Top Ten Worst Types of Math Teachers

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1 The ones who make you shout out your test score in front of the class

This list should be called "Worst types of teachers in general" because this applies to ALL teachers, not just math teachers

Technically this is my world history class but at Carmichael middle it have this teacher called me Larson at first I thought he was great but after a few weeks his humor isn't even funny all the kids at school love him because he talks smack and yells but one day he crossed the line my first tease are 1: mr Jonson you have to pick up all those staples you through I didn't even throw them. 2: He shouted out in front of the entire class about my stress problem and freakouts saying that I get fs on all work this was he caused me to get bullied. 3: He again talked about my stress when the nurse called to have me take a stress med he said Jonson go take your drugs we got to make fun if your grades he always shouts out my test score but jokes on him ever spence I have all As

2 The ones who threatens to beat you for small reasons

The cane was banned around 80s.

Wait, this isn't number one? It's a teacher threatening physical violence! That is NOT okay!

3 The ones who give tests so hard you can't finish the first problem
4 The ones who yell at you for not having a pencil
5 The ones who give detention because you're struggling

Our teacher teaches us the type of math that doesn't even make any sense. She does not explain it well and she expects us to know all of it.

6 The ones who are stupid enough to believe your enemy's lies
7 The ones who need to put away her naughty bits
8 The morbidly obese one who calls you fat
9 The ones who won't let you sleep in class

I'd say that constitutes a very good teacher. What kind of teacher would let you sleep in class? Not that I could have helped it following some truly awful nights. - PositronWildhawk

You shouldn't be sleeping in class in the first place though.

10 The ones who hate a certain student for no reason

This is technically my high school special ed teacher. She hates me. She gets me in trouble for ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Even if I was being very well-behaved, there is a 99.9% chance of her reprimanding me for absolutely no reason at all. Also, I was the only Asian kid in her class, so I am convinced that she is also a racist.

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11 The ones who can't stop farting

That is just disgusting. Is this really happening at people's schools? How are you supposed to take a teacher seriously when they're only sitting in their own flatulence? Yuck.

12 The ones who send you a bunch of homework every single day.

ITS TIME TO STOP! - Mattblue66

13 The ones who give you a test that you have no idea how to do at all
14 The ones who don't give you simple answers
15 The ones who are megalomaniacs

These are teachers who abuse their power.

16 The ones who are easily angered
17 The ones who are immature
18 The ones who are very strict
19 The ones who slam the door

The ones who [insert stupid reason here]

20 The ones who give you a lot of guff

I had a teacher in Freshman year and holy hell was he guffy! I just wanted to punch him in the eye and have get a black eye. He was an asshole!

21 The ones with ADHD
22 The ones who are annoying
23 The ones who are just plain mean
24 The ones who are very rude

One girl in class was trying to answer a question. My teacher asked one kid "do you need glasses? " what

25 The picky ones
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