Top Ten Worst Types of Minecraft Videos

I love minecraft and I will mostly watch lots of minecraft videos (that just made me feel childish and dumb! ) but they always have to be the crappy ones though so with absolutely no free criticism, here it is!

The Top Ten

1 Minecraft Survival

Just flat out boring, there "twists" are boring, the commentary is just annoying. These kind of lets plays are so boring. - idkdan

2 Copying Jokes
3 Tutorials

Its mostly about tips and tricks that people did loads of time - SuperHyperdude

4 Herobrine

Stop making fraud content out of a fake feature. Notch claimed it is FAKE and will be NEVER added ti the game - MChkflaguard_Yt

Super stupid, you can tell it was filmed by an 8 year old. - idkdan

I personally think this is probably the best, least boring at the very least

5 Building Time
6 Top 10 Minecraft Songs

Flat out boring, sometimes even biased. I've seen like 21 videos about that and ALL of them have fallen kingdom/take back the night as #1 and I Found A Diamond in one of the other places! What's more a youtuber called TGN MC Songs is constantly making dumb videos like these, FULL of minecraft jams songs. See, a second channel made for MONEY GRABBING. If it is not one of her cancer then it is made by a minecraft die hard fan. What is the point of watching these videos, when it is about a little kid judging different minecraft songs? - MChkflaguard_Yt

7 Trolling

You might be surprised about it being in their and didn't watch too much of it but from by perspective, these people will take it too far, to the point that its actually more of bullying than rather trolling. There is a thin line between when its trolling for fun and when its actually taking it too far. You people have your opinion about it but its just from my perspective. - SuperHyperdude

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8 Purchasing Mods

Its pointless since you already have some of the best mods in minecraft for free

9 News
10 Minecraft Hating Videos

The Contenders

11 Offending videos

Once gizzygazza said a pumpkin was a I can't say the word face it's cuss so I don't say it so he said he was a something face and then sky told him:that's DanTDM! And gizzy was like:what the hell I didn't know! SERIOUSLY HOW MANY DEATH THREATS DID THOSE GUYS GET AFTER THAT VIDEO?!

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14 Anti-haters

A little kid will scream and swearing at the haters and will basically deafen you. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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