Worst Types of People to Be Friends With at School


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1 People who talk behind your back

I'm sorry, but I just need to rant. Don't blame me. I'm upset and I have too many feelings and the only way I know how to share feelings is the internet, so just please, bear with me.

Okay so there's this girl at school. She's not that popular, but everyone knows her. The only thing that makes me different from them is that I've known her since third grade. As you know, eventually all friends grow apart, but this one, just went too far.

In elementary school, we would fight a lot mainly because she lies all the time but somehow I managed to see past all of that. In seventh, we were put into seperate classes so we grew apart even more. She ignored me and made new friends when I sked her why she was ignoring me, she said someone didn't like me. And I believed her. Turns out all of the stuff she said other people said about me, she said. Last night, I old my sister how much I dislike this girl and how I wish I could tell someone all of the horrible stuff she's done. My ...more - AnonymousChick

I doubt she does drugs, become a victim of pedophilia and all that stuff... - ProPanda

I don't trust heavy gossiper's to keep my "secrets" (I say this in quotes because I don't keep secrets) if they're constantly spilling other people's. - keycha1n

Grow some balls and say it to my face. - bobbythebrony

Look at it this way if there is a group of say 10 friends there will also be a smaller groups of friends in the group, 3/4 then another 2/3 etc, and only 2/3 in the whole group will be genuine friends. that don't talk behind their backs. - gruppenfuhrer

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2 People who are racist

Last year, I had friends who made fun of white people and Asian people. Back then, I was obsessed with anime and Asians so I insulted them on paper calling then names and all they did was laugh because they think I'm 'very funny' - PrincessKiana

I'm Chinese and people are racist to Chinese people because we eat dogs and cats. This is false. Not all Chinese people eat that. Only few people eat that. - InfernoTopTenners

I know right? Just because some eat those poor animals doesn't mean that they should bully all of us :( - SamuiNeko

A girl named Kate said that black people should burn in hell.

There's this girl and I overhear her talking about race and how god baked people and black people are overburnt, tan people are just right, asian people were messed with, and white people are undercooked. - AnonymousChick

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3 Bullies

Burn Them Bullies - Ark-M

I knew a lad from school he was horrible would punch anybody just for the sake of it, and when he punched it was to hurt, but he always punched people he knew would not punch back, - gruppenfuhrer

Bullies are the worst kind of people... Ever. - Velocifaptor


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4 Dumb blonde cheerleaders

I hate cheerleaders. I want to be an astronomer or biochemist or even an author, but never an annoying, perky little lady who shouts out annoying rhymes and waves pom pons in the air. And I'll be wearing a lab coat, not a disgusting short skirt, thank you very much. - RockFashionista

Well not all cheerleaders are like that, but I hate the stereotypical cheerleaders. - Anonymousxcxc

You don't have to judge cheerleaders by how they're portrayed on Disney Channel. My friend Chelsea is a cheerleader, but by her personality I'd never have even GUESSED that was the case. - Garythesnail

They just yell and wear revealing clothing, which is their "uniform". When they're not cheering, its all about boys, Instagram, dating, texting, and the latest gossip. It's a wonder how they can get perfect nails, but at grade 6 can't get 47931 + 4248 right. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

racist - Iamcool

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5 Rude jocks

The jocks in my school were always the protectors... I remember my freshman year one of the wrestlers beat the living hell out of the guy that had me pinned down. I didn't know either of them before that day.

Why do people automatically say jocks are dumb? I have a group of jocks who have high grades AT MY TABLE. They're also nice to me. - Goatworlds

Well that's good for you. You don't have to deal with LOUD OBNOXIOUS jocks being annoying at your school. - Catacorn

If you're a footballer or cheerleader in my school, you're popular. If you don't, well, you're unpopular. - Catacorn

I just want to kill them

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6 Girls who cause drama

All my friends involve me in every dramatic case! I know this may sound horrific of me, but all my friends cut for ridiculous reasons and beg for my sympathy! I really don't need teenage girls in my life right now, they're annoying. - Flowersocks2137

This is why I walk towards them, as if I'm the most insensitive person towards all their stupid drama.

So your saying I shouldn't be friends with every girl in my grade? Fine by me. I hate everybody in my school besides my friends. - RockFashionista

I hate them,their so stupid - Nateawesomeness

7 Drama starters

Like boohoo, your 36th boyfriend broke up with you. Now cry about it and turn all his friends against him. - AnonymousChick

They be like: (me) That's an unusual haircut you got. (Them) U ARE so MEAN YOU INSULTED MY HAIR I'm so TELLING (stomps away) See what I mean?

I hate them,their the absolute worst,they should look at the DEAL WITH IT meme - Nateawesomeness

8 Backstabbers

My best friend ditched me in seventh grade. I had two other close friends at the time. One of the two was really close to the friend who ditched, and she ditched me as well. The remaining one is my only close friend anymore. We've done so much for each other since then, she helped me open up, I got her to get away from an abusive boyfriend. We're best friends now. - TheMeaningOfLifeIs42

9 People who get mad at everything

Even worse, my friend always stopped being friends with me for an unknown reason. He just randomly stops hanging out with me. - JaysTop10List

This at least should be in top 3, I hate those bastards! They don't even let you do what you want! - dhruvchauhan1333

I used to have a friend that would get mad at everything! She would attempt to be this 'perfect girl' all the time, but she was just rude and didn't respect anyones opinion! Glad we go to different schools now.

Someone ran out of the room screaming because I told him he had hair.

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10 People Who Do Drugs

I remember last year someone got sent to Alternative School for carrying weed. And in 6th grade, some kid had crack and heroin. Also last year some kid sold another kid a condom on the bus. Those years were pretty intense and this year will only get even more intense. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Once there was kid who was expelled for bringing LSD on the bus. - Goatworlds

I had a project with three people and we had to show it to teachers. Two of them took drugs on the project day...The most embarrassing moments where when one of them was running and yelling in the school and the other one jumped against a door. - Fretto

Once on my health paper in the physical goal section I wrote: I won't do crank. - Goatworlds

This girl does weed and she thinks I'm stupid when I tell her it's wrong because she's 14. - AnonymousChick

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11 Gangsters

They ought to be Number Two on this list due to how troublesome they are.

I'm friends with some of these guys. They're pretty nice and try not to get in trouble but they still do. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Most of the boys in my school.

Hey,what! I'm defanetly one of those,and their awesome! - Nateawesomeness

12 Wannabe Gangsters

These posers don't know what they're doing!

13 Fake Friends

Oh, these are plenty in my class - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

You were faking being my friend, eh? Well you gan co eat a lemon, die in a hole, go to hell, and in hell be stabbed by satan himself. middle fingers out to you. - AnonymousChick

I was friends with this random girl and she had said come here, so I went to her, and she said something about some mission game I don't know it was because it was the end of fifth grade so we had recess and she said we have to stick together.

The next few minutes I had to just sit while she screamed about how ugly I was. - Puppytart

I used to be friends with this one girl,lets just call her Lotney.Ok,so Lotney always acted innocent and cute,and always talked about childish stuff like how she thought unicorns where real.I always thought that she was the cutest girl who had ever walked on earth,but boy was I wrong.One day,she started to act like I was not her friend.Sure,she invited me to her birthday party,but honestly,the others payed much more attention to me than she ever did.After that day,I started to gradually pull away from her,and didn't even notice.I had depression at that time just like I do now,and she just made me more of a dark figure.She stepped on me like I was some bug,and I didn't even notice.

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14 Annoying people
15 People who force you to like stuff they like

Once some GIRL forced me to like Harry Potter. I mean she needs to RESPECT my opinion and 2 girls were upset when I said I didn't like shopkins. People need to respect people these days. And I don't really like The Loud House and I will respect your opinion if you respect mine's. So, Do you understand?

Such as how my friends forces me to hate SpongeBob... Everyone at my school either hates him or also enjoys modern SpongeBob - Goatworlds

Some kid in 5th grade forced me to like:


-Polly Pocket.



And another person last month tried to force me to like Sanjay and Craig. - IcetailofWishClan

16 People who stare at you

It's so annoying! You can't concentrate on your work because of the starers and the teacher yells at you for not paying attention! - Catacorn

It's not MY fault if a girl is attractive and is showing Clevelage. - Therandom

I do admit I do that sometimes... I'm tired and my eyes trail off, scanning the room. It is incredibly embarrassing if I meet eye contact though! - Flowersocks2137

Like, write down what the teacher is saying. Stop staring at me and picking your nose! - AnonymousChick

17 Bitchy popular girls

Popular girls aren't so bad, that just means they have a lot of friends. I'm one to talk - I have two! But some actually deserve all the friends they got for being nice and sweet to others... - Flowersocks2137

My brother says sassy mouth fast girls! I think it's just because of stereotypes (yeah I'm dumb don't correct me) because someone who is really popular is actually really sweet and one of my best friends - Puppytart

That also happened to me

Why would you be friends with these dramatic sluts?

18 People who touch poop

I'm not even kidding there is someone who dug up their butt in the bathroom and came out with it all over his nose and clothes - Puppytart

Who the heck would want to touch...Yuck! - Catacorn

I do this all the time.

These guys are sick. - Goatworlds

19 People who consider nice people "nerds"

They're not mutually exclusive. I have a lifelong reputation for being both nerdy and nice. - PositronWildhawk

I'm nice and nerdy but since I'm becoming a senior... I'm going to change all of that ( I'm still going to be nerdy) - JaysTop10List

Who cares if people are nice and nerdy? It's better to be a nice nerd than a rude jock.

I know a mean nerd from my school - Iamcool

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20 People who accuse you of everything

Like my friend. He always blames me for me supposedly writing "poop" in the band room everyday. - Goatworlds

Oh, I'M the one doing drugs I'M the one cheating I'M the one who said cruel things about someone. - AnonymousChick

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