Top Ten Worst Types of People In School


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221 People who peek over the stalls

Or people that peek through the thin opening of cracks or the very crazy ones that peek under the stalls. What could you possibly gain from doing these things? - NuMetalManiak

As if they don't have private parts...

222 People with dirty jokes

I don't make dirty jikes all the time, but the dirty jokes my friends make makes me laugh... that's not a bad thing isn't it? - FireWasp2004

223 People who threaten others
224 Blamers

Sometimes blame games are cool!

225 Liars

The worst ones are those "innocent" liars.

226 People who don't cover their mouth to sneeze or talk
227 People with a fancy lunch
228 Bathroom snackers
229 People who think they're cool, but they're not

I used to be one of these, but I realized that there are a lot more important things.

230 Snobby girl that is dating your crush

This is out of pure jealousy

231 People who worship you
232 People who take credit for your good work
233 People who make you do stuff exactly right
234 Freight Trains

The ones that think they're unstoppable & expect people to get out of the way

235 Show Offs
236 People who think they're all talk
237 People who think anime sucks

Nothing wrong with this. People have their own opinions.

238 People who don't know what Neon Genesis Evangelion is

I don't know what that is, you are probably just one person who is obsessed with it and always gets agry when people don't know what it is

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239 People who talk about dating
240 Snapchatters
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