Worst Types of People to Be Friends With at School


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41 People who never wash their hands

I hate these kinds of people, especially when they just came out of the bathroom and their hands smell worse than a skunk. - Catacorn

How can people stand doing this? Especially after using a disgusting public restroom? Not washing hands just feels... wrong. - Zach808

Honestly I don't care either way. I just wash my hands because there's people in the same bathroom as me and they'd know if I didn't. - Flowersocks2137

42 People who constantly shove their religion down your throat

That's my ex. She says that people who aren't Christian are stupid morons with no life, so she always attempts to get me to believe in God. - Goatworlds

So, second grade, a girl actually bullied me after I said I was athiest. - AnonymousChick

43 People who peek over the stalls
44 Snitches

Every single day at school about 3 people ask me for a pencil. I give them one and they NEVER give it back. And back in 6th grade during study hall I left my stuff on my desk and went to the bathroom, when I came back the ANNOYING girl sitting next to me had a huge grin on her face and my small drawing notebook and pencils were gone. Later that day I saw her at her locker with my notebook in her hand and her and her snobby friends were laughing at my drawings. Curse you snitches! Oh and by the way, I told the teacher and the teacher didn't give a crap! She said-"Sarah honey, its not much of a big deal! " Seriously! That was my special drawing notebook! - Catacorn

My sister said I was a snitch and no one likes snitches and nobody likes me just because I want to tell someone this girl is peer pressuring seventh graders to smoke on the third floor with her. - AnonymousChick

45 Pimps

I hate these annoying guys! Tells every thing about yourself to Teachers! - dhruvchauhan1333

46 Rude Goths

NOT ALL GOTHS ARE RUDE! But the ones who are are pretty bad

47 Nerds

So what if I'm smarter than you - Ace_of_spades

48 People who hate anime

Ugh. Do I even need to DESCRIBE these people? They have no taste. - Goatworlds

I think you need to realize it is their opinion. Well, I like a little bit of Anime, but not a lot.

I don't hate anime, I just find it all the same, childish and boring. But that's me.

Oh what do you know, Goatworlds?

49 People who say jock equals dumb

These people are annoying, and they trash our jock friends! - Goatworlds

50 People who are two-faced

Girl: * smokes*
Techer: * looks at her phonecase that has cigarettes on it *
Teacher: Smoking is bad
Girl: Oh, but I don't smoke and it says that smoking is bad. - AnonymousChick

51 People who have Autism

I'm seeing a lot of top tens lists that insult people with autism and I have one thing to say: You guys should stop insulting people with autism. Just cus they don't think the same way we do doesn't mean they should be bullied. Their brains just work differently then ours but that doesn't mean you guys should insult them and act like they are inferior to you. They are human too and therefore you guys should treat them as you would treat your best friend.

My friend told me that people with Autism are contagious. What a load of crap. Also, he said it's a disease that makes you stupid. He's dumb - Goatworlds

Not exactly. You dislike a person with autism because of rudeness or a terrible personality, but never BECAUSE of his autism. This really isn't a polite item in all honesty. - Flowersocks2137

That's so mean there's nothing wrong with having autism - Iamcool

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52 Teachers

Why? Just Why? - Ace_of_spades

53 Suck-Ups
54 People who don't have lives
55 People who go through your stuff

This happened to me today. Some kid went through my backpack and started reading my Pokemon books. - Goatworlds

56 Girls who always text on their phones during class
57 Liars
58 Homophobes Homophobes
59 Prudes
60 Students who pretend to be who they aren't
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