Top Worst Types of People to Be Tickled By

I loved being tickle but sometimes there certain types of people who I just really don't want to tickle me.

The Top Ten

1 Mimes

I'm not afraid of them, but I feel like with their gloves, they can't tickle at unimaginable speeds. Not only that but since they can't talk it just makes it creepy with that blank stare. It's like they know where and how to tickle you. - DrTicklegamer2

2 Clowns

My only comment is how ironic this one is - DrTicklegamer2

3 Disgusting People

I'm pretty sure no one wants people with dirty hands touching them - DrTicklegamer2

4 Sumo Wrestlers
5 Poker

The milliseconds of constant tickling just won't end - DrTicklegamer2

When I don't wake up right away in the morning my mom comes in and pokes my belly and it tickles sooo much

6 Aliens

If it's for research on human reflexology and you're their lab rat, then it's likely you'd be held and tickled for Earth months or years possibly - DrTicklegamer2

It's unimaginable LOL

7 Tickle Machines

I've never been tickled by one, but I've seen, and heard that they won't stop until someone presses the "stop" button! LOL! - Somepeeps_dontcare

I can only imagine what type of torture this would put someone through - SansTheComic

8 Tickle Monsters

It's there favorite thing is to tickle someonešŸ˜±. So they won't stop

9 Ghosts
10 Parents

YES It's SO EMBARRASSING especially when my mom decides to act like the "tickle monster", it makes me feel like a baby

Some parents do it whenever, some do it when you do something small to them. It is definitely horrible to be tickled by parents

It's really embarrassing when my mom tickles me

The Contenders

11 Pedophiles
12 Boyfriend or Girlfriend

I wont let either one get close to my weak spots,... hell no! - Somepeeps_dontcare

13 Experts

My god they never stop

14 Liars

They can catch you by lieing... they can continue by lieing... healed by lies, tortured by truths... nobody in this world can be trusted (can in a fairy palace where everyone is flying rainbow folds and they don't lie

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