Top Ten Worst Types of People In School


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181 People who steal stuff
182 Con Artists

These people are horrible, but they are also really smart. - IAmNotARobot

183 People who lie

Are you talking about teachers?

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184 Crazy Fangirls

Never say anything bad or compare One Direction to a good band because the directioners will hunt you down and make you sorry. I know, I've been the victim.

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185 Misogynists
186 People who abuse their boyfriend/girlfriend

This is a human rights violation!

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187 Lazy People

Some lazy people are actually smart!

I'm kinda lazy, but I get good grades. Not that I'm a nerd or anything. - Goatworlds

Lol, I guess I'm hated. But at least my grades are good - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

People do hate on me because I'm lazy. And get distracted easily. And move reaaally slow.

188 Cruel People
189 Potheads
190 Gross People
191 Graffiti Artists

Some are actually very talented, while others just scribble their name on anything they see

Some of them could be cool!

192 Vicious People
193 Obnoxious People
194 People who start fights
195 People who touch other people inappropriately

And they still think it's cool! They have a mental problem!

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196 People who cheat on their test

I honestly think that it is hypocritical of Schools to punish students for cheating, since the school is cheating Students out of their rights, ability to learn, and education.

Yeah, I'm one of those people. But instead, I cheated on my quiz! By writing down the alphabet and counting their ordinal numbers! - SwampertBABY

Why not? Those people are pretty good at decision making!

. Yes. You study all night for this test, then this kid just cheats and passes the test while you fail. - senpai_patel

197 Teachers who cuss

Some of those teachers could be hypocrites!

198 Gangsters V 1 Comment
199 Girls who show off their bra straps

Trust me. You don't wanna attract all the child molesters out there.

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200 People who interrupt other people
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