Worst Types of Lists People Make On TheTopTens


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41 Ways to Kill a Person Lists V 1 Comment
42 Top Ten People Who Should (Threat Word) Someone
43 Reasons I Suck Lists
44 Lists That Contain Biased Reasons
45 Users That Should Like a Given Thing

Reminds me of a list called,"Users that Should Like Dora the Explorer." - cosmo

These are usually just to troll - TwilightKitsune

46 Lists That Don't Start With the Words "Top Ten"
47 Things That Should Be Gone in (Insert a number) Years
48 Things That Should Be Banned
49 Artists We Would Trade to Get Certain Artists Back Lists

Let's face it...it's pretty much a variation of the worst artists ever lists. It wasn't bad when done once, but with lots of these lists, they're annoying and unoriginal. - drdevil

50 Sexist Lists
51 Best Metal _____ to Shock Mainstream Pop Fans With Lists

I made one myself long ago as a visitor and boy do I regret it. The reason I don't like these types of lists is that why would you wanna play your friend something shocking if you wanna get him/her into metal? Playing people some Cannibal Corpse or Gorgoroth is only gonna make them hate metal even more. So if you really wanna get people into metal, then don't play them any extreme stuff.

52 Reasons Why My List Sucks Lists

If you make a bad list and regret it, making a list of reasons why that list is bad is pointless. It draws attention, it's not going to change the way people view it and it's likely worse than the original list itself. - drdevil

53 Lists With Bad Grammar

I made a list of reasons to not kill sharks a long time ago as a visitor and its grammar is HORRENDOUS.

54 Characters Who Hate _______ the Most

These types of lists make absolutely no sense at all.

55 [blank] that Starts with Letter [blank] Lists
56 Best songs between Band A and Band B
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