Top Ten Worst Types of People to Accidentally Bump Into


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1 Any Horror Character

...I was just about to go to sleep and now I've got bumping into the twins from the shining. Thanks for that. - keycha1n

My friend says if she ever bumps into Jeff the killer she will say "Kill Me, Jeff, kill me" - AnonymousChick

Let's hope I don't run into Leatherface any time soon.

Slender man? Is that you?

2 Pedophiles

You're in HUGE trouble if you're a child. They'll take you home by any means necessary and they'll do nasty, inappropriate things to you. Most of the time, the will kill you after having their way with you.

Pedophiles worst but not Homosexuality? Go Gome!

3 A Group Of Drunk People
4 Gangsters

They'll probably kill you right on the spot.

Bumping into a gangster will be the last mistake you make. - OriginalVisionary

5 Your Angry Boss
6 A Rapper

I'd just tell him to actually make music. - PositronWildhawk

He/she would just start cussing at you - CoolCat999

7 A Professional Photographer

He would be mad if you screwed up a photo - CoolCat999

I would actually like this. (I'm a photographer) - RiverClanRocks

8 A Drug Addict

Always Avoid these people unless you are one of them LOL - CoolCat999

9 A Terrorist

Cause that happens all the time

Oh look, its ISIS

10 A Highly Secured V.I.P

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11 An Idiot Who Talks Non Stop

Frankly, I run into those type of people a lot. - Minecraftcrazy530

12 Beliebers
13 Your Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend

An echo of your past

14 Mad Scientist
15 Cops

I think you're good as long as you're not up to something and you don't fight or insult them when they question you.

16 Barbz
17 Crazy Creepypasta Fanatics
18 Your Clone
19 A Nazi
20 A Rapist

No matter what age you are this would be horrible

21 A Necrophile
22 Hipsters
23 Swag Kids
24 A Drug Dealer
25 A Shop Lifter
26 Robbers
27 Serial Killers
28 Child Molesters
29 White Supremacists
30 Violent Black Metal Musicians
31 Theistic Satanists

HEY! Whoever put this on this list knows NOTHING about this religion!

32 Racists
33 A Dictator
34 Animal Abusers
35 Child Abusers
36 Rude People
37 Your Doppelganger
38 Drunk, Party-Obsessed Teenagers
39 Kidnappers
40 Burglars
41 Killers
42 Greedy People
43 Bullies
44 Religious Extremists

God... They are EVERYWERE!

45 A Thug
46 An Alcoholic
47 A Pornoholic
48 A Con Artist
49 Redneck
50 A Pimp
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