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21 Wannabes

It's especially annoying when rich kids try to act like thugs, I'm like, dude, you live in a 3 story mansion with a Rolls Royce parked in the front, quit acting like a wannabe

Honestly, a wannabe is someone who thinks they are something but aren't. Maybe they're doing it wrong or something. But most people associate them with being incapable of doing what they want to do, which isn't true. I know a guy who can't walk and has no arms but only hands sticking out of his shoulders who played basketball. I respect wannabes, and I hope they try and accomplish what they are doing. - username34

Those kids that have smoked once and come to school wearing socks with weed leaves on them. - LizardKing99

This at least needs to be in the Top 10 section, Wannabes are so annoying. They think that they are Gangsta, but really they are not. - NikoX

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22 Popular boys

I guess you can say I'm pretty popular since almost all the popular guys like me (my cousins the most popular guy at school and he likes me) but I'm not a jock, I mostly don't even hang out with them in between classes, I hang out with my weird, awesome, gaming group - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I'm one of the geeky popular boys in my school but I don't use words like yolo and stuff. I'm mature but I could still goof off. - JaysTop10List

If I hear someone say hella one more time, I'm gonna screw up their faces so they can't say it again. - username34

Pretty much almost every single boy in my school. I like to call them “vultures”. Because they’re loud and they’re annoying.

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23 Bossy kids

Girl in my class. Always tells me what to do. Points out my every mistake, every typo, glares at me with a disgusted look, acts sick around me - like I gave her an illness or something - and ALWAYS MAKES ME FEEL UNWELCOME AND UNCOMFORTABLE. Oh, and then she used me and spread UNTRUE RUMORS about me. I'm so glad she's moving away! - Blight

Usually the younger ones. They think that their 4 foot 6 stature could intimidate someone. It just pisses me off. - username34

The three girly class officers in my class are bossy kids - too. They always want people to shut up. If they want to shut up people - shut up you dumb class officers. None of your business. - SwampertBABY

IKR, they are a nuisance. - NikoX

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24 Gossipers

Oh my lord. There are about 4 of them in my class and they are all white girly girls (I don't want to be racist, I'm white too, but no other girls except the white girls are gossipers in my school!)

The dumb blonde gossiper - She is acting nice and sweet to some people, but to some people not. In 2nd grade, she stole 16 pencils from one kid, and in 3rd grade, she got in detention because she wrote lies in some nice girl's diary and threw the other kid's backpack in the trash can. She firstly talks bad about people and then hangs out with them.

The dumb gossiper - She and I are in the same class since 3rd grade. She always acted older than she is, and gossiped since the first day in this school. Even if she is in 5th grade, she acts like she is in high school, and had her first boyfriend when she was in 3rd grade. I don't even need to explain how much ugly she is. She is also fat and wears tons of makeup and looks at least 14. She is the second most spoiled kid in our ...more

I hate them, if any of you hate that, then just ignore - Ananya

I have mixed thoughts about gossip. It sucks to be and watch other people be bullied and picked on about rumors and gossip about them. But it also adds a lot of sometimes enjoyable drama to just going to school every day!

Gossipers never let me make my own decisions when I keep trying to give them the message that I work alone and WITHOUT drama best.

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25 Nerds

I'm a nerd in so many ways. I'm a video game nerd, a literary nerd, a science nerd, but I have self respect. Nerds are just people fascinated with something they excel at. And we aren't nerds, we are just people whose lives are just more interesting than yours - username34

It's true, people think that, because I'm a nerd, (Gaming and School), I am easy to pick on. Well, may I remind people that I can defend myself. NERD POWER! - SwagFlicks

Then you are a dumb slow idiotic jock if you voted or commented on this. - sdgeek2003

I have a friend who is a nerd. He is really nice and very proud of being a nerd. I am a nerd too and I love it. I can't wait to get into the middle school I want it is for nerds and nerds only. Once at a camp for NERDS it was a Harry pot camp. There were a lot of camp cheers. The best one was: we are nerds, very nerdy people the the the the the the the the the the the the the! - AnonymousChick

Arrogant nerds who bully you, even though you aren't in dumb classes

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26 Beliebers

Should be much higher than number 34. The majority of them are just so rude! Although I always stay out of their way I've often seen them moaning at people just for not listening to Justin Bieber - it's so childish you'll have to see it to believe it. At my college even the boys are obsessed with him... - Entranced98

Beliebers and Directioners have to be at least on the top 10.

How come this is not in the top 10? - SugarcoatShadowBolt

Eww my school bully is a belieber once on facebook she changed her surname to "Bieber" >.< - Iamcool

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27 Kids who try to make fun of you when they have even more flaws

AKA, hypocrites. - yuki-blue

These people are just jealous. - NikoX

28 Cheerleaders

Tired of cheerleaders stereotypes. I did cheer at my school and it was the most grueling, physically demanding and dangerous sport I'd ever done. I will give it that schools hardly have competitive teams so maybe sideline cheerers would be a better term - keycha1n

What's wrong with cheerleaders?

Not are cheerleaders are spoiled brats, sure some of them are but our school has 2 cheerleaders who are the nicest people at the school. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I've considered trying out for cheer next year in 9th grade because I love acrobatics but dance is more my thing. Some cheerleaders are horrible though

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29 People who listen to music during school

And it's a nightmare when in one lesson last year somebody played a distorted version "Sweatshirt" really loudly. It was like the last lesson of the year so the teacher didn't care. I ran to the other side of the room and put my fingers in my ears. - Lunala

This one kid on my bus was listening to Vanilla Ice or something really loud with no earbuds or headphones whatsoever. Some 7th grader asked him if her could turn it down a little, but he ignored him. So I decided to take matters in my own hands and asked him if he had earbuds/headphones. He just gave me this clueless look. Argh, I wanted to grab his phone and throw it in the street!

30 That one who messes around

Oh that's all the popular guys at my school but the teachers LOVE them! (Except my science teacher). I'm the hated one when I try to be funny.

Why can't they just keep their legs closed and get through school? No wonder they're getting pregnant at a young age!

I can sometimes be the one when the teachers out the room, or if I already know what the teachers teaching.

There so funny. Once a guy chucked beats headphones at a teacher. I respect him for not getting in trouble.

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31 People who think that popular equals good

90% of my primary school are these, glad I went to different secondary schools with them! - MChkflaguard_Yt

That is 60% of my school!

To the person here, some popular people are good, but others are bad

We're not bad! Popular does equal good!

This guys is the result of narcissism and being blinded by society. - JakePlaid

32 Kids who curse to sound cool

This 7th grader on my bus was cussing to sound cool, and the driver heard him. So we had to pull over. When he finished yelling at the 7th grader, we kept going. Then there was a train.

When I began middle school, long ago, my "friend" began swearing in middle school, thinking that, now she was old enough, she was allowed to swear. So she swore at nothing for no reason. - Blight

When I'm at school, almost everyone in my school swears on a normal basis like it's nothing. I have this urge to smash my head against the desk when they just swear for no reason.

If I ever swear, it is if I get hurt, NOT to sound cool. - 445956

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33 Dramatic People

I try to stay away from these people. - NikoX


Help! I'm being bullied! I want to die!

-_- - JakePlaid

34 Ugly kids who act like they have all the girls

*Raises hand* Hi! You called?

35 Scrawny kids who act like tuff bad boys

Yes! They are so pathetic...

Yeah - NikoX

Hate them. Kid called anton slaps my face every day in maths (i ignore him because it doesn't hurt and I don't want to ruin my good boy reputation) He disrespects the teacher and then when he gets sent out the classroom he acts like he didn't do anything wrong. He tries way to hard to be funny but can only ever shout bitch in a stereotypical south african accent and then dies inside when no one laughs. He once said to the p.e teacher U WOT BRUV and sings grime music. He can stop pretending to be hard when his mummy stops giving him a kiss goodbye before he gets out the car and actually does something tough like get in a fight then he will look a little bit tougher than he actually is.

36 Ugly people

Remember that movie Beauty and the Beast? And remember when the Beast turned into Prince Adam? Don't judge a book by it's cover. Maybe you didn't learn the lesson

Ugly people can get by in life. It's the stupid people who can't. - username34

Ugly people are usually VERY upset about their appearance and some are even depressed about it! Get a life..

Hey, some of them are very nice! (Ex: me) Don't judge a book by its cover, don't judge people by their looks! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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37 Girly Boys

Whoever put this up is: Sexist. - Lunala

I don't wear earrings and stuff, but I hang out with girls all the time, have crushes on about 10 girls on my school (they know, it's not creepy depending on the boy you are). Yeah, I've never sat at the boys table

They tend to be pretty nice guys - NikoX

This is sexist! - Tuana123

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38 Sluts

This one girl makes sure she wears a V-neck and a zip up jacket to school every day. She makes sure the jacket is always zipped down to show as much cleavage as she can. No lie, I have seen her do it. It's dumb. Definition of whore. "Sir! Slut readings are off the charts! " - username34

" Oh my god sir! You're right! Oh no it's coming Abandon ship Captain! " - SirSkeletorThe3rd

So many young girls getting pregnant. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

In high school, this girl called Ava wore a strapless bra and underwear under a hideous jacket and wore stilettos. And she kissed every single boy her age or older at school. She became a prostitute

Don't even get me started on them. People in my school (I'm in 8th grade) talk about their friends and/or each other having sex. I was terrified a few months ago when I was told I would be done like homework by someone, because I'm nothing more than a dork who would rather be a child. Why do people think I'll be a slut? Why do they linger on the past more than I do? Don't they ever see how much I changed? I used to be a happy, innocent child til I was traumatized by life, now I have become nothing more than a dead inside person. I keep saying that I would rather be dead than in a dress/skirt and heels because it's TRUE!

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39 Fangirls

Fan girls of anime are the worst. They are incredibly mean to anyone who doesn't like anime. I try to be nice but nope! They are insensitive to everyone except their own kind. Maybe I'm stereotyping, but come on!

Not all fangirls are bad. I love creepypasta but I'm not an idiot about it. - AnonymousChick

I will admit I'm a bit of a fangirl. But I can't help it when an ANNOYING little brat called Sergio calls me an idiot, weirdo or sometimes GAY. I've told the teacher but he just carries on. He yammers on at me about FIFA. I don't care. I never talk to him about anime or Japan, but he thinks it "makes us even".

I do have my fair share of fan bases but some people take it WAAAY too far! - LordKitty

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40 Posers

I hate these people, they practice their smiles in the mirror and every movement they make is planned. You will see them on social media all the time posting pictures of themselves with a cheesy quote as a caption. Posers need to get a life

Wannabe gangsters who think they are ghetto, I was in a class full of them. - NikoX

All the "cool" girls in my grade who wear stupid fake fingernails and always prattle on about Instagram and Snapchat. - Lunala

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