Top Ten Worst Types of People In the Movie Theatre


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1 The spoiler

I could cry or punch someone if someone spoils a movie for me. Even worse if I spoil it for myself! Yeah, that's right, sometimes it spoil a movie for myself... - Lina1028

Hate it, and even worse, it was star wars V we were watching. - DapperPickle

I saw this happen on an episode of Henry Danger like two episodes ago. - TheMainReason

This are the worst kind of people

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2 The shusher

Even more annoying than person everyone is shushing at

Some weidos shush others to create noise...ANNOYING. - Ananya

Sh HAHA (along with rest of theater) SHUSHH - AzaleanGirl

3 The one with so many snacks

I'm not going to say you can't eat during movies, but FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD DO YOU HAVE TO CHEW IT SO LOUDLY? Like the one who's alone watching the movie with a jumbo tub of popcorn and they eat one loud crunchy piece at a time. And then it's the emotional, sad part where your favorite character dies... NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! Do you mind?! - pandagirl

I know right, especially when they keep crumpling their bags and making all the noise. - TheMainReason

I admit to have come under here too many times. I'm sorry, folks, I just love food! - PositronWildhawk

God how much can you eat in 3 hours! - AzaleanGirl

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4 The emotional one

This is me. I'm the one who is bawling and everyone else is just staring at me! - keycha1n

I don't like to watch movies in theatres ( because of talkers! ), I like to watch them at home on my comfy couch...But if I go to theatre then this is me - Ananya

The one who cries even when the bad guy dies - AzaleanGirl

I have never cried during a movie or show, though I did have some close ones during various episodes of doctor who

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5 The person in front of you that is way taller

I go near to the front so this does not happen. - iliekpiez

How ignorant! You hate tall people!? That is truly terrible!

Don't dislike but I'm very tall for my age so that means you're saying you hate me. - Jake09

And you're only five foot and the person is 5'7". You try moving their head but the move their head where you're trying to look.

If you are short you should know what I mean. - AzaleanGirl

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6 Singers

The girl who must sing along. - AzaleanGirl

I would sing, but I'm a terrible singer and I actually realize that other people are watching the movie.

And they always suck at signing too

This would connect so much with Frozen!
Q: How annoying is it when someone next to you is singing along to songs in Frozen?
A: VERY - Lina1028

7 The talker

I went to see the Lion King with my acquaintances a few days ago. They were talking throughout the whole damn film without end. I swear to god, these kinds of people actually get on my nerves - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I went to see Frozen when it just came out, and at the end where Anna froze, a three year old was like,"What happened to Anna" then started asking her mom and I couldn't hear, she kept asking repeatedly very loudly.

You know, given the fact that most humans get very self conscious and embarrassed under a lot of circumstances, wouldn't talking out loud during a movie be the last thing you'd wanna do seeing as how everyone in the theater is gonna be staring at you?

Some idiots talk about the things that aren't related to the movie... Oh well if it's about the movie it's still annoying! - Ananya

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8 The one next to you who has to use the bathroom every 5 seconds

Especially when some whiny kids ask their mum to take them to the bathroom... - Ananya

I recommend you get your bladder checked I don't want some wierdo walking in front of me all the time - AzaleanGirl

9 A parent who brings annoying little kids to a PG-13 or rated R movie

Why do people bring kids into horrible violent movies.

PG13! Hence the title! For those parents in particular, who like to bring their kids who are under 13 to a PG-13 movie should take more responsibility in these kind of things. If they are preteens nearing adolescence, then I know where you're coming from, but in an R-rated movie! Come on people, have some common sense here! I'm being the sensible voice of reason guiding and teaching your type of parents the error of their ways

Depends because there are some annoying ones, but there are some like my cousin who stay quiet. It depends on the child. I have always been quiet in a PG-13 Movie, but unfortunately there are those who are just annoying. - idontknow

I was watching guardians of the Galaxy with my brother and some ass brings in a baby kid who kept crying for the entire movie. I literally told her to shut her kid up

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10 The texter

I think this is not so bad if you do it quietly and put the phone to vibrate

Why are you at the cinema if your just going to use your phone - idontknow

Hey! That old lady told you to turn your phone off... - DapperPickle

Why put this jerk so low on the list? I find them intolerable, especially comparedwith the rest. - PositronWildhawk

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11 The one who eats loud

I always end up sitting next to the annoying moron who chews their popcorn or slurps their soda so loud, I just wanna reach over and punch that person in the face.

12 People who clap at the end of the movie

People whistling at the end of the movie too... - Ananya

When I was little they did, and years later at the theater they did. No one who worked on the movie was there, so itโ€™s weird! And people even clapped for bad movies!

13 Complainers

If someone complains about the ending very loud and won't shut up, I'll be like: THAT'S THE END! DEAL WITH IT! CAN'T U UNDERSTAND REALITY!? Your SO OBSSES WITH GOOD ENDINGS!

14 People constantly laughing

About 2 months ago, my friends and I went to see Interstellar, and the movie was just about to start when two obviously drunk teenage idiots (a boy and a girl) walked in and parked their crap RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Now, keep in mind that this was a flat theater and there were about a million other seats they could have sat down in. In addition, they wouldn't stop laughing, even though there's nothing funny about Interstellar. Luckily, I'd seen the movie before, so it didn't ruin my experience as much. Needless to say, if you want to laugh in a theater, don't see a Christopher Nolan movie.

They though A Christopher Nolan movie was a comedy, yeah they are TRASHED - idontknow

They're trying to have some fun...

15 Annoying teenagers

Aw, where to start? These dumb kids feel the need to be obnoxious, little brats every time they go to watch a film. They constantly talk and chat when people are trying to enjoy the movie with peace and quiet. They are incredibly oblivious to how rude they are. We don't want to be able to hear your conversation from multiple rows behind us. For instance, if I'm in one of the front rows in the theater and you're sitting in one of the back rows, if I can hear you, then you're being way too loud. Furthermore, another annoying breed of teenagers that also aggravate me are those who feel the urge to text their mom/dad/friend while the movie is rolling. It even tells right before the film starts that all cell phones should be turned off, apparently they have no regard as to be courteous and considerate of other people instead of doing the polite thing to do. This is the second worst time to be talking on your cell phone after texting while driving. I know you're just minding your own ...more

My friend and I saw Catching Fire together once. I was excited, a little worried because her dad is the loudest chewer on the planet, I swear, but we got there late and all the seats were spread out. She and I found two seats next to each other in a little isle and it was just us. I was relieved at first.

The first warning sign I had was when she, being a genius, spilled her carton of dibs on the floor. The movie was just starting and our popcorn tub was full (we stole all the snacks while finding our seats), so I felt this was no big deal. WRONG! She started loudly rummaging the movie theater floor for the lost dibs and ATE THEM! GROSS! Then she started singing along to the soundtrack songs in a high-pitched voice reminiscent of Ariana Grande's. People were staring at us from two rows in front and the one in back (there was only one- we were at the back. ) Finally, when the actual hunger games part started, she kept asking loudly for my candy and spitting out one-liners. It ...more - pandagirl

I may feel like a total douche for doing this, but I went to see X-Men Apocalypse for the 2nd time (I'm a teenager by the way), I go because I was invited with my cousins and friends (also teenagers), I remember like there was 9 of us, 3 of us seperated our ways, I went to sit in the far corner (it's douchey, but I prefer it then to be sitting next to a loud teenager using their phones). Even a person told them politely to please be quite and one of them kept talking loud and putting their feet up the chairs. This is one expiriance, as a teenager who loves movies, other people ruining the movie because they are playing Flappy Birds (happend at Mockingjay Part 1, not joking) or some douchebags having a party and giving a commentry on a film- loudly (The Martian). - idontknow

16 Gangsters
17 Crying kids or babies

First off, babies shouldn't be in the theater anyway since they will cry whenever they need something. There's nothing wrong about a baby who let's you know when they need something, it's the parents who're the problem. They'll bring their bundle of joy in a movie that will cause loud noises, and scare the poor baby.

Second, kids who talk, kick chairs, run around, or does anything that's disrespectful and disturbs other people from enjoying the movie, shouldn't be in there, unless they'll respect others around them.

Third, Annoying teenagers and people texting. The movie theater isn't were you go to hang and chat or check your social media during a movie. I'm a little more tolerate of kids talking a bit during the movie, because they're growing and still learning. But when grown kids and adults know better, they do it anyway, and that's more annoying than a kid and a baby.

People with phones should sit way in the back, and should only have their phones on if ...more

"Mommy, kids slaughtering each other violently and mutations killing them is SCARY! " "Mom, masses of people getting gunned down is disturbing! WAAH! " Who knew, kiddo? Hey parents- don't bring your seven year old to see Insurgent, okay? They can at least watch without surround sound. - pandagirl

Crying babies get a pass, but when a 7 year old is crying with their parent there able to shush them, they are very annoying.

What's annoying and confusing is half the time they cry when absolutely nothing is going on

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18 The man who brings his dog inside the theater

So what?

But what if that was a service dog ๐Ÿ•

19 The excessively romantic couple
20 People who try to act like they're not scared in a horror movie by making annoying wisecracks and jokes
21 The person who throws Popcorn at other people

I would go to them and dump my drink on their head and then run away - iliekpiez

People like that should burn in Tartarus


22 The people who keep criticizing tall people

What does this have to do with the movie theatre?

23 Little kids who ask when the movie is over repeatedly

Word of advice to parents: don't take your kid to the movie theater if they don't have the attention span to sit through an entire movie

I went to go see the fault in our stars one time and this kid kept making armpit noises because he was bored of all the smooching

24 People who sit behind you that always kick your seat

This annoy me a lot

25 Little kids

I've discovered in the last few years of going to the movies that little kids in rated PG movies are the absolute worst, they laugh obnoxiously loud at every stupid poop of fart joke, immdiently get bored whenever the characters are talking or having a slow moment, which results in having to hear the kid whine about it until the action comes back, think it's ok to talk whenever they want, and they don't even ATTEMPT to try and whisper, I'm serious, most of the time when I see PG movies the kids raise their voices so much whenever they start talking, I know PG movies are generally something you take your kids to but I'm sorry they just annoy the living hell outta me

26 The person who instigates and presses the noise issue by yelling out loud "Shut up!"
27 People who bring up politics in the theatre
28 People who slurp loudly


29 People who are very gassy

Go to the Bathroom if you have to

The next time I go to the movie theater, I'm bringing my own airfreshner.

30 The teenage boy crowd
31 The teenage girl crowd

And the flashes of cameras of their phones.. - Ananya

32 The grumpy old guy

Get outta here ya old fart,

33 Homophobes
34 Conservatives

They are literally nothing but a bunch lying, four-flushing, no-good, bigoted, prejudiced, homophobic, racist, sexist, anti-semitic, snobby, insolent, ruthless, good for nothing, boorish, mannerless little bastards who oppresses anybody who is black, Mexican, Native American, gay, bisexual, homosexual, transgender, Protestant you name it! They are a bunch of Catholics who think homosexual acts are against God's will

35 Racists
36 Sexists
37 The matter-of-fact guy

The guy who tries to explain every logical thing

38 The person who falls asleep and snores loudly

I just want to reach over and shove a hand full of popcorn in their mouthes.

39 The toddler
40 Greaser gang
41 Bronies Bronies
42 The Critic
43 CGI Haters

The big example I keep coming back to is when the 2011 version of The Thing came out, I personally loved it, and I personally don't care if they use practical effects or CGI as long as it looks good, I just really hate it when people crap on a movie because "there's too much CGI"

44 The grunting disabled people
45 The vomiter
46 The drunk
47 The man with salty language
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