Top Ten Worst Types of Magic Tricks


The Top Ten

1 Coin behind the ear

Now I certainly felt one behind my ear before, and it's a cold feeling, so it's quite obviously the lamest. - NuMetalManiak

Oh yeah, Uncle Ben did it to Peter Parker, right? - Animefan12

2 "Think of a number"

That type of magic trick is so popular in my school. One of them is even in my Maths textbook. - Animefan12

37. Don't ask.

3 The nail under the cup

I saw something on T.V. (I believe it was World's Dumbest) where this guy had several cups, one of which has an upright nail in it, and the dumb part is he tells the audience which one he's going to crush with his end. Wonder how that went for him? - NuMetalManiak

4 Buried alive/Escape from coffin

Or something like that. The audience just waits and then claps when he gets out after a few minutes or so. Boring really. - NuMetalManiak

5 "Is this your card?"

I have a talent for card tricks, but I hate people who just hold onto the card or look at the card. There are just too many ways for people to cheat, and that spoils them. Be more intuitive, aspiring magicians. - PositronWildhawk

This one has become so common ( That doesn't mean that I have the skills for it )..It seems boring. - Ananya

Get this one a lot. - NuMetalManiak

This kid went up to me, he said,"pick a card. If it's a Jack, you lose." I said,"They are all Jacks." And he was like"What? "


6 Pickpocketing tricks

No I will not have my wallet magically appearing from my pocket to your hand on your show. I can't trust these kinds of acts. - NuMetalManiak

7 Optical illusion
8 Bullet catch with the teeth

Much less lame as it is dangerous though. - NuMetalManiak

9 David Blaine’s Frogs
10 Coin tricks
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