Worst Types of Lists People Make On TheTopTens


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21 Why (Insert Entertainment Form Here) Is Better Than (Insert Entertainment Form Here)
22 Boring Lists

Too general of an item. What one person thinks is boring could be something that another person likes. - SteelCity99

23 Immature Lists
24 Long Lists
25 Football Lists
26 Reasons to Kill a Person Lists

Don't kill Justin Bieber! Just send him to jail!

27 Items That Should Not Be On (Insert List)
28 Lists Saying What Stupid Lists People Make

I really don't care.

How Ironic. - D0S

29 Justin Bieber Lists

I'm not supporting Bieber or anything, but he is everywhere on this site. It's gotten so repetitive that it's not fun anymore. Everyone on the internet has torn him to shreds so thin that They're microscopic. I seriously don't wanna remember him anymore.

Exactly! The people on this website talk so much about Justin Bieber that it is getting annoying!

I can't believe they're still making jokes about his guy. His career is over, he hasn't put out a hit in 3 years. The over saturation of hate posts about him on this site is ridiculous, and not even remotely funny anymore. Just let it go!

My god... In every single list... Just let him die from popularity...

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30 Females with the Best (insert body part) Lists

Wouldn't this site be a better place if we could stop all these perverted sex lists focusing on body parts of female celebrities and characters? Trust me, I'm ashamed and regretful of one list I made about hottest fictional MILFS, so ever since the backlash from that list, I vowed never to make another sex-related list again. Now if I can just get the other guy to stop making all these unnecessary sex lists. Not only are lists like these lazy, but they also give you a pretty bad reputation as a list maker if you keep on making lists like these. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

31 Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at X Lists

Overrated, outdated, over-voted, comments with too many likes...and for a site made in the US it sure took off in Asia...nothing against them, just strange... - naFrovivuS

32 Music Lists

Yea I saw a list of worst music genres and it was bad

We keep on doing that. I love it. No we shall not stop. - BubbleBear01

33 Lists of People Who Died
34 Characters/People Who Should Beat Up _______ Lists

These types of lists make no sense at all.

35 Lists About Countries

Yeah, it spreads hate and racism.. - TwilightKitsune

36 Why Another List is Inaccurate

These lists are just drivel. When a person makes this list, they are being egotistical and saying someone else's opinion is wrong cause that's what it is: an opinion. This site is about sharing opinions through lists so if you can't take it then leave. They are subjective lists so think about that next time you think about making this low quality garbage. - bobbythebrony

37 Overrated Lists

Cancerous. Essentially is saying that other people's opinions don't matter, the author of the list doesn't like it so it's overrated. - LarrytheFairy

38 Reasons Why a List is Inaccurate

A lot of the time people don't point out why the list is inaccurate. They only point out why they disagree with it.

39 Perverted Lists
40 Sexiest character(s)

These need to stop - TeamRocket747

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