Top Ten Worst Types of People In School


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241 Sporty people

As a nerd, they pick on me a lot, and I when I defend myself, they pick on me more. An eternal hole of being looked down on by everybody

I know. I go to an all boys school, so you can probably imagine what its like there.

242 Old Souls V 2 Comments
243 Losers

People who mooch money, don't care about education, are stupid and take up space. They usually look like bums too.

Are you talking about me? IDC about education! I got my own dudu job! - SwampertBABY

244 Call of Duty Freaks V 1 Comment
245 People who think you have a crush on them when you don't

*looks at al the damn time, not knowing you don't look at them once*
*likes you a lot but hides and pretends they don't*

246 Rumor Spreaders
247 Stalkers
248 Blackmailer
249 Whiny Outcasts

I am not an outcast but I am not that bullied. - DynastiSugarPop

250 Smartie Pants

Generally they are:
Award winning
Teacher's pet
But they suck as they are generally
Show offs
They have a really bad attitude and tend to be annoyed to fast, man we are still kids enjoy it not be mature like 3 years plus.

251 Chavs

If you're British like me, you know what I'm talking about.

252 People who hate MLP

Oh, it's so terrible to have an opinion! Oh my gosh, this person has an opinion! That's terrible! - CinderpeltandCinderheart


253 Ableists
254 Ageists
255 People who try to take advantage of supply teachers
256 Partners who don't pull their weight
257 Pickpockets
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