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21 People Who Try To Act Like They're Not Scared In A Horror Movie By Making Annoying Wisecracks And Jokes
22 Annoying teenagers

Aw, where to start? These dumb kids feel the need to be obnoxious, little brats every time they go to watch a film. They constantly talk and chat when people are trying to enjoy the movie with peace and quiet. They are incredibly oblivious to how rude they are. We don't want to be able to hear your conversation from multiple rows behind us. For instance, if I'm in one of the front rows in the theater and you're sitting in one of the back rows, if I can hear you, then you're being way too loud. Furthermore, another annoying breed of teenagers that also aggravate me are those who feel the urge to text their mom/dad/friend while the movie is rolling. It even tells right before the film starts that all cell phones should be turned off, apparently they have no regard as to be courteous and considerate of other people instead of doing the polite thing to do. This is the second worst time to be talking on your cell phone after texting while driving. I know you're just minding your own ...more

My friend and I saw Catching Fire together once. I was excited, a little worried because her dad is the loudest chewer on the planet, I swear, but we got there late and all the seats were spread out. She and I found two seats next to each other in a little isle and it was just us. I was relieved at first.

The first warning sign I had was when she, being a genius, spilled her carton of dibs on the floor. The movie was just starting and our popcorn tub was full (we stole all the snacks while finding our seats), so I felt this was no big deal. WRONG! She started loudly rummaging the movie theater floor for the lost dibs and ATE THEM! GROSS! Then she started singing along to the soundtrack songs in a high-pitched voice reminiscent of Ariana Grande's. People were staring at us from two rows in front and the one in back (there was only one- we were at the back. ) Finally, when the actual hunger games part started, she kept asking loudly for my candy and spitting out one-liners. It ...more - pandagirl

I may feel like a total douche for doing this, but I went to see X-Men Apocalypse for the 2nd time (I'm a teenager by the way), I go because I was invited with my cousins and friends (also teenagers), I remember like there was 9 of us, 3 of us seperated our ways, I went to sit in the far corner (it's douchey, but I prefer it then to be sitting next to a loud teenager using their phones). Even a person told them politely to please be quite and one of them kept talking loud and putting their feet up the chairs. This is one expiriance, as a teenager who loves movies, other people ruining the movie because they are playing Flappy Birds (happend at Mockingjay Part 1, not joking) or some douchebags having a party and giving a commentry on a film- loudly (The Martian). - idontknow

23 Gangsters
24 The person who instigates and presses the noise issue by yelling out loud "Shut up!"
25 People who bring up politics in the theatre
26 People who slurp loudly V 1 Comment
27 People who are very gassy

Go to the Bathroom if you have to

The next time I go to the movie theater, I'm bringing my own airfreshner.

28 The teenage boy crowd
29 The teenage girl crowd

And the flashes of cameras of their phones.. - Ananya

30 The grumpy old guy V 1 Comment
31 The man who brings his dog inside the theater
32 Homophobes
33 Conservatives
34 Racists
35 Sexists
36 The matter-of-fact guy

The guy who tries to explain every logical thing

37 The person who falls asleep and snores loudly

I just want to reach over and shove a hand full of popcorn in their mouthes.

38 The toddler
39 Greaser gang
40 Bronies
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