Top Ten Worst Types of People In School


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201 Girls who show off their bra straps

Trust me. You don't wanna attract all the child molesters out there.

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202 People who interrupt other people
203 People who harass other people
204 People who carry around inappropriate magazines
205 People who fart in public

One time at a pep rally my best friend pointed out some kid in the saxophones section leaning and farting. We could smell it all the way up in the trombone's section (our instrument) - SirSkeletorThe3rd

206 Kids who cuss
207 People who blast loud music

It's good as long as the song isn't trash!

208 People who talk about sex

Especially those who talk about it out loud in front of teachers walking! They are sex maniac wannabes!

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209 People who never accept being wrong, and always think they're right

I was like this and I thought I was a Superior Being and every human is inferior to me so much to the point where I almost thought of myself as a God until my 4th grade teacher (I wouldn't tell his name he might get identity theieved) changed me I wasn't that interested in the Bible until he told me to read it and he changed me I began to slowly accept the fact that not one person is inferior to another and vice versa only Jesus is and I began to enjoy life more and he taught me more things such as history, science, and other things and he encouraged me to learn more and I must return the favor by telling him something he hasn't known and he must know and it will not save him but it will lead him to the way to be saved I am still arrogant but I don't think anyone is inferior to me I don't think of myself as perfect and as a God anymore and I accept the fact I make mistakes so learn from it if you are as arrogant as me or close

This one kid in my school named Joshua. He never shuts up until he makes everyone compromise that he is right. It's so irritating until the point that I want to slit his throat. He is so biased. His sisters also act like this, monkey see monkey do. He always thinks he is right, even when is wrong.

210 People who use the N word

This is so bad

And they say it's racist to say it, but use it themselves - NikoX

Are you talking about me? - SwampertBABY

They are those racists!

211 People who are obsessed with Justin Bieber!

That should be at the top! THEY ARE THE WORSE!

They should be in the mental hospital, not in school!

212 People who worship One Direction and Taylor Swift

This breaks the first commandment

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213 People who worship Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj V 2 Comments
214 Little kids who cuss
215 Peeping toms

It's called invasion of privacy!

216 Girls who whip their hair in your face nonstop

And even worse is that their hair smells like nasty chemical crap sometimes

217 The Girls Who Give Dirty Looks to You

That pisses me off! That's why I give dirty looks back! Remember, an eye for an eye.

218 Geeks
219 Smelly People

Sometimes it's pretty hard to concentrate with these people.

220 People who don't wash their hands
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