Top Ten Worst Types of People On Call of Duty

Of all the people on Call of Duty, some are more annoying than others, so let's count them down.

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1 The Pre-Teen

I'm 13. I play games like: far cry 3, saints row 1, 2, 3 and 4, red dead redemption, call of duty, and fallout 3 and new vegas. Kids my age, and lower (or sometimes older) are VERY annoying...sometimes. Some people think call of duty is "the best game ever", but I've played games WAY better.

"Call of duty" is the same every year, with a different paint job. Every franchise needs to end sometime.

Most kids I meet on Call of Duty usually aren't that bad and mind their own business, but every now and then you run into that kid who takes the game too seriously and likens losing to shaming his name for all eternity. The only thing worse is a full grown adult acting so immature as to call people names. Luckily, there seems to be less and less of these kids showing up nowadays.

I'm 14 and I've been on places where people are like "Wow dude you're like 9! " and I really don't like it. Thankfully, I'm not one of those kids who thinks it's cool to cuss multiple times in one sentence cause all it does is make you look stupid (especially if you use it in the wrong way). I just don't mess with it.

This sucks, 90% of people who play Call of Duty are 8-year-old British Bratty Punks who are high pitch voiced FaZe fanboys who worship Call of Duty. These people are so annoying that they should be banned fro Xbox Live NOW! - EliHbk

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2 The Hacker

I hate hackers so much I gotten WaW one time and the lobby was FILLED with hackers! They ruined the whole game!

Pussies that can't even play a video game without getting butt hurt about losing. If they aren't hacking, they aren't having fun.

People hack because they suck so badly that a 5 year old kid could kill them

They ruined Call of Duty 4, MW2, and MW3

3 The Guy who holds his iPod close to his microphone and plays music

It'd be bearable if they played music that was halfway decent, but it's always crappy hip-hop music that just makes me want to kill myself from how crappy it is.

My brother is the exact sentence. He holds the phone to the microphone and this stupid song that says "oops I farted had to let go gas" plays -_-

You could just put the sound off, but that would increase your chances of being killed. - DapperPickle

No one ever plays Imagine Dragons!

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4 The Camper

I don't get what the big deal is about campers. I hate them too, but come on, they aren't really doing anything bad. If you really need to whine and complain about them because you can't kill them, then they are just better than you and you have to deal with it. I can't recall how many times I have joined a lobby and heard people screaming, "Don't camp, you have to quickscope and rush." It gets so annoying. The rules in Call of Duty are simple, beat the enemy. Some people like to rush and some people like to camp, you should just play the way you like to play, it doesn't matter at all whether you camp or not. Just because someone isn't rushing around the map like a maniac like you are doesn't mean you have to throw a tantrum and scream about them being a camper.

Campers are a disgrace to the game. They don't run around and kill people, which is what Call of Duty rewards. I always get killed by the true campers when I am busting my ass for a high medal or killstreak. These people are so annoying and don't add any fun for the game: they just take away the fun. The developers also put in stuff to help these campers though, so it is partly their fault. Claymores, bouncing betties, IEDs, target finders, head glitches, map design and more all are a part of this. Remember COD4? No one was camping because people had no reason to camp. The community was acually good and everyone ran around. That's why it was such a good game. It's all YouTube's fault as well. The community listen to YouTubers, so in my opinion, it is 90% YouTube's fault. YouTube destroyed this community and I wish people would just stop listening to them. They are not Jesus and certainly not the people to look up to.

I don't really mind if they're camping in the back of the map (because typically that means they're a noob. But if they're camping in a room with a shotgun, or if the whole team is camping behind shields, they are a disgrace to the community.

I wanna destroy them all I hate them that much

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5 The Booster

I don't mind them (at all) unless they use their high kill streaks!

6 The Friendly Firer

Yeah... that's me. :P

I do that when I'm bored to troll my team

Yeah it's so annoying because I try to kill my bro but I realize I am the one who dies rrhhh

7 The Whiner

Like shut up go ahead and tell your dad tell him I had sex with your mom last night

I'm nine and I can't belive people are this stupid, thre probaly the reason why people think kids are dumb, by the way sorry forgrammar

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9 The Bragger

Don't brag about your kill streaks or anything just play the game because its not like people will adore you its just annoying.

10 The Troller

Trollers are hilarious because all the 12 year olds whine like crazy!

These guys are the worst "trolls" I've ever seen. Running around on gun game for the lulz? Just plain stupid.

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11 The Armchair General

These people are half "marines" and the other half all watch too much Military Channel. - jguyftw

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12 The Noob-Tuber

I hate noob-tubers they always ruining my game

13 The Rage Quitter

I think it is funny to watch a person rage quit because they can't be at the same level as you especially if it's a 10 or 12 year old.

In multiplayer, they aren't that bad. But in spec ops and zombies... I HATE THESE

14 The T-Bagger

This is my friend Max right here - bobbythebrony

15 The Noob

This word is the most used word in Call of Duty mp - Ananya

Noobs arnt bad. However, they will get all of the flak in both world wars if they play. I suggest train with bots

Noobs are the worst they suck noobs shouldn't play Call of Duty they suck too bad and are retarded

Bro, you shouldn't play Call of Duty, you're acting like a jerk, because that's what jerks say. - EliHbk

16 The Quickscoper

So annoying. I make sure to leave when I see like half the lobby rocking their faze wannabe emblems.

AGH! This should get them banned instantly or get them tortured!

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17 The Singer

This is so funny! For grandma's to laugh.

18 The YouTuber

Most of the time they aren't even on YouTube

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19 The Second-Chancer
20 The Emblem Artist

But I like my espeon emblem :'(. But in all seriousness, I think the reason this is on here is for the people that make emblems of penises and whatnot.

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