Top 10 Worst Types of Nostalgiatards

There's different types of Nostalgiatards. Regardless of what type they are, they always manage to be annoying. Something that genuinely isn't surprising at all. What do you consider to be the worst type of nostalgiatards? Being a nostalgiatard is not a good thing.
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1 The Music Nostalgiatard

They’re very annoying and childish. I like listening to vintage music but they act like all of them including Barbie girl, the sailor moon theme, every song by R Kelly, etc is a work of art

I used to be like this up until maybe a year ago. Just about all of the mainstream music since 2010 has been terrible. Then I discovered some non mainstream bands like King Gizzard. While there is some good music this decade, it's not as good as the music from the late 60s-early 2000s.

The most common type. They usually whine about how modern music sucks, and how *BLANK*'s decade was superior than today's music. It makes me question if they even bothered to listen to the non mainstream music of this decade. Which isn't even that bad but oh well.

I agree these ones are so annoying. Maybe it's because I don't like either decade of music but seriously I don't seem to find what's so good about old music

2 The Cartoon Nostalgiatard

This list wouldn't be complete without this type. They usually prefer 80s/90s cartoons over modern cartoons. They have very biased reasoning towards modern cartoons. Regardless of the animation quality or if the voice acting isn't even that bad.

So common. There are many like Modern spongebob haters and plenty of more.

Haters of The Looney Tunes Show, DeviantArt is a site that holds them

True, they're probably the worst nostalgists.

3 The 90s Nostalgiatard

What's wrong with that? I'm getting used to it now. I'm not a 90s kid but TBH, someone told me this once; it's just a rite of generation. Years from now when you're they're age, you might tell the younger generations the same things, eg. people born in the early and mid '10s and who knows, maybe people even born in the late 2010s. Before you call 90s kids nostalgiatards, you'll have to stop and realize that it's just how life probably was like back in the days for them.

Oh my lord. These people can never stop crying and groaning on how the 90s had great cartoons, the 90s had the best music, the 90s was the best time to be a kid. 1st of all, the 90s was NOT a paradise. There was the WTC bombings with led to 9/11, there was the columbine shooting etc. Also, to be a 90s kid you have to be born during the time period of late 1983-mid 1991. Anyone born after late 1991-mid 1993 are 00s kids

As someone who lives in a country full of 90's nostalgiatards, I can safely say that people who are nostalgic for 90's can be the worst kind of people.
But hear me out, CAN. Some 90's kids can actually be tolerated, while some are annoying as hell and unpleasant to listen to.

Extremely pretentious and annoying. Not to mention like any decade the 90s did have its flaws. No decade is truly flawless. That's a truth that I feel like most nostalgiatards ignore. Doesn't surprise me though.

4 The Video Game Nostalgiatard

I heavily disagree. Mainly because I am a somewhat video game nostalgist myself so I'll voice my opinion on the video game controversy. But honestly in my opinion a lot of new video games are the same or try to focus more on reallistic graphics and complex gameplay than fun and simple gameplay. Now of course that does not go for all video games, I mean Nintendo got better as time went on until it went slightly downhill in 2015 do make pretty awesome games but I miss when games actually taught you stuff like vocabulary and required to you think what action you should do. Sierra Entertainment video games are the most prominent examples in my opinion. Most games nowadays lack a sense of this and it's like almost completely obvious what you are going to do which adds no challenge almost.

One of the most annoying types out there. They'll act like old videogames weren't bad or questionable at all yet hate every new one that has come out. Half of Nintendo's fanbase is guilty of this. Especially some of the Mario fanbase.

Also, they often blatantly overlook the fact that more-or-less all of Nintendo's SNES sequels to its first-party NES and GameBoy games were also basically remakes of said games (meaning that the trend has been going on for considerably longer than most of them seem to give it credit for)

5 The "I Was Born in the Wrong Generation" Nostalgiatard

Okay, so about this item... you're literally making a hate list on 90s kids and early 2000s kids because you're jealous on the stuff they had. So doesn't this item match you perfectly.

Oh boy these guys suck. They whine and moan about everything in this generation and caught up in the past

I ran out of item ideas, but yeah these people are just obnoxious as the other ones on this list.

I was born in the right generation because I have access to lots of stuff like Duolingo

6 The Movie Nostalgiatard

Very easy to encounter these people. One of the biggest examples is the Star Wars fanbase. Who literally bash every new Star Wars movie that has came out because it "ruined" Star Wars for them. There's probably more examples that I didn't list.

I think a lot of newer movies are better than older

Those people need to get a life.

7 The TV Nostalgiatard

The 2nd most common type. Similar to the music one they complain about modern T.V. shows a lot. It doesn't help that they're pretentious either. I'd recommend avoiding these types of people at all costs. To put it simply trying to reason with them is not worth it.

The 2nd most common.

8 The 2000s Nostalgiatard

One of the most biased types of nostalgiatards out there. They ignore some of the flaws of the 2000s such as: The war with Iraq, 9/11, the bad unemployment rate of 2008 and so much more. You can find some of them on this site. But granted you probably already expected that.

One of the worst kind of nostalgiatards, after the 90s ones.

Maybe 2000-2003 but the rest is underrated.

Shut up I am that, you anger me!

9 The Political Nostalgiatard

Another example of how pretentious nostalgiatards can be. They act as if their favorite decade had no flaws. When in reality, that's far from the truth. Like most nostalgiatards their reasoning is weak and pathetic. You probably already knew that.

10 Pokémon Nostalgiatards (Genwunners)

I like the 4th generation.But I don't like that in the 7th & 8th generation they changed Ash's design.Also I don't like that Ash is travelling only with Go

They're not completely wrong though in my opinion. Even though Gen-1 had questionable pokemon like Muk and Pidgey, I think on average, Gen-1 was on average better than a lot of more recent gens. My favourite gen is Gen-3 though followed by Gen-2 and Gen-1

I was never a Pokemon fan.

These are people who only like the first generation and say all newer Pokémon have bad designs (even though there are bad designs in the first generation too, which Genwunners tend to ignore)

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11 The 80s Nostalgiatard

Not as bad as 90s kids. I kinda like the 80s fashion though.

The 3rd most common.

12 The Porn Nostalgiatard

Never encountered one of these before...

I know what you mean.At first we used to see the couple taking of their clothes or some scenes in bed.Now we see a little few.

13 Anime Nostalgiatards

I feel you...This is what I feel most of times while watching anime

They just prefer old classic Japanese anime as opposed to new modern Japanese anime.

They just prefer old classic Japanese anime as opposed to modern new anime.

14 Mario Party Nostalgiatards

Isn't this the same thing as the item "Video Game Nostalgiatard" cause it seems like the exact same thing. Tell me why adding this item was necessary when there already was an item for it.

15 Early 2010s Nostalgiatards

"oMG, KiDs tOday wIll lIve bAd cHildHoOd"
You guys are like 17 now. Why just move on?

16 Youtube Nostalgiatard

Not seen that much as the top spots are 90s and early 2000s nostalgiatards but if you have ever went to the youtube comment section of a really old youtube video... OH Boy these really invaded the whole comment section.

I know what you mean.I remember watching a porn video on Youtube and now it is deleted.

17 Car Nostalgiatard
18 TheTopTens Nostalgiatard
19 Looney Tunes Nostalgiatard

I feel like I am the only one who knows how this fanbase is heavily infested with nostalgia freaks and is toxic because I never see Looney Tunes on a list about toxic fanbases. I was honestly surprised when I first discovered how toxic this fanbase was because I didn't expect Looney Tunes of all things to have a "toxic" fanbase, I always thought it was only positive. This is one of the oldest cartoon franchises ever, so naturally, nostalgia freaks would be the main cause of the toxicity within it. Nostalgia freaks basically hate any kind of Looney Tunes production after some part of the 1980s or 1990s and are the reason why certain Looney Tunes shows don't get enough recognition, either because they aren't well known, or aren't liked enough. Such as The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries, Duck Dodgers, The Looney Tunes Show (especially), Wabbit (I don't think it deserves recognition). I am not counting that Loonatics Unleash Trash as Looney Tunes. Tiny Toons, Animaniacs and Looney ...more

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