Worst Types of People In Middle Schools


The Top Ten

1 Losers

Well, DUH!

2 Racists

At my old middle school several people reposted this thing on Instagram about this guy who dates white girls and breaks their hearts as "revenge for slavery" and praised it. - 445956

Anybody can be a racist. (even black people) I sick and tired of people saying that only white people can be racist! If anything, that's racist to say because it gives white people a bad stereotype.

Man, nobody love racists. - Delgia2k

Ugh why does race matter? - SamuiNeko

3 Bullies

Screw bullies

Why isn't this #1 - SamuiNeko

4 Nonathletic People

Keep in mind this is my opinion - flock01

LOL Who rated it like that - Jaimecute

That’s me...

5 People Who Hate the "Cool Kids"

So, apparently I'm one of the worst people at my middle school according to this list? I'm not the most athletic person, I'm a weirdo (not a bad thing), and I hate the "cool kids" mainly because most of them are really mean and just don't care about anyone (I swear, they care more about decorating their lockers than their grades). Yeah... - kaitlynrad11

Keep in mind that he's one of the "Cool Kids" - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Keep in mind he said it's his opinion - Listard27

6 Sexists
7 Idiots
8 Rugby Fans
9 People That Don't Do Any Work

That’s almost everyone my teacher puts me in a group with.

10 People Who Hate the Jocks

The Contenders

11 Suicidal Freaks
12 Prejudiced People
13 Slackers
14 Jealous People
15 Feminists
16 Weirdos
17 Ratchet People
18 Trolls

People that don't GAF about their future so they mess up yours - Jaimecute

19 Depressed
20 "Memey" Kids

Kids who use bad memes.

21 Dating Freaks
22 Bitchy Popular Girls
23 Liberals
24 Princesses

I don’t care if you have 100 outfits, brainless!

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