 Inappropriate humour

Rude poeple asking questions! Poeple telling other to “shut up”, and poeple that say bad words. Yep that’s all of them.

8 References to current events and pop culture
9 "Edgy" humour

What is this? And how can a joke be classified as edgy?

10 Rather predictable and lame puns

The Contenders

11 "Cruelty to a character" humour
12 Racist jokes
13 Humour derived from screams and annoying yelling
14 "Running meme" joke

In other words, old jokes that everyone knows. - PositronWildhawk

Take a look at the anti teen smoking ad that tries to be hip with the teens. It's cringeworthy - RedAce66

15 Holocaust jokes

What's the difference between a white Jew and a black Jew? The black Jews have to sit in the back of the gas chamber. See, that's not bad at all. Capisce? - bobbythebrony

Wow, this was lame. Holocaust killed over 6 million people and you are joking with this... get a life. Plus, besides all, it's racist - Ivystar

16 Sexist jokes

Nice to see people overreacting on this and taking them seriously. Alright, I'll see more women crying like babies over this comment lol

Because this is something NOT to joke about.

They hold us back to the medieval times. THE TWO SEXES ARE EQUAL: it's about time for the world to finally realize that.

All jokes are jokes; it's about time for the world to finally realize that.

17 Sexual innuendo
18 Shallow fourth wall jokes
19 Snarky Jokes
20 Celebrity humor
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