Worst Types of People on the Internet EP-4 Trolls


Now I have to talk about groups I'm in because it's all part of what I believe in HATE EQUALITY! A bit like how Filthy Franks gives everybody crap. This applies on the Internet. I talk about groups I hate. Groups u don't care about. And groups that either I or one of my friends are in. Me and a lot of my friends are in the troll group. Now there are what I say, about 5 types of trolls. LETS BEGIN SHALL WE?!

TYPE 1: THE BEGINNER (U MAD BRO?!): This is the cliche troll. The one everybody hates. Even trolls hate those guys. They're either 10 year old boys who just found the Internet culture, or 30 year old fatasses who live in their moms basement with their fedora on. These guys commonly say "U MAD BRO?!" And they fit in all the other types of trolls.

TYPE 2: THE ONES WHO POST JUMPSCARES: Ah these guys, I always hated these people. You know those guys who make you listen or watch a certain thing only to have Reagan McNeil's face pop up on the screen with a loud scream? Yeah those guys. They don't use that face much anymore and now it's usually Jeff The Killer's face. Some even made websites to make you s*** your pants such as ScaryForKids and Agor.io. Also they make you look at certain images such as "Blue Waffle" (I STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT LOOKING THIS UP IT WILL SCAR YOU FOR LIFE)

TYPE 3: RICK ROLLERS: Ah, when old people get trolled by these guys, they get happy cause they're listening to "good music" but when their teenage son or grandson sees this, they're like "OH NO!" For those who live under a Dwayne Johnson (credit to Filthy Frank) a Rick Roll is when you see a really cool video, for example CoD WaW new map, or HIDDEN SLIPKNOT SONG CALLED IN REVERSE, you click on it, only to have Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" music video play. These guys are among the most successful trolls.

TYPE 4: THE YOUTUBE COMMENTERS (Darude-Sandstorm): These guys, everything you say "What song is this?" There's always that one troll who says "Darude-Sandstorm". Now, it's an actual song. These trolls are everywhere.

TYPE 5: ACTUAL TROLLS: Now I fit in with these guys. These guys, have actual, original, material who troll people so hard, they get butthurt about it.

Anyways that's it and I got a bit lazier at the latter types cause I didn't research them much as a lot went on (like that one rejection by my crush) Anyways, *sobs* GOODBYE I LOVE YOU AHAHAHAHAHAHHA?!!!!?

*insecurity intensifies*


Nice - bobbythebrony


Trolls = Beliebers = Directioners - visitor

I agree. - 05yusuf09

U have no sweg. - Delgia2k

U wot m8?! Il rek u so he'd your sweg will die. U thnk dis is a gme mofo? Il rek u. Swer en me mum. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Trolls do make things interesting though. - Therandom

There are two types, though. There are these exciting trolls like JBL, BTDR and KoolGuy2218, while there are those like BestPersonEver which aren't. - visitor

Type two trolls made that maze game.
You know, the game in which you try to move a small thing through a maze and a demonic monster just shows up with a loud scream. - Skullkid755

U MAD BRO - TwilightKitsune