Worst Types of People to Be Friends With at School


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1 People who talk behind your back

I'm sorry, but I just need to rant. Don't blame me. I'm upset and I have too many feelings and the only way I know how to share feelings is the internet, so just please, bear with me.

Okay so there's this girl at school. She's not that popular, but everyone knows her. The only thing that makes me different from them is that I've known her since third grade. As you know, eventually all friends grow apart, but this one, just went too far.

In elementary school, we would fight a lot mainly because she lies all the time but somehow I managed to see past all of that. In seventh, we were put into seperate classes so we grew apart even more. She ignored me and made new friends when I sked her why she was ignoring me, she said someone didn't like me. And I believed her. Turns out all of the stuff she said other people said about me, she said. Last night, I old my sister how much I dislike this girl and how I wish I could tell someone all of the horrible stuff she's done. My ...more - AnonymousChick

I doubt she does drugs, become a victim of pedophilia and all that stuff... - ProPanda


That happened to me a lot and it pisses me off big tine. Therefore, they should have the crap beaten out of them for it.

I don't trust heavy gossiper's to keep my "secrets" (I say this in quotes because I don't keep secrets) if they're constantly spilling other people's. - keycha1n

2 Backstabbers

I used to have a best friend from the end of 6th grade up until early October (we're both sophomores). Me and him would talk about video games, anime, cartoons, memes, etc.

Now, he left me for this new kid in our class. Whenever I try to interact with him, he just acts like a rude grouch and shoots down literally every conversation I try to start. And it's been hard for me to make new friends since perhaps 8th grade. - KalloFox34

Agreed. I had a best friend in the 6th grade and another one in the 6th grade who was nice to me and was friends with my brother. She became one of my best friends. In the 7th grade, she was semi-nice. In the 8th grade, she was completely mean t' me and my brother. She practically left me for my other best friend. (Who is nice, by the way.) I wanted to be friends with the mean friend so badly again. We were eventually best friends again, and I was happy. Once when I got cyberbullied, she was almost exactly like my "friend", but they were different people. Now I don't want to be friends with the mean kid, but she can't take the hint. If I ever see her again, I can just imagine saying "Can't ya see I don't wanna be friends anymore? Piss off."

Hey, I know that might be a bit mean, but she needs to know.

My best friend ditched me in seventh grade. I had two other close friends at the time. One of the two was really close to the friend who ditched, and she ditched me as well. The remaining one is my only close friend anymore. We've done so much for each other since then, she helped me open up, I got her to get away from an abusive boyfriend. We're best friends now. - TheMeaningOfLifeIs42

Me and one friend was just enough until this kid turned my friend into a jerk. They would ditch me, and we would ditch others, they would lie, and cheat and steal. Finally that kid was gone!

3 People who are racist

I'm Chinese and people are racist to Chinese people because we eat dogs and cats. This is false. Not all Chinese people eat that. Only few people eat that. - InfernoTopTenners

I know right? Just because some eat those poor animals doesn't mean that they should bully all of us :( - SamuiNeko

A girl named Kate said that black people should burn in hell.

They make fun of me for being part American in China. - SamuiNeko

Seriously? People think cheerleaders are worse than racists?

4 Bullies

This should be number 1 on the list. They are worse than drama girls or cheerleaders because not all cheerleaders are mean and how does blonde hair have anything to do with it

Burn Them Bullies - Ark-M

Bullies are the worst kind of people... Ever. - Velocifaptor

I knew a lad from school he was horrible would punch anybody just for the sake of it, and when he punched it was to hurt, but he always punched people he knew would not punch back, - gruppenfuhrer

5 Dumb blonde cheerleaders

I hate cheerleaders. I want to be an astronomer or biochemist or even an author, but never an annoying, perky little lady who shouts out annoying rhymes and waves pom pons in the air. And I'll be wearing a lab coat, not a disgusting short skirt, thank you very much. - RockFashionista

Well not all cheerleaders are like that, but I hate the stereotypical cheerleaders. - Anonymousxcxc

You don't have to judge cheerleaders by how they're portrayed on Disney Channel. My friend Chelsea is a cheerleader, but by her personality I'd never have even GUESSED that was the case. - Garythesnail

They just yell and wear revealing clothing, which is their "uniform". When they're not cheering, its all about boys, Instagram, dating, texting, and the latest gossip. It's a wonder how they can get perfect nails, but at grade 6 can't get 47931 + 4248 right. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Hey this is mean! I'm a cheerleader and I'm not dumb, and I don't have blonde hair! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

6 Rude jocks

The jocks in my school were always the protectors... I remember my freshman year one of the wrestlers beat the living hell out of the guy that had me pinned down. I didn't know either of them before that day.

Why do people automatically say jocks are dumb? I have a group of jocks who have high grades AT MY TABLE. They're also nice to me. - Goatworlds

These are the real athletes. Jocks just have sex, being obnoxious to autistic people and loners, and they do drugs. They can never get good grades. Now pray you don't have to deal with the obnoxious jocks. - MChkflaguard_Yt

At my school popular is having an expensive iPhone and being good at football ( or soccer in America)

I am very popular but I'm not mean to anyone in my class - RockStarr

7 Girls who cause drama

They are on my volleyball team in gym class and they make me serve and they never do anything.

All my friends involve me in every dramatic case! I know this may sound horrific of me, but all my friends cut for ridiculous reasons and beg for my sympathy! I really don't need teenage girls in my life right now, they're annoying. - Flowersocks2137

So your saying I shouldn't be friends with every girl in my grade? Fine by me. I hate everybody in my school besides my friends. - RockFashionista

This is why I walk towards them, as if I'm the most insensitive person towards all their stupid drama.

8 People who get mad at everything

When I was in the 3rd grade in girl scouts there was this gir named Samantha who would yell at me over everything. I asked her if she wanted to play with me she screamed no. Even when I'm not talking to her at all she screams at me. She made me cry allot and bullied me for bringing a stuffed animal one day.

My old volleyball team blamed everything on me.

This at least should be in top 3, I hate those bastards! They don't even let you do what you want! - dhruvchauhan1333

Even worse, my friend always stopped being friends with me for an unknown reason. He just randomly stops hanging out with me. - JaysTop10List

9 People who are two-faced

Girl: * smokes*
Techer: * looks at her phonecase that has cigarettes on it *
Teacher: Smoking is bad
Girl: Oh, but I don't smoke and it says that smoking is bad. - AnonymousChick

10 Fake Friends

Every single one of my friends from fourth grade.

Oh, these are plenty in my class - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

You were faking being my friend, eh? Well you gan co eat a lemon, die in a hole, go to hell, and in hell be stabbed by satan himself. middle fingers out to you. - AnonymousChick

I was friends with this random girl and she had said come here, so I went to her, and she said something about some mission game I don't know it was because it was the end of fifth grade so we had recess and she said we have to stick together.

The next few minutes I had to just sit while she screamed about how ugly I was. - Puppytart

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11 People who can't keep a secret

My old best friend told everyone including the person that there was someone I really wanted to be friends with. It was quite upsetting, but at least the person became friends with me. I miss 5th grade so much, and now 6th is almost over. I want her to be in my 7th grade classes so badly :(

I made a huge mistake telling one of my secrets to them, but thank God it's not my biggest secret - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I am not one of those people. I keep secrets.

Like my sister. I told her I hated a grl and the next day she approached me and was ready to chop my face off. - AnonymousChick

12 People Who Do Drugs

I remember last year someone got sent to Alternative School for carrying weed. And in 6th grade, some kid had crack and heroin. Also last year some kid sold another kid a condom on the bus. Those years were pretty intense and this year will only get even more intense. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Once there was kid who was expelled for bringing LSD on the bus. - Goatworlds

I had a project with three people and we had to show it to teachers. Two of them took drugs on the project day...The most embarrassing moments where when one of them was running and yelling in the school and the other one jumped against a door. - Fretto

Once on my health paper in the physical goal section I wrote: I won't do crank. - Goatworlds

Back in 6th grade this one kid on my bus got suspended for bringing weed on the bus. - Catacorn

13 Drama starters

Oh man, these people are annoying. I know this from experience.

Like boohoo, your 36th boyfriend broke up with you. Now cry about it and turn all his friends against him. - AnonymousChick

They be like: (me) That's an unusual haircut you got. (Them) U ARE so MEAN YOU INSULTED MY HAIR I'm so TELLING (stomps away) See what I mean?

I hate them,their the absolute worst,they should look at the DEAL WITH IT meme - Nateawesomeness

14 Kids who ask you who you have a crush on and then when you tell them they tell everyone

When I was in 6th grade, all my friends Askes me who's my crush, and I told then. Then they told my crush that I like him. Good to know, they're not my friends anymore

One of my friends is like that,but we're still buds

15 Wannabe Gangsters

These posers don't know what they're doing!

They act cool, but what a gangster does isn’t cool. This is all from a user with “cool” in his name. - MrCoolC


16 Liars
17 People who accuse you of everything

Everyone thinks I'm the big screw up of the school.

My old volleyball team.

Like my friend. He always blames me for me supposedly writing "poop" in the band room everyday. - Goatworlds

Oh, I'M the one doing drugs I'M the one cheating I'M the one who said cruel things about someone. - AnonymousChick

18 People who stare at you

Sometimes I daydream and stare at someone. Its embarassing getting caught.

It's not MY fault if a girl is attractive and is showing Clevelage. - Therandom

I do admit I do that sometimes... I'm tired and my eyes trail off, scanning the room. It is incredibly embarrassing if I meet eye contact though! - Flowersocks2137

Like, write down what the teacher is saying. Stop staring at me and picking your nose! - AnonymousChick

19 Annoying people

A.K.A 95% of people in my grade

20 Crybabies

You mean people who cry a lot or Melanie Martinez fans?

From my experiences with crybabies, you have to be extremely patient and very very very very careful with them because one wrong move causes a catastrophe - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

21 People who consider nice people "nerds"

They're not mutually exclusive. I have a lifelong reputation for being both nerdy and nice. - PositronWildhawk

Being nice is way cooler than being mean

Who cares if people are nice and nerdy? It's better to be a nice nerd than a rude jock.

I'm nice and nerdy but since I'm becoming a senior... I'm going to change all of that ( I'm still going to be nerdy) - JaysTop10List

22 People who have Autism

Autism People are retarded they're violent and they cause a lot of drama

Whoever thinks autistic people are brain dead should cut their heads off. Some autistic people are smarter than most people on the planet, like my brother who is 15 and is very smart and makes the honor roll very often and learns in general Ed classes. Although some may not be that verbal, they are much smarter than you think.

Obvious troll item, folks. - KalloFox34

You know who the worst people in the world are? GENERAL ED PEOPLE!

23 People who force you to like stuff they like

Once some GIRL forced me to like Harry Potter. I mean she needs to RESPECT my opinion and 2 girls were upset when I said I didn't like shopkins. People need to respect people these days. And I don't really like The Loud House and I will respect your opinion if you respect mine's. So, Do you understand?

Are you that same girl with the fun teacher on the last list? You sound so much like her. Anyway you're one of a kind and nobody could change that.

Such as how my friends forces me to hate SpongeBob... Everyone at my school either hates him or also enjoys modern SpongeBob - Goatworlds

I don't like star wars! Respect that! How would they like it if I forced them to like Marilyn Manson?

Some kid in 5th grade forced me to like:


-Polly Pocket.



And another person last month tried to force me to like Sanjay and Craig. - IcetailofWishClan

Wait... she was in fifth grade, yet she still liked Arthur? Wow, that's sad. - KalloFox34

24 Gangsters

They ought to be Number Two on this list due to how troublesome they are.

I'm friends with some of these guys. They're pretty nice and try not to get in trouble but they still do. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Most of the boys in my school.

Hey,what! I'm defanetly one of those,and their awesome! - Nateawesomeness

25 People who bawl their eyes out every day

If you had a friend that acts like Caillou then yes

That's me because I have depression and its turning into anxiety

What does that mean? - Iamcool

26 People who touch poop

Who would do that? - MrCoolC

I'm not even kidding there is someone who dug up their butt in the bathroom and came out with it all over his nose and clothes - Puppytart

I do this all the time.

These guys are sick. - Goatworlds

27 Disrespectful People

I know so many disrespectful people.

They deserve to be high on this list. Anyone who disrespects me ought to get clobbered.

28 People who study hard

This shouldn't be on the list. People who study hard are good influences in your life and would make good friends. Whoever added this is probably a bully or a dumb, arrogant jock. - ethanmeinster

Its not me for sure. But the dumb arrogant person who added this needs to start studying! - Catacorn

Who added this? It's so mean to those kind of people! - SamuiNeko

This is ridiculous. I guess an idiot who's jealous of smart people put this here, and more jealous idiots voted for it.

Friends who study hard keep me on my toes. Just to remind me I'm not ever working as hard as I could be. I personally like that! - keycha1n

29 Bitchy popular girls

They are gossipy, ALWAYS talking about dating and pairing boys and girls up just because of a mild degree of liking. And they always try to chain an outcast with a popular kid to make the outcast feel bad. I wish these gossiping popular b! tches could burn in hell. The Christian kind. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Popular girls aren't so bad, that just means they have a lot of friends. I'm one to talk - I have two! But some actually deserve all the friends they got for being nice and sweet to others... - Flowersocks2137

My brother says sassy mouth fast girls! I think it's just because of stereotypes (yeah I'm dumb don't correct me) because someone who is really popular is actually really sweet and one of my best friends - Puppytart

That also happened to me

30 Emo Kids

I'm friends with some. They're pretty school people. Although Screamo isn't my cup of tea, I'll still listen to it with them. I try to introduce Death Metal to them but they don't like it. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Take them off this list! They don't deserve prejudice!

They can be annoying. Always asking for sympathy and trying too hard... Of course they're still nice people, but sometimes I get quite annoyed at them. Although I'm friends with someone who calls herself an 'emo', and she's quite nice. - Flowersocks2137

If you got a problem with us than say it to our faces coward!

31 Morons
32 Nerds

So what if I'm smarter than you - Ace_of_spades

33 People who treat nice people awful and bad people good

They're cowards!

What is people who do PDA? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

34 Girls that say they're nerdy and shy for attention

Very annoying these ones.

I actually am nerdy and shy.

35 People who stick gum under tables

I did that once last year - and I felt so dangerous! Like, a school super villian or something! - Flowersocks2137

Once I stuck my gum under a lunch table. I'm the most wanted criminal, for littering. - Catacorn

36 People who constantly shove their religion down your throat


That's my ex. She says that people who aren't Christian are stupid morons with no life, so she always attempts to get me to believe in God. - Goatworlds

So, second grade, a girl actually bullied me after I said I was athiest. - AnonymousChick

37 People who don't know what Anime is

Even worse is people who think Anime is cartoon porn.

This is stupid. Very few people know what anime. Whereas other people watch Big brother, the bachelor/bachelorette. You do realise that getting married is the biggest mistake of your life

38 People who peek over the stalls

Perverse... - PhoenixAura81

Perverts and little kids who don't know better

39 Kids who think they're so cool
40 Sluts

Those are the girls who even bother to like me. I always say no cause I don't want to get herpes or some other STD from them - SirSkeletorThe3rd

They won't be friends with you. It's either you be like them or you'd do it with them.

I don't mund them, but I'm not friends with them. - Therandom

41 People who do PDA in the halls

It is my PET PEEVE when people make out in hallways. Hello, this is a school, not a love nest! - TheMeaningOfLifeIs42

And next is they have s** on the hall...

Three words: Get. A. Room. - RiverClanRocks

I've seen people do this on purpose to remind me on how lonely I am. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

42 People who play Bubsy 3D

Basically, no one does.

I heard this game sucks - Goatworlds

43 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

These guys suck. - Goatworlds

44 People who never wash their hands

Honestly I don't care either way. I just wash my hands because there's people in the same bathroom as me and they'd know if I didn't. - Flowersocks2137

45 People who don't have lives

Who would like to be friend with a dead one?

46 Boys who get bad grades on purpose

The worse your grades are, the harder it is to get a job.

I know this boy who got left back 3 times. There's also one who got expelled and left back. I know someone who got left back in the 5th grade.

I remember at my school a bill proposed by the board said that if a kid failed the class the teacher could get sued or fired. Thank the heavens it did not pass

I used to get terrible grades, but now I have all A's. The secret? Actually turning in your work. It shouldn't be that hard. - Flowersocks2137

47 Snitches

Snitches get stitches -Nerve

My sister said I was a snitch and no one likes snitches and nobody likes me just because I want to tell someone this girl is peer pressuring seventh graders to smoke on the third floor with her. - AnonymousChick

A kid told on me once because I was listening to Rob Zombie. 🤦🏻‍♀️ There was a sub that day so when the original teacher comes back I'm gonna have to hear about it from her.

48 Pimps

I hate these annoying guys! Tells every thing about yourself to Teachers! - dhruvchauhan1333

49 Posers
50 Rude Goths

I'm a goth and I'm not rude

NOT ALL GOTHS ARE RUDE! But the ones who are are pretty bad

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